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146. In the Company of Psychopaths

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Gates, Schwab, Soros, Fauci, Trudeau, Pelosi, the Chinese leaders, and a few thousand others get an “A” on the psychopath test. –Sherman

This post took weeks to research, write, and rewrite. It’s 22 minutes to listen at one x speed and half that to scan. This deserves copying and reposting in any form you desire, with or without attribution.

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These transnational criminals live to cheat, defraud, and blackmail. Many are killers. They make no contribution to those around them or society, and fair value exchange is foreign to them. They crave power and wealth, but this is secondary to their primary motivation—damaging others. Lies, conspiracies, and intimidation are their trademarks. 

Today’s agendas are so dark that they could only have been conceived and carried out by psychopaths. Their stated plan is “ending overpopulation,” but this supposed problem is already solved. Global birth rates are crashing, and demographics prove that our numbers will peak and decline within a few decades. The Earth’s people are now mostly fed, and their economic situation is improving. 

So why the fraud? Population reduction is killing and destruction for its own sake, which is what psychopaths hunger for. Normal humans have trouble conceiving of such evil, see this behavior as irrational, and dismiss these people as crazy or “psychotic.” This is inaccurate. Psychopaths see reality but have no “operating system” of human love, ethics, and sympathetic feelings.

With this in mind, our world-gone-mad and all the lies make sense. The following schemes are designed to harm people as the primary goal.

  • Covid is a purpose-built bioweapon developed to damage and kill us. The Covid “vaccine” injections are a second attack. The “elites” continue to conceal treatments that would have halted the pandemic. See Part 3, The Covid and Vax Disasters.

  • Promoting “transgender” (TG) behavior using drugs and surgery turns this improbable condition into a lifelong agony rather than a temporary adolescent rebellion. The medicines kill fertility, suppress orgasms, and destroy normal development. Forty percent of transgenders attempt suicide. The psychopaths are sponsoring marketing claiming that TGs are cousins of our gays and lesbians (reference HERE). But most gays and lesbians know this is a lie and refuse to be identified with it. See Part 7.

  • Psychopaths are grooming pedophilia by bringing drag queens into elementary schools. The World Economic Forum argues that laws against pedophilia “violate human rights.”

  • They are embezzling our money using money printing. It is the most massive financial crime in history, and their motive is economic collapse.  See the interview with Edward Dowd in Part 11.

  • They are inciting war.

  • They have thrown open our borders to foreign predators. This encourages human trafficking and the onslaught of devastating narcotics.

  • For decades, psychopaths have promoted harmful prescription drugs that destroy health and cause violence, suicide, and insanity. Psych drugs are the worst, but there are many others. See Butchered by “Healthcare” and Parts 3 through 8.

  • They pay incentives to hospitals for the mistreatment and killing Covid patients. See Part 4, Hospitals Have Become Contract Killers.

  • Racism and social strife are promoted with ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, the election of false prosecutors, and the “defund the police” propaganda. See the Reality Inversion chapter in Part 2.

  • One of the conspirator’s goals is to forbid gun carry by private citizens. This 2nd Amendment right promotes security and combats crime. See the guns chapter in Part 11, Lawyers, Guns, and Money.

  • The psychopaths claim “carbon is bad for the earth” and global warming will kill us all. These theories are precisely the opposite of the truth and have become a false religion. These lies are used to decrease energy use and, therefore, worldwide food production, with the ultimate goal of starving “carbon-based life forms”—people. Even if these theories were true, nuclear energy could safely and opulently support our food and water production. It is carbon neutral and would be cheap at scale, but they are suppressing it. See Part 9, Climatology.

  • They call this the “Great Reset.” The plan is to destroy our rule of law, social fabric, and the United States itself. Their goal is an economic crash and then a totalitarian government.

  • Free countries are the most creative and productive, so not even psychopaths can explain how the Chinese system or a financial collapse would make them wealthier. But the whole thing makes sense to them because their primary goal is not money. They want to torture, destroy, and control. Since they are sadists, they enjoy the process.

  • Psychopaths use a strategy called “gaslighting” (Part 2). This is lying, terrorizing, and intimidating to alter their victims’ perceived reality. Ordinary people who cannot imagine basing their lives on falsehoods have trouble understanding what is happening.

  • The “conspiracy theory” phrase is being used to convince some of our best thinkers to dismiss current reality as improbable (Part 2). Many have been hoodwinked into exhaustive, repeated attempts to explain how it all could have happened. The academic controversies they debate are trivial—they are splitting hairs when they should be trying to figure out how to put the criminals down. The actual battle is against lies and censors.

