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Fourteen minutes to listen at 1 x speed. Writing this took three full days. I appreciate your comments this time because this is somewhat experimental writing.

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SUMMARY: Attach yourself to mentors. Make preparations for yourself and your family. Learn as fast as you can. Once you understand, you have no choice but to act. Spread the word so everyone will know the enemy. None of this came easy for me, either.

Samuel Johnson wrote, “When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.” When life is on the line, you think nothing of working hard. I discovered that I can still drink knowledge through a fire hose, and I’ve been studying and writing eight or more hours a day nearly seven days a week. My vision has faded, and my skills may have waned, but I must be still learning the equivalent of a master’s degree every year.

It took me three years to do the research and develop the writing skills to tell the healthcare disaster story in Butchered by “Healthcare.” I worked through one hard truth after another. Much of it was the agonizing effort of trying to somehow pretend it wasn’t so. By the end, I was contemptuous of my peers and what medicine had become.

Later, over the past two years, I went through further wrenching disappointments as I studied events in society and the world. This was far more painful.

My emergency medicine background helped me. Decisions that ER docs are confronted with are relatively simple. The most important one is whether a patient goes home or is admitted to the hospital. It is a simple binary, a switch to flip, but mistakes can be disastrous. We use foundational logic such as “common things are the more likely” and “one cause for a problem happens more often than many causes.” The best of us refuse to be befuddled by arcane debates or academic absurdities.

MODELING is the most powerful way to grow and develop, and the key to my transition (transition?) was mentors. Although I had a few from my authorship work, my first during my new period was Peter Breggin, MD. He is known as “the conscience of psychiatry” and is the author of Covid-19 and the Global Predators, We Are the Prey. I was on a podcast tour to promote my books, and when Peter interviewed me, he stopped me short and forced me to consider Covid. He wasn’t nice about it, and I was irritated.

But as I thought about the podcast and researched what he had said, I realized that I had missed the story. So I began reading for eight to ten hours a day, and within a month, I was starting to understand. I now consider Dr. Breggin and his wife Ginger close friends and mentors. You can listen to their podcasts and learn more at

RFK, Jr. is throwing himself on a hand grenade for us and is our most valuable guru. I am a distant acquaintance, so I asked him how he held up under the pressures and still fought. He said:

  • He was trained in his youth to believe there would be a time when he would be called upon to make a major contribution.

  • He faces the bad guys one by one instead of considering the whole evil scene.

  • And he doesn’t try to predict the future.

Being a plaintiff’s attorney must have taught him patience. Their cases take many years to work out.

Leadership is everything, and some of my other mentors are virtual. Dr. Joseph Mercola ( is brilliant. More recently, I have been reading Paul Alexander and many others on Paul is inspirational and absolutely committed to our work. I try to establish telephone and sometimes in-person contact with my peers. Strangely, I sometimes find myself being considered a patriarch.

AS I LEARNED TO WRITE, I also learned to sort truth from lies. Knowing sources is always important, but here is further advice from Butchered by “Healthcare:”

Three “Blue’s Clues”—practical heuristics—will help you decipher anything.
1) The updated Golden Rule is that those with the gold make the rules, so learning the source of funding explains a lot.  
2) If you do not follow the reasoning, someone is likely lying to sell you something. You are as smart as the storyteller, so do not let them fool you. This applies to financial advisors and lawyers as well as to medical studies. You do not need to be an academic to judge complex data—in fact, learning too much detail obscures the truth.
3) Controversy, confusion, and contradictory evidence about small numbers prove that whatever it is does not work. Do not fall into the trap of believing “reasonable people disagree” or “the science is developing.” Always remember Rule 1—follow the money.

I have always thought academic medicine stunk of pretension and often of fraud. I have recently been proven right. A recent editorial from the British Medical Journal was titled Time to Assume that Health Research is Fraudulent Until Proven Otherwise.

ONE OF MY GREAT DISAPPOINTMENTS was the tech giants. I always believed the legends that they supported free speech and an open knowledge base. When Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter conspired two years ago to shut down the free exchange of information, they turned these ideals into baldfaced lies.

Google once had a motto—“Don’t be evil.” But since their current DNA consists of control and fabrication, they changed it. The new one says something like “follow the leader.” The mRNA vax changed this company into a spike protein propaganda manufacturing factory (try not to think too much about that metaphor). Robert Epstein’s interview on Rogan HERE tore them apart and is a must-listen.

