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Burning down my preconceptions over the past 18 months has been agonizing, and I fear that the ideas in this book are too dark and advanced for most readers. See what you think about these:

  • The psychopath idea is challenging to grok (learn this word if you have not) for “normies.”

  • The book cover is too much like a romance novel (but if it enhances sales, that is fine). 

  • Some sections concern issues that are almost religious tenants for much of the populace. They have been subjected to such pervasive propaganda that they will dismiss these out of hand (for example, the global warming nonsense).

  • I am always anxious about self-revelatory material, but I have had positive feedback so far.

  • What the hospitals and the doctors working there are doing is unbelievable. It continues to boggle my mind more than any other story.

  • The chapters about the banksters are too dense. To “get it” requires watching videos. 

  • The Tolkien and Winnie the Pooh material is too cute (I used it to relieve the story’s intensity).

I was hoping you could help me in the comments with these and any other issues. Thanks and best —Robert

HERE is the link to download the latest version. Either grab one or email me and I’ll send you the PDF.

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Should Cassandra in the title be yellow or white? The cover’s object is to sell the book by being eye-catching. These are otherwise identical.

This is the nearly complete cover:

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