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And he has a program to train the rest of us.

Christian is a superior student of reality. I found his essays on line 18 months ago, made him my friend, and visited him in Florida. He does health coaching and also has a project to teach people how to survive if our “grid” breaks down due to interference from psychopathic globalists. He divides our problems into six parts. Today, we discussed two of these, food and money.

THIS is the essay that originally attracted me to Christian’s work. I abridged and simplified it for a Cassandra’s Memo chapter, The Bankers Eat Their Lunch and Yours as Well. You can download the book HERE.

For information about self-sustaining farming and animal raising operations see Christian has visited the farm twice and I visited once. It is a two hours drive outside Washington, DC.

I recently sent Christian a link to a nasty black pill essay. Here is his response:

Yeah…it’s good, mostly level-headed, but has undertones of a bit of fear. I think it overestimates their ABILITY to control everything, not necessarily their DESIRE to control everything. I really don’t see how ALL of that comes together at once. The friction will be off the charts and that level of cat herding is highly improbable at scale, but having said that, I don’t want to err too much on the side of disbelieving the lengths they will go to or what else they have up their sleeve.

So today, we march onward creating a little more buffer between us and the reach of their sickness. God wins in the end, they will get their justice in this life or the next. I’m just honored to be in the fight, meeting new people, through the hard times and the good. There will be no day before me without a sense of mission. I don’t have to play God. I just have to humbly play my part…whatever shape that ends up taking.

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