This tech censorship is malignant. If the conspiracy had never occurred—if, for example, Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, or Larry Page had said NO to it (I expected nothing from Zuckerberg), we would have stamped out many lies by now. My disappointment in these company leaders made me sick to my stomach for months. A concerted effort will be required from all of us if we are to break their lock on information flow.

WHO UNDERSTANDS HYPERINFLATION? People from Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela do. Some Brazilians lived through it. These countries have central bankers who are even more vicious thieves and psychopaths than ours.

No one in the US has a clue. The Fed has perpetrated the worst financial crimes in history with hardly a raised voice from anyone. Inflation is the financial Tower of Babel, a place where no economic communication makes sense and people are driven apart. I told my daughters about it years ago and said that I hoped I could still buy them an ice cream when they were older.

Something about the nature of our currency as the current world’s reserve has protected us so far despite the alien invaders running our governments. But they are working to destroy us, so don’t expect the good news to continue. The dollar is the most powerful and stable currency in history. Will we soon be scrabbling after gold, Bitcoin, or (God forbid) a central bank digital theft-and-control currency?

YOU CAN MAKE SIMPLE PREPARATIONS. If you are worried about food, a practical insurance policy costs only a few hundred dollars. Store enough to last a year is relatively easy. Buy dried corn, rice, beans, whey protein powder, and canned animal fat such as lard and ghee. Use plastic screw-top buckets. You can obtain them inexpensively online or in pet stores.

The protein powder above is 2200 grams (5 pounds) and costs $50. If you can live on a half gram per kg of body weight per day, this is four months’ supply for one person.

Since the red states are protecting citizens better, some people consider moving. I favor Florida. But if you don’t pitch in and fight, you could be moving to the last part of the Titanic to slip under the waves.

Buy guns and learn about them. This is for urban crime protection and may not be necessary if you don’t live in a Democrat-led high-crime city. The basic information about handgun carry is HERE. Active Self Protection (ASP) on YouTube is also helpful. It has practical lessons along with violence porn.

MY FUEL is fear, anger, and love for my children. The global predators have stolen so much from me. My pride in my medical career. Some of my dearest friends who died of the “vaccine” bioweapon. Others who were hypnotized and became wretched Covidian zombies. I try not to think about the fertility disaster because it is too painful.

I cannot imagine what Scott Schara and Robb Garmong have suffered through and how they feel. They had a daughter and a spouse murdered by hospitals trying to snatch more government money. See their interviews HERE and HERE.

We face powerful, psychopathic foes. See THIS POST if you don’t understand who and what they are. But as a group, we are far more dangerous than they are. Our tattered Constitution still lives, there is good news from the courts, and hopefully, the midterms will improve the situation. If we all step up, our children and families will have a better chance to survive.

WHAT ABOUT fear? I understand that my life expectancy is short—I am 68 and will only be here for a brief time. This somehow gives me courage.

I also know that anyone expecting their life path to be smooth and painless will be crushingly disappointed. I realize that the only treatment for being overwhelmed is to grow and develop. So that’s what I try to do.

I sometimes think about this passage from Richard Morgan’s novel Thirteen:

If you work at it, you can reach a balance. The fear tips over into exhilaration. The weakness turns into strength. Fuels you up to face whatever it is your survival anxiety thinks it’s warning you about. Starts to feel good instead of bad. Kind of addictive after a while.

And this quote from Sacred Games, an Indian novel about a mobster:

I won’t tell you that there was no fear in me, but I had learnt to bury it, to layer it over with thick sheets of indifference. Ever since that bullet had hurled into me, I knew how real death was. I had no illusions. I had seen that a woman can be alive one day, eating mutton and sneering and joking and thrusting out her chest, her eyes humming with laughter and hunger, and then the next day can find her unconscious in a hospital bed, her mouth open and gasping. I knew I was going to die, I was going to be killed. There was no escape for me. I had no future, no life, no retirement, no easy old age. To imagine any of that was cowardice. A bullet would find me first. But I would live like a king. I would fight this life, this bitch that sentences us to death, and I would eat her up, consume her every minute of every day. So I walked my streets like a lord of mankind, flanked by my boys.

The movie. I like the novel.

Our immediate goal is to break the censors by spreading the truth. You may forward any part of my work including my books in any way you wish, with or without attribution. If you have resources, donate to our heroes HERE. I do.

If you want to contact me, my email is Stay frosty, keep at it, and maybe this calamity will go no further.

FOR A COUNTERPOINT to all this gloom, see THIS post featuring the image below. I am a fanboy of the author’s writing, and I hope his optimistic view is our future.

Android Legacy – Messenger II, by Oliver Wetter

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