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Pectoralis or Chest Implants For Men

All this time, women have been parading around with their silicone and salt water beauties on their chest and men had to go to the gym and pump it up. The accompanying photos are of a man who is in his late 40’s who just couldn’t get decent pectoralis muscles no matter how many bench presses he did. He came in and asked if there was anything I could do.

While I mostly do female chest implants, I’m familiar with the anatomy and occasionally do male ones. This man had a procedure to remove gynecomastia or breast tissue and fat in the past, so his chest was particularly flat. He received a soft but solid silicone implant totally under the muscle, inserted through the armpit. Unlike the female breast augmentation, this implant isn’t filled with anything. But it has a soft character and nice feel that can’t be felt once it’s in. Since there is a textured surface, the implant locks into place and doesn’t move after it’s inserted and the area heals. The chest implants used to be hard silicone, and these could be felt and weren’t natural.

Remember, silicone is “biologically inert.” Solid silicone has no tendency to carry bacteria (and of course when we put them in, we are very, very careful with the sterility). It also won’t migrate and won’t dissolve in the body.

These implants do not interfere with working out, although patients should not exercise their chests for 6 weeks. They look like a normal very healthy chest muscle. The muscle can be developed over top of the implant, so it looks great. The middle of the chest looks particularly good. They come in various sizes so we can adjust what you get based on what you want.

Cost is $5800 for the implant, but if you need the flabby tissue on top the pectoralis muscle removed, it’s extra, see the articles here on “man-boobs.” For more information, call us to schedule your complimentary consultation. 

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