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Dowd is a whistleblower analyst who worked for BlackRock. You need to get to know him.

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SHOW NOTES; This week Dr. Mercola interviews Edward Dowd, a hedge fund “guru” and former equity portfolio manager for BlackRock, one of the two largest asset managers in the world. Vanguard is the other. Over the past two years, Dowd has courageously come forward to awaken people about the collateral damage of the COVID pandemic.

NOTE: I recorded this at 1.25 x speed. Many podcast and audio book addicts listen at 2 x speed. This skill accelerates learning and is essential if you do not want to die of boredom. Fifty-seven minutes to listen, but try it at 1.25 to 2 x speed. You may hear better sound quality if you use the original platform.

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If you have not been introduced to Joseph Mercola, MD, now is your chance. The NY Times’s says he is the number one “misinformation” source, so I follow him diligently. You can subscribe to his blogs here as well as listen to him on podcast platforms. For the most part, they are not yet censored. If you respect his work, buy your supplements at Here is Mercola’s podcast website.

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