To fathom today’s reality, consider the creatures who surrounded Hitler. The most skilled members of this species are rarely captured and seldom examined forensically. The Nuremberg Trial defendants were an exception. Although these animals imitated human behavior, they had no morals, feelings, or genuine relationships. The key to understanding today’s events is to realize that thousands of these brutes now walk among us. Due to unprecedented disparities of wealth and power, they may be gaining the upper hand.

Lower-functioning psychopaths are similar structurally but possess less guile and intelligence. Since they have more trouble concealing their intentions and behavior, they are sometimes captured, imprisoned, and studied. They occasionally get herded where they belong—into the justice system’s insect-killing jar. The insights from collecting these specimens provide inferences about their cousins, the corporate and political leaders. Although these deviants have been studied and observed, our knowledge about them is imperfect.

Robert Hare compiled the Psychopath Test. Its diagnostic value is weak, but true sociopaths live on across a bright line. Those around them—the variants—have a spectrum of the following traits.

  • Glibness/superficial charm

  • Grandiose sense of self-worth

  • Pathological lying

  • Conning/manipulative

  • Lack of remorse or guilt

  • Shallow affect

  • Callous/lack of empathy

  • Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

  • Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom

  • Parasitic lifestyle

  • Poor behavioral controls

  • Promiscuous sexual behavior (Example: Epstein and associates’ pedophilia.)

  • Lack of realistic, long-term goals

  • Impulsivity

  • Irresponsibility

  • Juvenile delinquency

  • Early behavior problems

  • Revocation of conditional release (violation of the terms of release from a psych facility, typically with reincarceration)

  • Criminal versatility

  • Many short-term marital relationships

The titles of three popular books describe these monsters well: Snakes in Suits (2006, Paul Babiak and Robert D. Hare), Without Conscience (1993, Robert Hare), and The Mask of Sanity (1941, Hervey M. Cleckley). Political Ponerology (1984) by Andrzej Łobaczewski is the most comprehensive source. He says that psychopaths, conspiring in networks, have significant political and economic power. Their banality and seeming normalcy defy easy identification even by experts.

Łobaczewski writes, “[Sociopaths] learn to recognize each other in a crowd… sometimes in childhood. They become conscious of being different from the people surrounding them.” He says that they view the rest of us as almost another species.  

They know truth, honor, and decency but do not think these apply to them. They cheat, break promises, and revile the non-psychopaths. They use fear, lies, and concealment as weapons. They covet possessions and power and feel they have the right to them because they can take them. They plagiarize, swindle, and extort. The fruits obtained this way are sweeter for them than those earned through honest labor.

These degenerates have no conscience, do not feel others’ pain, and use their traits to reap benefits and pull strings. They learn that their personalities traumatize others and use this to their advantage. Those who know nothing about them are the most easily deceived and manipulated.

When government leaders and business CEOs are psychopaths, their immorality infects those around them. Conscienceless people create an environment where greed, deception, and even violence become the norm. Weaker individuals model them to survive. Although these followers may not be not “genetic” or total psychopaths, they turn into “effective” psychopaths.

Robert D. Hare describes them, “Psychopaths have a narcissistic and grossly inflated view of their self-worth and importance, a truly astounding egocentricity and sense of entitlement, and see themselves as the center of the universe, as superior beings who are justified in living according to their own rules.

Full psychopaths use their knowledge of ordinary people’s sensitivities to manipulate them. They may fake empathy yet remain aloof and calculating. Some use tears or shouting to whiplash their victims’ emotions.

  • We do not know their thoughts, but their actions reveal them. Incessant lying, or a stark mismatch between words and actions, is the easiest way to spot them. It is a successful strategy because most of us have trouble believing that anyone does this routinely. Normal people may struggle with their mental health as they deal with this.

The central mystery is how these vermin could have gained so much control.  Łobaczewski believes “essential,” or total psychopaths, are about 1% of the population. When other related syndromes are considered, the core group might be about 6 percent. He believed that the most pathological personalities are the most likely to develop positions of power.

The next tier of about 12 percent is more healthy but has been damaged by long-term exposure to the leaders. Working together, these groups conspire to subdue and control the rest of the population. The masses can be led to believe almost any far-fetched idea by using media control. Ordinary people mostly follow whoever seems to be in charge.

Psychopathic regimes find compliant scientists, support their academic degrees and achievements, and advance them into leadership. These obliging tools know their work is monitored for proper ideology and that their handlers would destroy them if they stepped out of line. See RFK Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci for many examples.

These degenerates conceal themselves using politics and ideology. Left, right, center, socialist, democratic, communist, Democrat, and Republican are meaningless deceptions to them. When all political parties serve the same monsters, it erodes social structures and has cancerous effects on nations. Only a few people understand this and speak out.

