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This post takes 7 minutes to read and 14 minutes to hear, even if you don’t speed it up.

I am a friend to vax-murdered men, and Scott Schara is the father of a daughter murdered by a hospital’s Covid policy. Children’s Health Defense website describes too many vax slaughters to count.

How could anyone have missed the memo about the clot shot’s lethal effects? We have the VAERS data, the country comparisons, and insurance companies reports of hugely increased population mortality. Senator Ron Johnson reported the military deaths and disabilities, and their ongoing coverup. But the breaking story is the genocide of your unborn grandchildren.

We had suspicions about infertility when we learned that the spike protein collected in the ovaries and testicles. And we knew that the shots made women’s menstrual periods irregular. And that women vaxed during their pregnancies had 7 to 8 times the usual rate of miscarriages. But now we have hard numbers—fewer children are being born since the clot shots were rolled out.

In Taiwan, for example, fertility has dropped 23 percent (29 percent in another report a few days later). This is a monstrous effect, and the odds against it happening by chance alone are one in trillions (yes, with a T). Not only does the time course of when the “vaccine” was available match up, but Taiwan is one of the most heavily “vaccinated” places in the world.

Similar data is coming in from Germany, North Dakota, and Switzerland.

Israel is the most jab-crazy country in the world. A study there shows falling sperm counts coincident with the introduction of the Covid “vaccine.” And the most vaccinated counties in Hungary have the largest drops in birth rates—22 percent since the rollout.

If you cannot recall who is behind this horror show, see THIS recent post of mine.


The vaccines damage fertility. Is this part of a depopulation agenda or ‘just’ a terrible mistake?

Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​

Jun 28

Given everything we know about the pandemic – that Covid is eminently treatable, the vaccines are neither safe nor effective, millions have been injured as a direct result – why were the vaccines rolled out and now being allowed to continue?

There are many theories, ranging from the sinister to the plain venal. One of these is that a global elite believes that the planet is overcrowded and has implemented the pandemic and associated vaccine roll-out as part of a depopulation agenda.

[YOHO NOTE: read The Real Anthony Fauci chapter 12, Germ Games, for how it was all planned.]

It sounds the stuff of movies, and yet there is a precedent. As Dr Andrew Wakefield’s poignant new documentary, Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda, explains, the World Health Organisation spent many years researching and developing vaccines that would render recipients infertile. This line of research came from concern that populations were increasing at an unsustainable rate – and as the documentary reveals, the WHO apparently saw fit to implement its infertility vaccines without the informed consent of the women and girls who received them.

If you haven’t already, please do watch the documentary and share with others so that we can start discussing these matters together and in the open.

Many concerns have been raised over the impact of Covid-19 vaccines on fertility. The original Pfizer biodistribution studies reveal that the lipid nanoparticle (LNP) used to encapsulate the mRNA does not remain at the injection site as stated, but travels to major organs including the spleen, liver, adrenal glands and the ovaries.

Now, a new peer-reviewed study, accepted for publication in the journal Andrology, reveals the Covid-19 vaccines are harming male fertility.

In this study, researchers analysed samples from three sperm banks in Israel: they evaluated samples before vaccination which served as the baseline control, followed by samples taken periodically for about five months after donors received their second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

About three months after the second Pfizer dose, sperm concentration had reduced by 15.4%. There was also a percentage change reduction of 22.1% in sperm motility. This is significant: both of these indicators would reduce the chance of sperm fertilising an egg.

Subsequent testing found that donors generally recovered (or so the authors state: the figures in the study indicate that levels were still lower than the pre-vaccination baseline).

However, as Dr Byram Bridle points out in his excellent post on this study, the authors had made an assumption that the donors would never need more than two shots to be fully vaccinated. In the paper they define ‘vaccine completion’ at seven days after the second shot. Since the study, those donors will have been offered a third shot, maybe even a fourth. No studies have been done looking into the consequences on male fertility beyond two vaccine doses. If a Covid-19 vaccination program involves being vaccinated every six months, as it does in many countries, what happens to male fertility then?

The WHO’s VigiAccess database holds a growing list of adverse events in relation to reproductive health and fertility, including 5,726 spontaneous abortions, 501 foetal deaths, 208 stillbirths, plus reports of testicular swelling, sexual dysfunction and many other conditions.

Rather than passive consumers, we are active participants in the glorious web of life, and human fertility is to be treasured as the miracle that it is. If there is even the hint of the vaccines damaging fertility, they must be halted.

TOBY ROGERS SAT THROUGH THE FDA HEARINGS as they approved the clot shot for babies. This Substack title was “The Government is Coming for Your Kids.”

