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This is Part 1 of three posts about diet.

Part 2 presents the conclusions I developed in Hormone Secrets, and Part 3 is the latest from Dr. Mercola about balanced approaches.

Five years ago, my old friend Nick Brandy contracted a blood cancer called “multiple myeloma.” Since his diagnosis, he has become an expert on natural cancer treatments and is now free of disease. He advocates exercise, supplements, stress reduction, and a vegan lifestyle. For more information about avoiding eating animals, see the massive website My ideas are somewhat different, but I thought you would benefit from this second opinion and enjoy our dialog. If you care about what I think, wait for the next episode.

He gave me the following for show notes.

Dr. Dominic Brandy is the Founder of “Natural Insights Into Cancer”. He has been a
practicing physician for 42 years and ran a plastic surgery/medspa/anti-aging
practice. He published 76 peer-reviewed medical articles and nine textbook chapters. He also wrote many consumer articles and two popular books and has given over 200 lectures at international medical meetings.

After his diagnosis five years ago, he got his life and spiritual priorities in order. He says, “We all know we are going to die, but when it’s right there in front of your face, it’s a lot different.” He also started to study. Dr. Brandy had some advantages over the rest of us: medical school and then a lifelong history of reading and learning about diet, exercise, and supplements and their relationship to good health.

“Natural Insights into Cancer” is Dr. Brandy’s ongoing project to share with you what he has learned about natural approaches to this dreaded disease. He directed his clinic’s anti-aging division for the past 25 years, so he had a background in health and nutrition before his diagnosis.

He shares his knowledge through his website, his
Instagram site @cancerveggiedoc, his Facebook page Dominic Brandy, and his Youtube channel @cancerveggiedoc. He offers virtual consultations and 24/7 cancer coaching on his website. He is a sought-after speaker.

Dr. Brandy is also the author of Beat Back Cancer Naturally. This
book includes five natural and plant-based ways to prevent, survive
and thrive with cancer. It is available in paperback, audio or Kindle on Amazon or from

Reader praise
“Everyone knows diet and exercise are important, but this site has shown me the ‘WHY’ behind it all. And it provided amazing resources.” —Jodi Black, Dallas.

Contact information

Email: Phone: (412) 979-5318
Website: Instagram: @cancerveggiedoc Facebook: Dominic Brandy YouTube: @cancerveggiedoc NEW: YOHO OFFICE HOURS. Between Christmas and New Years, I am available between 1 to 3 PM weekdays. You can call my cell (626) 536-2000 to ask questions and share ideas. I am retired, so I do not give medical advice. There is no charge.

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