Since legal and political systems developed partly under the influence of psychopaths, these structures may be insufficient to control them. Many observers believe that substantial secret governments have always existed, even when the recognized system is virtuous. For example, the Warren Commission asked us to believe the improbable story that a second lone actor immediately assassinated JFK’s killer. The records of this event are still being concealed:

One of the new documents related to a still-classified covert operation — still classified nearly 60 years later — that had been approved by senior CIA officials three months before Kennedy’s death, suggesting the agency employed Kennedy’s assassin Lee Harvey Oswald for intelligence purposes just weeks before the shooting.

In other words, Oswald worked for the CIA — AT LEAST up to three weeks before the killing.

The CIA has never acknowledged its link to Oswald before, not at the time or in all the decades after, not during Democrat nor Republican administrations. You would think they might have mentioned that tiny fact if they had nothing to hide. They might have useful intel on Oswald and his relationships in their CIA employee files, information that might have helped at the time.

John F. Kennedy was on the point of exposing some of this, as he expressed in THIS speech. It is likely the reason he was murdered.

Here are what check psychopaths

  • A bigger psychopath

  • Fear of prosecution and punishment

  • Exposure and ostracism

  • The absolute refusal to submit to their control regardless of the consequences

  • Death

How can anyone say no? Millions took to the streets before the invasion of Iraq, but it did not matter because the leaders did not care. They controlled the military and the media, which was used to paint dissenters as traitors. This happened recently to those who did not consent to the jab or comply with the lockdowns.

If every normal person refused to lift a hand to further these agendas, the system would grind to a halt. But that can only happen when everyone is miserable enough that the pain psychopaths can inflict pales compared to current conditions. It might also occur when there is general knowledge about the world being created for our children.

We must learn to spot psychopaths, speak up, and never be dominated. We must refuse to be conned or used. Giving in to anything they suggest is a mistake, for it emboldens them.

Today’s criminals realize they have committed multiple capital crimes. They also know they are a tiny minority. Let us hope that enough remains of our will, our courts, and our tattered constitution to save us.

Psychology and characteristics

Psychopaths have high rates of violence. In one study, two-thirds of their victims were male strangers selected for retribution or a predatory purpose. Purposeful violence is less common for non-psychopaths. They mostly commit crimes of passion against female family members or acquaintances.

Only about a tenth of psychopaths are female.

A psychopath can perpetrate any violation of the rights of others or any evil deed and still sleep at night because he believes he is always right. And since these people do not think their behavior is wrong, they never seek treatment. They will participate in therapy programs to gain release from prison. There is no cure for them, however.

Debates with sociopaths are useless. No matter what we say or how much evidence is given, it has no meaning to them. Their sole goal is to fool us into classifying them as normal, so they can continue to use, deceive, and control us.

Even those who are armored with skepticism should never underestimate their chances of being fooled by the next psychopath. These degenerates do not display anxiety, remorse, or any feelings about others that would reveal them. Many, however, are practiced at feigning these human qualities.

Examples of psychopathic behavior from Łobaczewski and others

  • A mother plays a game of hide and seek with her four-year-old daughter. She is holding a large kitchen knife. She tells her daughter, “I am going to count to one hundred, and if I find you, I will cut off your thumbs.” The girl hides in her closet, and the mother, knowing where she is, lets her stay there, terrified, frightened, and traumatized until the last moment. When the mother opens the door, she cuts the skin under one of her daughter’s thumbs.

  • A family has two sons. One of them commits suicide using a hunting rifle. At Christmas, the parents give the gun to their other son. When asked why, they respond, “It was a perfectly good gun.”

  • Hare reports about psychopaths abusing the elderly. For example, after a criminal cons an older woman out of her life savings, a colluding psychopath contacts the victim. He claims to be a lawyer and offers to get the money back for a fee. The victim borrows the payment from a relative and loses it to the second criminal.

  • Using lawsuits, rich people sometimes sue middle-class people to force them to pay ruinous lawyers’ fees. These expenses are like buying paperclips for the wealthy, and winning or losing—or even the issues litigated—are typically unimportant to them. Here is one example, and the others are legion. Some New York apartment co-ops are inhabited by people worth tens of millions. But if they allow the wrong billionaire into their midst, he can dominate them with litigation threats. The co-op admission committees typically ask for twenty (20) references, then turn many people down anyway.

