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Those involved confessed their conspiracy long before they committed their crimes.

This post takes 27 minutes to listen to and 14 minutes to read. The quoted material was decades in the making. I spent 5 hours putting it into shape for you. I did not abridge a word from the following paragraphs—the writing was that good.

We are now in a race between salvation at the elections, rescue by our tattered legal system, or trying to survive the implementation of the evil plans. Since we were recently defrauded in the polls, I have doubts about their power to deliver us now. See the movie 2000 Mules (free on Odyssey) if you still believe Biden won the election. It is required viewing for anyone with a brain. And it is entertaining.

I hold out the most hope for the courts, which are backstopped by a SCOTUS that must have pawed around in its panties and rediscovered its huevos. And after Twitter settled Alex Berenson’s lawsuit for deplatforming him a few days ago, McCullough and a few other heroes immediately filed a copycat action. Plaintiffs’ attorneys pile on when they smell blood, or rather money. I never thought I would ever salute these jackals, but now I say Godspeed to them.

To survive, we must awake everyone who has not been hypnotized.

The rest of this post quotes Germ Games, which is chapter 12 of RFK, Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci. He tells the history of several of these pandemic simulations. For the full, gripping, science-fictionesque story and to access the footnotes, spend $3 on the Amazon Kindle book. It will change your life, even if you know a lot already.

Kennedy’s book is the easiest path to rationality for anyone who has avoided swallowing the media frauds. I have purchased over 100 copies so far for my friends and contacts. Rogan announced recently that he is reading it, which is a hopeful sign that he will soon have Kennedy on his show.


Dark Winter, Atlantic Storm, and Global Mercury were only three of over a dozen Germ Games staged by military, medical, and intelligence planners leading up to COVID-19. Each of these Kafkaesque exercises became uncanny predictors of a dystopian age that pandemic planners dubbed the “New Normal.” The consistent feature is an affinity among their simulation designers for militarizing medicine and introducing centralized autocratic governance.

SPARS-2017 was one of these games:

In October 2017, Gates convened another tabletop pandemic at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the global biosecurity command center. Gates’s foundation, along with NIAID and NIH, are major funders of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.188 “SPARS 2017” chronicled an imaginary coronavirus pandemic that would, supposedly, run from 2025 to 2028. The exercise turned out to be an eerily precise predictor of the COVID-19 pandemic exactly three years later.

Gates’s working group, which staged the exercise, was a collection of characters with deep connections to intelligence agencies and NIH. They included Luciana Borio, vice president of the CIA’s In-Q-Tel, and Joseph Buccina, director of Intelligence Community Support and B.Next Operations at In-Q-Tel. Before joining B.Next, Buccina was a Program Manager for In-Q-Tel’s biotech portfolio, which works with tech startups specializing in enhanced products for the intelligence and defense communities. Matthew Shearer, a Senior Analyst at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and Associate Editor of the peer-reviewed journal Health Security, would discover the first US cases of coronavirus in Seattle in February 2020.189 Walter Orenstein, MD, is a former surgeon general who managed CDC’s fraudulent efforts to suppress the science linking autism to vaccines, from 1999 to 2004. He left HHS to serve as Deputy Director for Immunization Programs at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and adviser to WHO. Another Working Group Member was vaccine developer Dr. Gregory Poland, whom the National Institutes of Health has continuously funded since 1991.190

Building on the Pentagon’s anthrax simulation (1999) and the intelligence agency’s “Dark Winter” (2001), Atlantic Storm (2003, 2005), Global Mercury (2003), Schwartz’s “Lockstep” Scenario Document (2010), and MARS (2017), the Gates-funded SPARS scenario war-gamed a bioterrorist attack that precipitated a global coronavirus epidemic lasting from 2025 to 2028, culminating in coercive mass vaccination of the global population. And, as Gates had promised, the preparations were analogous to “preparing for war.”191

Under the code name “SPARS Pandemic,” Gates presided over a sinister summer school for globalists, spooks, and technocrats in Baltimore. The panelists role-played strategies for co-opting the world’s most influential political institutions, subverting democratic governance, and positioning themselves as unelected rulers of the emerging authoritarian regime. They practiced techniques for ruthlessly controlling dissent, expression, and movement, and degrading civil rights, autonomy, and sovereignty. The Gates simulation focused on deploying the usual psyops retinue of propaganda, surveillance, censorship, isolation, and political and social control to manage the pandemic. The official eighty-nine-page summary is a miracle of fortune-telling—an uncannily precise month-by-month prediction of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic as it actually unfolded.192 Looked at another way, when it erupted five years later, the 2020 COVID-19 contagion faithfully followed the SPARS blueprint. Practically the only thing Gates and his planners got wrong was the year.