The meetings were surreal as so-called “experts” displayed no critical thinking skills and instead wallowed in clichés supplied to them by the pharmaceutical industry.

When the meetings adjourned for the day I wandered about the house trying to make sense of what I had just witnessed and checked in with friends who were also watching the horror unfold… Then it would be night again and the cycle would repeat.

Over the course of five meetings in five days I witnessed crimes against humanity, the end of the bourgeoisie, and the likely end of America.

But Rogers’ longer term conclusions were more optimistic:

The FDA and CDC have guaranteed their own collapse.

Here’s how the next few years are likely to play out:

About one-third to half of the Democratic Party (including the overwhelming majority of the public health establishment) are afflicted with hypochondria, Stockholm Syndrome, and/or Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. They are going to take their kids to be injected right away at any nearby CVS, Walgreens, or out of the back of a windowless van down by the river. They don’t care — “needles into arms (and legs)” is the only thing that Democrats believe in now. They’re junkies who get high from deadly virtue signaling.

Those poor kids are going to develop a wide range of adverse events — myocarditis, heart attacks, strokes, autoimmune disorders, cancer, endocrine disorders, infertility, and sudden “unexplained” death, to name a few. The over-boosted adults will suffer a similar fate. The bourgeoisie will lose their health, their dignity, and then all of their wealth to the Pharma cartel.

Over time, about half of injured families will come over to our side and become single issue medical freedom voters. That will give us the numbers we need to take power and prosecute the evil doers. All of the demographic advantages that Democrats thought would carry them to permanent majorities will evaporate.

Republicans, who understand vaccine injury better than Democrats at this point, will win the November midterm elections, the 2024 Presidential election, and the majority of local, state, and federal elections for the foreseeable future. Republicans will control all of the appropriations committees and oversight committees that have purview over HHS, FDA, CDC, and NIH. Fauci, Walensky, Califf, and Marks will all quickly retire to avoid being called to testify.

By failing to listen to the majority of the country that is deeply skeptical of these shots, the FDA and CDC deepened the polarization and made reconciliation nearly impossible.

These decisions will make no difference on the pandemic. If anything these authorizations of more shots for kids mean that the pandemic will continue for years — because the shots do not work and they fuel the evolution of variants that evade vaccines.

At this point there is no need for red states like Texas and Florida to split off to form their own countries because Republicans are about to control EVERYTHING — Congress, the Presidency, and the Courts.

We need to make the point every chance that we get that the November midterm election is not about inflation, guns, abortion, drag shows, nor Ukraine. The 2022 midterm election is about stopping the Pharma genocide. I will only vote for politicians who publicly speak out against all of the following ongoing atrocities:

• Tony Fauci funded the creation of a gain-of-function virus that got loose and killed 6 million+ people

• The medical establishment blocks access to safe and effective treatments in order to create the market for vaccines.

• Hospitals used and continue to use the wrong protocols because all of their financial incentives are not aligned with health.

• Poorly tested genetic experiments were injected into BILLIONS of people worldwide causing an increase in all-cause mortality and a wide range of horrific adverse events that are going to wreck human health and the economy for DECADES.

• Social media companies censor life saving information to protect the cartel while enriching themselves; the entire mainstream media is complicit in covering up the genocide.

HOWEVER, “It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future” (unknown source quote).

DAVID MARTIN, PHD, has other forecasts HERE. These are X-rated, but I listen to everything he says since his lawsuit got rid of masks on US airplanes. Martin is now pursuing criminal cases with the Utah state Attorney General. Stay tuned on that one.

EDWARD DOWD ANALYZES INSURANCE NUMBERS and has further prophecies HERE. Fast forward through the other commentators and listen to what he says. This is the best 10 minutes you could spend today (if you watch it at double speed).


Since the COVID Vaccine roll-out, all sorts of diseases have started to reappear. Why? Because the COVID Vaccines cause AIDS


It feels like we can’t go a single week without hearing about the re-emergence, or emergence of a disease or ailment at the moment.

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We’ve had a mysterious outbreak of hepatitis among children, an alleged monkeypox outbreak across every continent, a rise in “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”, and now the UK Government has declared a ‘national incident’ after allegedly discovering the polio virus in England.

All of these discoveries follow an alleged Covid-19 pandemic, and all of them are “coincidentally” being found after millions of people around the world have been injected with an experimental mRNA Covid-19 vaccine.

This is precisely why we shouldn’t really be that surprised. Because all we’re witnessing is the consequences of the damage done to millions of immune systems around the world by these experimental vaccines, with official Government data suggesting that damage is so severe that the Covid-19 vaccinated are slowly developing Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. (Click the title above to read the rest.)

(From Lies are Unbekoming substack.)

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