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I try not to be too much of a fanboy.

His title is “Tell Me How This Ends.” I have been following him for months. Here are a few things we discussed. Don’t miss this one.

  • How he found out that the middle of the country completely missed the pandemic.

  • How Google suggests search results about the Agenda.

  • About how “the dismal California Legislature, following a well-established state tradition, slopped a giant bucket of sewage into the sausage-making pipeline this year.”

  • How Stanford is doing its best to ruin students’ independence—and maybe failing. “In less than a decade, Stanford’s administration eviscerated a hundred years of undergraduate culture and social groups…”

  • About that photo of Biden looking like Hitler with the red background.

  • How the Ukraine story is a pack of lies from every angle.

  • About research fraud for Alzheimer’s drugs. “You can cheat to get a paper. You can cheat to get a degree. You can cheat to get a grant. You can’t cheat to cure a disease… Biology doesn’t care.”

  • About the degenerate Disney cartoon “Little Demon” about Satan and his daughter (image above).

  • He explains: “The frantic institutional efforts to strangle this knowledge will not overcome what people see right in front of their faces. The truth isn’t coming out — the truth is out. Institutions and organizations, like the “expert” panels that make vaccine recommendations to the FDA, can’t overcome this reality.

Quoting an “expert” who is normalizing pedophilia:

Some of you may mistakenly think that it’s wrong or bad to be an adult who wants to f*** children, but as a licensed clinician with a professional background and deep training in this field, let me assure you that you are mistaken. If you oppose my redefinition, you oppose expertise; you are, as an untrained layman, contradicting my specialized professional knowledge. You are operating outside of your knowledge, assuming things that you aren’t qualified to assert. You have to accept my redefinition, because of my specialized knowledge and my professional standing as a credentialed expert.

Chris’s commentary about people who don’t read:

I remain extremely confident that the flood of bullshit like this is being slopped out by people who DRS — who Don’t Read S*** — about the topic they cover. Somebody in a government agency shot this dude an email message that said COVID VACCINES ARE MIRACLE DRUGS EVERYONE SHOULD GET THEM, and he said to himself, “Miracle drugs, got it!” We’re plagued by an army of people who pour “information” into the world based on two Twitter posts and a text message, after a full three to five seconds of deep thought.

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