  • I knew a wealthy doctor who sued patients, and patients sued him. He also sued tenants, suppliers, and even moving companies. Some of his tenants won countersuits. One of his patients sued him for malpractice, lost the countersuit, and spent ten years trying to get the judgment overturned. By the time everyone finally walked away, the court had seized her house. After it was sold, no money was left for the doctor after the loan, realtors, and bankruptcy trustee were paid. This woman’s total lawyer bills were $500,000. The doctor must have enjoyed it all because it was not profitable. I was informally sympathetic to this woman, so he called and threatened me. On another occasion, he tried to get me thrown out of our professional organization, and I had to defend myself in front of a committee. They told us to stay away from each other, which was wise advice. I was (more) abrasive in those days.

  • When corporate leaders are psychopaths

  • Companies are indifferent to right or wrong. They do not care about human harm except as it impacts their core value, profit. Although corporate structures are not inherently sadistic or destructive, they can be led this way by their executives. When this happens, the corporations they control turn evil.

Nonprofits are subject to less oversight than for-profit corporations because, under some circumstances, they have no board of directors. They are not constrained by a requirement to make money, either.

Corporations have attained many legal aspects of personhood, which is problematic for their regulation. They are also potentially immortal. This means they can accumulate wealth over generations without the tax consequences that happen to the estates of individuals at their death. Over the past few decades, companies have skirted election donation laws and given massive amounts to politicians who can help them. And many corporations are now transnational, which makes controlling and punishing them difficult.

Łobaczewski says that psychopaths are incapable of creative work

They must depend upon ordinary people for this. As long as core parts of an economy still function, their pathological strategies may seem successful. However, a downward spiral begins when significant positions of power in business, government, and industry are filled with these people. Societies fail as they become colonized.

Ordinary people eventually recognize what their leaders are and devise survival strategies. But when a society comes to its senses, other deviants typically step in. These are often the same people. For example, at the fall of Soviet communism, capitalist psychopaths took the spoils, and many communists found a comfortable new home.

In their dealings with these criminals, people from the former Soviet block have advantages over Westerners. Soviet people have been under the regimes for so long that they routinely ignore rhetoric from the media, government, and corporations. They develop the ability to read between the propaganda lines (lies) and speculate about the truth.  They can also spot people who pretend to be revolutionaries but are rats for the state. They regard Americans as easily fooled.

I was a loyal Soviet citizen until the age of 20. What it meant to be a loyal citizen was to say what you were supposed to say, to read what you’re permitted to read, to vote the way you were told to vote and, at the same time, to know that it was all a lie

Natan Sharansky, from a prison cell

The ability to cheat, lie, and kill with indifference is a stupendously successful adaptation. It has widened the gap between the middle class and the extremely wealthy. Advances in communication and propaganda technology have enabled these mutants to attempt a worldwide coup. As they gain more power, little restrains them. Psychopaths like Gates, whose true natures were hidden, are revealing themselves.

Counterpoint by Substack author A Midwestern Doctor

While I agree that things look bleak, the silver lining is that at least a third of the populace is waking up to the criminality and the agendas. For example, distrust of the Covid vaccine is being carried over to the other childhood vaccines. This will be a huge financial loss for Pharma.

About terminology

In psychiatry, the terms psychopath, sociopath, borderline personality, and anti-social personality are used as near-synonyms. Their verbiage changes kaleidoscopically and reflects the politically correct message du jour. I will not dignify the field’s contribution by calling any of these diagnoses.

“Psychosis” refers to people who have trouble determining what is real and what is not. Auditory hallucinations are more typical for “schizophrenia,” which is a wastebasket diagnosis encompassing related syndromes. Visual hallucinations are more likely when the psychosis is drug-induced. Psychopaths may seem psychotic to ordinary people, but they are not.

Yoho notes

  • I have focussed on Łobaczewski’s description of the extreme end of the spectrum, but he describes many cases as “subclinical.”

  • The lesser variants feel some pain and guilt, bond with certain people, and may have little idea that they are different.

  • I have observed that those with psychopathic features may have trouble identifying others like them. This could be because lies and unethical actions seem reasonable to them. This weakness allows these degenerates to take advantage of each other.

  • Sophisticated “normals” may be able to identify psychopaths more easily than the psychopaths themselves.

  • A close friend with a few of these features understood global events early. He told me, “They want to kill us.”

  • Research and insight credit for this article: my collaborator Sherman (hat tip to the 1960s Rocky and Bullwinkle Show for his pseudonym).

Popular books and articles

  • The Psychopath Test (2011) by Jon Ronson is a humorous account that points out inconsistencies but trivializes his subject.

More technical works

  • The Mask of Sanity (1941) by Dr. Hervey Cleckley. Brilliant case reports


HERE and HERE are overviews of the depopulation agenda.

  • A reader comments about the banality of evil, “Fauci and Brix with her scarves seemed so ordinary. Gates, too, seems so banal. Terrible speaker. Boring.”

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