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8 Face Lifts

Facelifts have the potential to be one of the most dramatic procedures in cosmetic surgery. However, we have all seen people who have had "extreme" facelifts, with the "wind-tunnel" effect on their skin. It is our belief that simple facelifts get the best results overall. The recoveries are easier, there is significantly less chance of complications or bruising, they rarely produce a stretched look, and they should be much cheaper. Often the surgeon can produce 95 percent of the durability and overall result of a more complex and dangerous facelift with a simpler procedure. The incisions follow the contours of the ear and are hidden in the hair, producing very modest permanent scarring in most cases. With a skilled surgeon, problems such as pulled-down earlobes and unnaturally tight looks are rare (and can be generally corrected if they occur). Improvement is mainly seen in the jowl area and under the neck. The folds around the mouth (the "nasal-labial" folds) aren't usually as much improved by this surgery. This area is best improved by fillers.

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