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By January 26, 2023June 10th, 202426 Comments

He is the easiest path to many current truths.

Corbett is a Canadian commentator and researcher who has lived in Japan for over a decade. His platform is, his archives are free, and he covers the entire global situation. I thought James was nuts for a year after discovering him, but I now consider him one of our most trusted and sophisticated commentators. Learning he was right about many issues was agonizing.

THIS Rumble interview is a comprehensive introduction to his sixteen years of work. View it at double speed (you need this skill: try it). This vid is worth every second of your precious time.

He discussed:

  • How to decide whether a narrative is true or propaganda: “triangulate” your sources.

  • Who is “controlled opposition” and is this idea important?

  • All about “hopium,” the belief that someone—the US military, Trump, DeSantis, QAnon, or even a space invader—is coming to save us.

  • Is Putin resisting the Cabal?

  • Tolkien’s metaphors. Will we be able to cast the ring into the fire?

  • Since Corbett’s platform is in English, it is almost invisible to the Japanese, so he has not been threatened except online.

  • Elon Musk was placed in his position from the outside. He and his Starlink are puppets for the deep state.

  • No single evil person is essential in the scheme of the globalist conspiracy. There are thousands of them, and Corbett says there is no central control.

  • What will the globalists try next? Digital IDs are the point of the spear. We must resist this or we will be lost.

  • Speculating about individual motivations is unproductive and wastes time and energy. Our path should be to learn all we can, educate those around us, and form communities. The most important focus should be what we can do individually and for our families.

  • We live through the most consequential time in human history and must each do our part. 

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  • Avatar MAMatt says:

    Great share! Can’t wait to listen.

  • Avatar SpringTimeFun8 says:

    Thank you.
    The real Elon was deep state. He is no longer with us.
    This Elon is being paid by the White Hats Military and is a White Hat. Go to Truth Social .
    As for your Trump – comment. Read Derek Johnson’s 700 page document linking President Trump’s Executive Orders to Military Law.

  • Avatar Harrm says:

    I’m really appreciating the “cutting through the bulls🤬” pieces these days, thank you! Rabbit holes and sideshows are fine, but im to the point where I just need to know how to survive. I continue to hear about injuries and deaths that people fail to connect to recent biologics and I also just found out I’m not welcome back to a dance studio because I’m unbaptised with big pharma’s holy elixir 🙄 Just joined a CSA for 2023 growing season. Investing heavily in my family’s health and my local freedom community. Here we go.

  • Avatar SpringTimeFun8 says:

    One more comment. Q is a Military Operation. Trump was asked to run by the Military. In Nov 22. Trump adverted us from having WW3.
    The real Ron was not a good person and is no longer with us. This Ron is another person. Again, follow Truth Social.

  • Avatar (Comrade) Inugo says:

    One of my favourites for ten years. And a fellow Canadian.

    Corbett Report has some unreal deep-dives (eg. media & Bill Gates).


  • Avatar Brandy says:

    I love James Corbett! His research and critical thinking is unparalleled. I look forward to listening to this. Thanks!

  • Avatar Kurt Taylor says:

    His documentaries and well put together and so though provoking. The film about WW1 drive move me down a rabbit hole I’m still not out of. Everything happening today was laid out in the late 19th century. Found him in 2020 and have been following closely since.

  • Avatar Jayne Doe says:

    Thanks Doctor. I almost always watch at double speed. So much ground to cover everyday. 5000 hours covered so far in 3 years and still counting. Got a bunch free multidisciplinary honorary PhD’s, lol. Final semester fulltime 4.0 gpa nongmo RN student to boot. It ain’t been easy but hey what can I say.

  • Avatar Andy Bunting says:

    Thank you. The Corbet reports have always been good.

  • Avatar I_Am_Unconconquerable says:

    Robert, have you ever heard of Benjamin Fulford? He is also an in-depth investigative reporter, he is from Canada, and he lives in Japan. I think he is better than James Corbett, personally….

  • Avatar Gary Sharpe says:

    Very good. Thankyou for this recommendation – he has been on my substack periphary for some time – now I will follow him properly.

  • Avatar LucyNeo says:

    Yup. Combined with John Titus and CAF (CatherineAustinFitts)…trifecta of “Intel” to guide the ‘freedom-seekers’ /soverigns/away from inescapable and indefinite slavery.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      what’s the best link for John Titus

      • Avatar LucyNeo says:

        John has a Substack Titled: Best Evidence. I know he posts things on Catherine’s Solari Report and I believe still does a monthly “Money and Markets” analysis/reveiew she posts on her site. Other than that, I have found his musings and expert advice on Rumble and Odysee but I know people are moving around sites to get out of the way of the Censorship freighttrain so perhaps message him on his Substack?

        • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:


          • Avatar LucyNeo says:

            Thank YOU- for your letter to your children. I sent it to mine who don’t want to hear from “mom” about “all that gloom and doom”. As you made note in your piece retelling your conversation with son’s friend in hopes that he could ” hear” the gravity and importance of the situation from an adult other than his own parent(s), I was gently but profoundly reminded that most kids will tune out their parents yet listen to or be persuaded by another adult saying the same in the same caring for their wellbeing manner, especially a credentialed and respected MD. Fortunately, neither of my boys have taken the jab as yet, but we are still far from safety in my opinion. So THANK YOU. My heart aches for ALL of our children…

  • Avatar Palamambron says:

    His documentaries are the real meat and potatoes of his work. They are excellent. His weekly show with JEP is great fun as well: New World Next Week. The documentaries are free to all members, so send him a one time gift and then you can watch the Corbett Documentary Library and be significantly better informed. Happened to me.

  • Avatar Lee Muller says:

    POLL: Three years into it, what stage of the awakening are you in?

  • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

    ❤️❤️they listen little but at least aren’t taking new jabs

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