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Hold off on editing what you have. I will have a new version for you at the same link tomorrow night or the following day. I re-edited half the darn thing today and hope to complete it tomorrow. Then I need about an hour and a half to typeset it when I’m finished with all that. Scrivener to Word to Vellum… then proofread the generic MOBI version and ultimately upload on Amazon KDP, which has its own hassles. This is at least a week from now. This process took me a month or more to figure out the first time.

Your inputs are critical. Everything I hear alters my ideas about the book’s feel and presentation. You don’t have to tell me anything sophisticated for me to bounce off it in productive ways. Random impressions are just fine. Thanks again and whack me a few more times if you can—it’s helpful.

The book cover seems to be final. I had some nice input about the text on the back cover. And the vote is yellow for CASSANDRA’S. Amazon puts the barcode in the lower right.

I do have posts to send to you, but I’m hoping that my end-of-book struggles adequately entertain you. Each time I go through this, I swear it’s the last time, but then I forget. 

Here are three re-edited paragraphs from the Preface. They are not in sequence:

This is a workbook about our world from many different points of view. Most people should read Part One and Part Two, scan what they need from the rest, and skip what they already know. Unfortunately, the portrayal of the bankers in Part 10 is required reading (I wish I had never heard of them). The accounts of my journey are in the mix to give you breathing space away from the savage story. You can also access over sixty podcasts. Stay away from these until you grasp the main points.

I only lightly edited the other authors’ work in this compendium, so it is uneven. Pierre Kory, for example, communicates in the terse style he must use for patient notes. Mercola and his team have the most content, but their writing is not tightly edited, so I recommend skimming his posts. Naomi Wolf has published bestsellers and tells her stories beautifully. Readers will also sense that some authors must be crying as they write.

This was all published at If you are reading the Cassandra’s Memo ebook, the “SUBSTACK LINK” takes you to the source post and the audio. If you have the print edition, use the QR codes and your cellphone camera to find the Substack article. Cassandra never charged for her warnings, and neither do I. You are welcome to download a free reference copy of the ebook from

I wrote “savage.” It’s emotionally draining to review current events. 

A reader kindly said that Butchered was going viral. I like to think about that, but if it’s a big success, I would hate to see what getting ignored is ha… 

I went to a Bitcoin conference. The people were all weird, but everyone was remarkably savvy, friendly, and red pilled (they were orange pilled as well, which means they knew Bitcoin). No jerks and lots of geeks walking around. They had little concern about the price drop. I met Peter McCormack of the What Bitcoin Did podcast, and bought an orange soccer (“football”) shirt.

Anyway, I’ve had enough for one day.



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I fit right in.

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