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My Seattle colleague Tony Mangubat, MD, tells his story about how he became a cosmetic surgeon for the worldwide TG community. Half of what he does now is “top” surgery, which is breast removal for a genetic female who wants to transition to a male. He also describes other types of masculinizing procedures he performs. As you will hear, Tony is sympathetic and respectful toward his patients.

The woke crowd concocted new pronouns for TGs who think they are male, female, or somewhere in between. Those of us who rely on our original equipment for guidance have been generously provided with others. It gets confusing, but Tony schools me about it. If you want to be sure you do not offend your diversity-inclined colleagues, listen to the podcast twice.

The video is HERE on Rumble.

His website is HERE, and “Top surgeon” links are HERE and HERE. There are testimonial videos and before/after photos.

Disclosure: Tony is an old friend (I’m the young friend, ha). I didn’t inject opinions of my own into this interview. If you want to know what I think—and my wife says very few people are interested—you can find out more HERE.

There is a meme floating around that explains the pronouns perfectly. It has three photos of a gradually disappearing girl. The caption is, “Although I was born visible, I now identify as invisible. I am trans-parent. My pronouns are who/where.” If you understand this, you pass the pronoun test.

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