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And I also have a dose of “insider baseball.” Both stories are optimistic. Just for practice, run this audio at 1.5 to 2 times speed.

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Until the past two years, I had nothing to do with guns and did not understand the importance of our right to bear arms. 

At the start of my retirement, I had an unloaded shotgun in my closet and also owned a Smith and Wesson revolver that I had never fired. But after I thought about it, firearms seemed like an excellent marital art for an old, lame, orthopedically-challenged dude. As my interest grew, I started going to the range and got a concealed carry permit.

As our crisis deepened, I realized that the only part of our Constitution that was not on life support was the right to bear arms. The barrage of media pushback against this proves that the global psychopaths fear US gun owners. There are 80 million of us, a more potent force than the two million in the armed services. Half of these are overseas, anyway, and their deployment domestically is limited by statute. If they were given orders to attack US citizens, actual insurrection would unfold rather than the make-believe one of January 6th.

In UK, Canada, and Australia, the globalist schemes have been laid bare—guns are banned. The Jews in the Warsaw ghetto during World War II made a last stand without weapons before they were packed off to concentration camps. I do not think modern Houston would have the same outcome under these circumstances.

THIS critical video explains how sixty-one percent of counties in the US have become “2nd Amendment sanctuaries.” These are committed to ignoring the unconstitutional firearms restrictions. The audio for this vid is copied above (eleven minutes), and it is required listening.

The trend is supported by new laws, proclamations by state governors, and the Constitutional sheriffs through the use of their unique law enforcement powers.

For example, Missouri passed a law protecting its citizens:

Sixteen state attorneys generals signed a blistering letter to Biden, telling him they oppose any attempt by his Administration to trample on gun rights.

If you missed it, HERE is my interview with Sheriff Mack about his organization of Constitutional sheriffs. I will go to their national meeting soon and to bring back news. 

I recently went to lunch in Los Angeles with two women who were fellow Substackers. When I chatted with them about gun ownership, they admitted they always felt afraid but thought a concealed permit was impossible to obtain here. I told them about the recent Supreme Court decision forcing counties like ours to grant permits. 

In California, since we are behind enemy lines, we need some excuse to get one. I suggested to my friends that they say they are forced to walk through sketchy neighborhoods from their employee parking to their workplace. 

I showed them how my gun was always ready but still protected from accidentally firing as long as it is snapped into its Kidex (plastic) holster. After we were finished eating, I went home to feed my dog, and my friends took off to buy semiautomatic handguns. 

Your assignment in the next week is to buy a gun. If you have one already, you still get full credit if you buy another one. My firearms primer HERE will help you. The cheapest ammo is found online, and in California, you must send it to a licensed shop for pickup. Buy at least thousand rounds. Yes, the gun nuts who work at the shops are annoying and condescending. Just remember that you are the customer.

The insider story: The propaganda machine, led by limited hangout grifters, is changing course because the public is catching on.

Sage Hana and Katherine Watts believe Pfizer is being purposefully thrown under the bus:

Millions of ordinary people [are] getting wise and angry enough to stop cooperating with the imposters, and openly throwing their support behind the true, legitimate government and military, and openly identifying and naming the living people who are serving in that legitimate government and the war criminals who are not. Both of whom may be known by their fruits.

If you scan this repost and the two others linked at its start, you will be fed this story at the point of a sharp stick.

A little more on the laser pointer/limited hangout campaign to sacrifice Pfizer-Pharma but keep the WHO-DOD-HHS death machine humming.

And a battlefield assessment of the informational-psychological war theatre.


JAN 27

Sage Hana has done two good posts on this topic:

John Leake, Dr. Peter McCullough’s co-author, has also posted on this topic:

Leake concluded:

The important point is, [Project Veritas source Jordon Trishton Walker] DOES work for Pfizer, and he stated what we all know to be true — namely, that the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex is in the business of engineering and manipulating viruses for the purpose of developing profitable vaccines against them.

I disagree with Leake’s concluding paragraph.

In my view, the truth is that DOD and Pharma are jointly “in the business” of engineering and manipulating public fear of viruses for the purpose of developing population control weapons falsely labeled as preventatives, treatments and risk management tools: bioweapon [vaxx] passports and CBDCs tied to bioweapon [vaxx] submission.

The war profiteering is just a side benefit for Pharma executives, shareholders and the public officials they bribe and extort with campaign contributions and kickbacks — given to cooperators and withheld from resisters — to maintain high levels of complicity with, and political cover for, the mass murder program.

Don’t fall for the fear campaign psy-op and informational weapons being circulated by Project Veritas (probably as unwilling, unwitting participants who just want to get scoops) and spun up by other people whose words have the effect of directing public anger away from DOD/HHS/US Gov/WHO and toward expendable Big Pharma.

Pharma must be prosecuted, for sure.

But Pharma could not have pulled off its part of the crime without the US Gov/DOD/HHS/WHO/BIS orchestration.

On a different but related topic, a reader yesterday referred to my limited past work on organic constitution issues, politely indicating his interest in reading more coverage on that subject.

I replied that I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to write more about those things.

There’s so much going on right now

And the goal is the same whether the imposter governments imposing de facto covert martial law on the American people and the people of the whole world were fully emplaced in 1861 (Civil War) or 2001 (AUMF and “Global War on Terror”) or 2020 (Covid and the “Global Health Security Agenda”) or some other point in time.

Regardless of when covert martial law was put in place, Covid-19 has rendered it much more visible to many more people, now, in the present moment, where living people live and work.

The goal is establishing battlefield conditions — the understanding and will of the People — so that authentic government can re-emerge, through the work of current, living members of Congress and judges who are loyal to the founding principles and disloyal to the global central bankers.

The Luciferian central bankers need widespread cooperation to keep the global martial law program covert.

They need covert martial law — the war on living and future humanity — to keep it relatively unbloody and plausibly deniable, because as soon as it goes kinetic, once the globalists initiate door-to-door armed attacks, tanks rolling down the streets of cities and towns and bombs dropping from the skies, the fraud of “for your own good” will become irreversibly obvious to even the mildest and most cooperative of Covidians.

Odds of successfully turning the tide of battle look terrible, with nothing but a handful of good Congress members, judges, prosecutors and state legislators and governors — most of them still laying low, quietly waiting for the right moment to openly strike the blows they’re capable of striking.

Theoretically, that handful of men and women have backing from a rag-tag band of discharged but legitimate, honorably-serving soldiers who have been placed on leave or kicked out of the imposter, infiltrated, illegitimate US military.

Those soldiers have been separated from the military because they actively defied unlawful orders they were given. They refused to assault their fellow officers with lethal injections. They refused to submit to suiciding-by-injection for themselves and their families.

But the low-odds view of the battlefield doesn’t account for the center of gravity shift that comes from millions of ordinary people getting wise and angry enough to stop cooperating with the imposters, and start openly throwing their support behind the true, legitimate government and military, and openly identifying and naming the living people who are serving in that legitimate government — known by their fruits — and the war criminals who are not.

The People snowball has been rolling for three years now, and it’s picking up more snow and more speed and more power as it goes.

The avalanche is not getting smaller, slower and weaker with each passing day.

It’s getting bigger, faster and stronger.

The signals being sent to the quietly waiting handful of lawmakers, judges, prosecutors and governors is also getting stronger.

All the grieving, angry, willing flakes in that snowball — that’s you and me — are giving God a lot of excellent material to work with.

Keep pushing.

And Pray the Rosary.

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