Gates’s simulation instructs public health officials and other collaborators in the global vaccine cartel exactly what to expect and how to behave during the upcoming plague. Reading through the eighty-nine pages, it’s difficult not to interpret this stunningly prescient document as a planning, signaling, and training exercise for replacing democracy with a new regimen of militarized global medical tyranny. The scenario directs participants to deploy fear-driven propaganda narratives to induce mass psychosis and to direct the public toward unquestioning obedience to the emerging social and economic order.

According to the scenario narrative, a so-called “SPARS” coronavirus ignites in the United States in January 2025 (the COVID-19 pandemic began in January 2020). As the WHO declares a global emergency, the federal government contracts a fictional firm that resembles Moderna. Consistent with Gates’s seeming preference for diabolical cognomens, the firm is dubbed “CynBio” (Sin-Bio) to develop an innovative vaccine using new “plug-and-play” technology. In the scenario, and now in real life, Federal health officials invoke the PREP Act to provide vaccine makers liability protection.193

Another company in this scenario receives an Emergency Use Authorization for a remdesivir-like antiviral named Kalocivir that federal officials previously evaluated as a therapeutic for SARS and MERS.194

This item seems to predict Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates’s aggressive promotion of a failed Ebola drug, remdesivir, during the pandemic as “Standard of Care” for COVID-19. Dr. Fauci helped develop the drug, and Gates has a substantial equity stake in its manufacturer, Gilead. The two men promoted remdesivir during the earlier Ebola and Zika pandemics, despite its stunning inadequacy as a remedy for these ailments. Promotion of remdesivir, and the simultaneous Gates/Fauci orchestrated suppression of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, collectively—as we shall see— caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in the United States alone.

According to the scenario, by late January, SPARS has spread to every state and forty-two countries. In record speed, a coalition of ingenious corporate and heroic government officials miraculously produce a new vaccine, “Corovax,” just in time for a July 2026 Emergency Use Authorization rollout.

This medical marvel meets resistance from several nuisance groups who complain that the companies have not adequately tested the jab. Among these ingrates are African Americans, alternative medicine enthusiasts, and a rapidly growing members of an anti-vaccination movement who bellyache on social media. But government and industry leaders depicted in those eighty-nine pages have plans to silence and censor these dangerous elements and to crush all resistance.195

The SPARS team responds with a flood of propaganda to drown doubt with vaccine plugola, public shaming of the vaccine-hesitant, and patriotic appeals.

While allies in government and the media boost public acceptance with propaganda, impose censorship, and muzzle dissent, Gates’s minions recruit trusted “interlocutors,” familiar community and medical leaders, to mollify the public that the experimental, unapproved, hastily tested, zero-liability vaccine is “safe and effective.” The most effective “interlocutor” is Dr. Paul Farmer, Harvard’s esteemed medical anthropologist and cofounder of Partners in Health, which provides medical care to impoverished regions around the globe. The simulation report states: “Paul Farmer, the renowned global health expert . . . lauded the safety and efficacy of Corovax and underscored the dangers of SPARS. His only regret, he said, was that the vaccine could not yet be made available to everyone on the planet.”196 (The real-life Farmer lists Gates as his organization’s top funding partner.)

By springtime 2026, with the EUA vaccine rollout in full swing, public reservations about the vaccine are multiplying. The scenario blueprint predicts waves of severe neurological vaccine injuries soon appearing among children and adults. The CDC is meeting escalating skepticism toward its exaggerated predictions of coronavirus lethality; official fatality number indicates that coronavirus mortalities are comparable to the seasonal flu:

By May 2026, public interest in SPARS had begun to wane. In late April the CDC had publicized an updated case fatality rate estimate, suggesting that SPARS was only fatal in 0.6 percent of cases in the United States.197 (Note: the 2020 COVID-19 case fatality rate was a mere 0.26 percent according to CDC).

The SPARS organizers warn that dropping death rates will spark “public sentiment, widely expressed on social media, that SPARS was not as dangerous as initially thought.” This perilous drop in popular fear jeopardizes the vaccine enterprise.

