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(Audio cover. I still need to spend a week and “perform” it.)

I was FINALLY approved for publishing on Amazon. They seemed about to turn down my wonderful cover image, but they backed down when I reminded them that it was off-copyright and the artist had been dead for over a century. Both the paperback and the ebook are now up HERE. I am leaving the ebook free for the next few weeks HERE.

If you haven’t been through this process (this is number four for me), I’m not sure I would wish it on you. I spent the last several weeks intensively re-editing this monster. My strength, if I have one, is my ability to grind out the editing process until the readers have a reasonable experience. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote, “Easy reading is damn hard writing,” and I’m a testament to this. 

I’ve emailed all my podcast hosts and am going on a virtual tour. And I also sent word to the substackers I know and told them they could give the ebook away for a few weeks. These combined total over 200 people. 

Next is my small ask to you. I’m approaching 7,000 readers, and I’ve had over 800 downloads for Cassandra. If you do a quick Amazon book review (at this LINK), we can quickly get a credible review presence. My last book required several years to get over 300, and from what I have seen, Amazon continues to steal some of my good ones. We could get more than that in a couple of months. Once we are at 100, SEO magic happens on Amazon. 

How much do you have to have read before you write a review? The answer is:

  1. there are no rules

  2. You can always go back later if you want to say something different

I would be grateful if you could afford $3 for the ebook or 25 smackers for the paperback. All the Amazon money goes to my Ads contractor for two years. 

I just ordered five paperback copies. Although I reviewed it online, there may be flaws. If you get one early, these may be worth a fortune after I become famous and die,.. not. I will fix the inevitable problems as soon as I see them. When you find some, email me. 

All my best,



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