The SPARS team turns to pandemic porn—constantly repeated death counts and case counts—to amplify the panic decibel so as to assure the success of their mass inoculation program. To overcome the public’s dangerous complacency, the CDC and FDA, in concert with other government agencies and their social media experts, begin developing a new public health propaganda campaign:

create a core set of messages that could be shared by all public health and government agencies over the next several months during which time the SPARS vaccine could be introduced.198

In a section headed “Food for Thought,” the scenario challenges participants to devise their own strategies for disabling common sense so as to achieve broad vaccine coverage:

How might federal health authorities avoid people possibly seeing an expedited SPARS vaccine in development and testing process as somehow “rushed” and inherently flawed. . . . How might federal health authorities respond to critics who propose that liability protection for SPARS vaccine manufacturers jeopardizes individual freedom and well-being? . . . What are the potential consequences of health officials over-reassuring the public about the potential risks of a novel SPARS vaccine when long-term effects are not yet known?199

Even a casual read of the Foundation’s planning document makes clear that Gates’s preparation has little to do with public health and everything to do with limiting freedom and aggressively marketing vaccines.

The planners tell their intended audience—“public health providers and pandemic communicators”—that public concerns over worrisome reactions and vaccine side effects can be drowned out by flooding the airwaves with good news about vaccine successes. The dismaying role of mainstream media in these exercises is to broadcast propaganda, impose censorship, and manufacture consent for oppressive policies. In their projections, the social planners project absolute confidence that news media and social media companies will fully cooperate with this coup d’état. The simulation planners presciently assume their capacity to undermine the Fourth Estate in its role as the gladiatorial champion of free speech and democracy, and their ability to subvert the social media, which once promised to democratize the flow of information. Both mainstream and social media titans, it turns out, are predisposed to serve globalist elites. Gates and his cronies somehow intuited that these institutions would obligingly shape news coverage so as to manufacture obedience with compulsory vaccination and the dismemberment of the Constitution:

In the following months . . . the WHO began developing an enhanced international vaccine program based on the expanded financial support of the United States and other countries. As time passed and more people across the United States were vaccinated, claims of adverse side effects began to emerge. . . . Given the positive reaction to the federal government’s response and the fact that the majority of US citizens willing to be vaccinated had already been immunized, the negative publicity surrounding adverse reactions had little effect on nationwide vaccination rates.200

Gates and his team assure pandemic planners that they will easily avoid culpability for the wave of long-term neurological injuries that they cause by their experimental vaccines:

While the federal government appeared to have appropriately addressed concerns around the acute side effects of Corovax, the long-term, chronic effects of the vaccine were still largely unknown. Nearing the end of 2027, reports of new neurological symptoms began to emerge. After showing no adverse side effects for nearly a year, several vaccine recipients slowly began to experience symptoms such as blurry vision, headaches, and numbness in their extremities. Due to the small number of these cases, the significance of their association with Corovax was never determined.201

According to organizers, the purpose of Gates’s simulation was to prepare “public health communicators” with a step-by-step strategic playbook for the upcoming pandemic. Eighteen months into the COVID-19 pandemic, it is difficult to peruse Gates’s detailed 2018 planning document without feeling that we are all being played.

CRIMSON CONTAGION-2019 was a later war game.

Not even ten weeks before the first COVID-19 infections were reported in Wuhan—a 2019 war game code-named Crimson Contagion capped eight months of planning overseen by Robert Kadlec, who was, by then, President Trump’s Disaster Response Leader. Also involved in this virus war game scenario was Anthony Fauci representing the NIH, Dr. Robert R. Redfield of the CDC, and HHS Secretary Alex Azar.233 The HHS Office of Preparedness and Response teamed with the top spooks at the National Security Council to lead the four-day nationwide “Functional Exercise.”234

So now Kadlec—who had, for twenty years, been writing scripts for using a pandemic to overthrow democracy and curtail constitutional rights—was in a perfect position to do just that. With this virus simulation, he included all the key players who would manage what was to become a de facto coup d’état sixty days hence.

While earlier simulations functioned as training drills for high-level political, military, press, intelligence agency, and regulatory commissars, the 2019 Crimson Contagion simulation functioned as a nationwide crusade to evangelize state-level health bureaucracies, municipal officials, hospital and law enforcement agencies across America with the messages developed in the preceding simulations.

Under a veil of enforced secrecy, organizers staged the Crimson Contagion exercise nationwide at over 100 centers. “Participation included 19 federal departments and agencies, 12 key states, 15 tribal nations and pueblos, 74 local health department and coalition regions, 87 hospitals, and over 100 healthcare and public health private sector partners.”235 The simulation scenario envisioned a “novel influenza” pandemic originating in China labeled H7N9. As with COVID-19, air travelers rapidly spread the deadly respiratory illness across the globe.

In this scenario, by the time US health officials first identify the virus in Chicago, it is already galloping like the Grim Reaper across other metropolitan areas, forcing the HHS Secretary to declare a national public health emergency. The WHO delays a month before declaring a pandemic. The multistate, multiregional exercise that took place just months before the real-world COVID-19 pandemic focused on “critical infrastructure protection; economic impact; social distancing; scarce resource allocation; prioritization of vaccines and other countermeasures.”236 (Again not including therapeutic medicines.) The Crimson Contagion exercise achieved eerily accurate forecasting with numbers that precisely predicted the official casualty data for COVID-19: 110 million forecasted illnesses, 7.7 million predicted hospitalizations, and 568,000 deaths in the United States alone.

The draft report, dated October 19, 2019, and marked “not to be disclosed,” didn’t become public until the New York Times obtained a copy under the Freedom of Information Act and published a front-page article on March 19, 2020, eight days after the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic.237 Only under pressure from another FOIA request did Kadlec’s HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response release the January 2020 After-Action Crimson Contagion Report the following September. It is available online here:

The Times story contained this paragraph: “The October 2019 report documents that officials at the Department of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services, and even at the White House’s National Security Council, were aware of the potential for a respiratory virus outbreak originating in China to spread quickly to the United States and overwhelm the nation.”238 The New York Times takeaway missed altogether the larger and more significant stories: that the Crimson Contagion’s planners precisely predicted every element of the COVID-19 pandemic—from the shortage of masks to specific death numbers—months before COVID-19 was ever identified as a threat and that their overarching countermeasure was the preplanned demolition of the American Constitution by a scrupulously choreographed palace coup.

The Crimson Contagion draft report complains that existing federal funding sources were insufficient to combat a pandemic and concluded, predictably, that government officials needed far more money and far more power: “A significant topic of concern centered around the inadequacies of existing executive branch and statutory authorities to provide HHS with the requisite mechanisms to serve successfully as the lead federal agency in response to an influenza pandemic.”239

The team noted that “The group . . . concluded they would soon need to move toward aggressive social distancing, even at the risk of severe disruption to the nation’s economy and the daily lives of millions of Americans.”

TOPOFF exercises, 2000–2007:

In the course of researching this book, I discovered that, beginning in 2000, the security, military, police, and intelligence agencies have been secretly staging other mass simulations, under the codename TOPOFF, of which the public is almost entirely unaware. Each of these functioned as training exercises for the lockstep imposition of global totalitarianism. Many of these drills have involved tens of thousands of local police, health officials, and emergency responders across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, as well as representatives from the FBI, the State Department, the intelligence agencies, and private corporations from chemical, petroleum, financial, telecom industries, and health sectors.

Four TOPOFF (Top Official) exercises between May 2000 and 2007 mobilized DOJ, FBI, and FEMA officials staging scenario planning around chemical and bioweapons attacks. The first of them, in May 2000, modeled chemical biological attacks in Denver, Colorado, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, exploring logistics for quarantining an entire state (Colorado). The executive summary complains that “stronger measures to protect the local Colorado citizens were not implemented”241 and warns that to survive such a disaster, the state must immediately take quick and decisive action to quarantine the population, including the enforcement of an unprecedented “no contact out of your home”242 policy that became the hallmark of the response to COVID-19 twenty years later.

The Department of Homeland Security sponsored TOPOFF 2, in May 2003, including more than 8,000 participants in Seattle and Chicago, as well as significant participation by the Canadian government.243

TOPOFF 3, in April 2005, simulated biological and chemical attacks in New Jersey and Connecticut, involving more than 20,000 participants from over 250 federal, state, and local agencies, private businesses, volunteer groups, and international organizations. Canada and the UK coordinated simultaneous exercises.244

TOPOFF 4, running from October 15 to October 24, 2007, involved more than 23,000 participants from government and the private sector, simulating attacks in Guam, Portland, and Phoenix. In Washington, DC, the State Department activated an Exercise Task Force and participated in high-level meetings with other Department and agency decision makers, including American embassies in Canberra, Ottawa, and London.245

“These are brainwashing exercises,” says former CIA officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp. “Getting all of these thousands of public health and law enforcement officials to participate in blowing up the US Bill of Rights in these exercises, you basically have obtained their prior sign-off on torpedoing the Constitution to overthrow its democracy. They know that none of these participants are going to suddenly start soul-searching when the real thing happens. The CIA has spent decades studying exactly how to control large populations using these sorts of techniques.” Shipp adds: “We are all subjects now being manipulated in a vast population-wide Milgram experiment, with Dr. Fauci playing the doctor in the white lab coat instructing us to ignore our virtues and our conscience and obliterate the Constitution.”246

EVENT 201: October 2019 is the most monstrous story of all. To learn about it, read Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci. If you have not, your understanding of current events is sketchy.

Kennedy’s podcasts HERE are also required for any student of reality. Most are under a half hour. I run them at double speed.

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