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The propagandists and the alternative media are both involved. The media, including some of our own, is our enemy. Stay focussed on true problems and ignore gaslighting.

by Frederick R Smith from Frederick R. Smith Speaks

I am a railroad manager who has been working in this industry since my teens. I have 45 years of experience with operations, facilities, and inspection. A colleague with similar depth collaborated in this evaluation. His specialty is supervising hazardous materials rail transportation.

On February 3, 2023, an eastbound Norfolk Southern (NS) freight train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio. Eleven of the fifty derailed cars contained high-hazard materials. Here is a history of similar accidents, train statistics, and the likely explanation for the accident.

All the information here is from public sources. Most of it is preliminary and subject to complete verification, and this is not an official report. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is forensically reconstructing the events, accident site, and critiquing the emergency response. See their website for updates.

The legacy media, social media, and influencers are blowing this story up. For example, the claim has gone viral that there are twelve thousand derailments a year. This colossal figure is a misinterpretation of information from the Federal Railroad Administration Safety Data website.


On February 3, 2023, at approximately 8:54 p.m., eastbound Norfolk Southern general merchandise train No. 32N, en route from Madison, IL to Conway, PA, derailed in East Palestine, OH, close to the Ohio – Pennsylvania state line. The train was operating on NS’s Fort Wayne in a 45 MPH speed zone at the time of the accident. The Fort Wayne line has two tracks through the area and annually hosts up to 100 million gross tons (MGT) of freight traffic. The Fort Wayne Line also hosts Amtrak intercity passenger trains.

The 150-car NS train No. 32N, pulled by three engines, consisted of 141 loaded cars and nine empty cars. The middle third of the 32Ns cars derailed (positions 23 through 74). Of the 50 derailed cars, 11 carried high-hazard materials and nine lower-level hazard products. No casualties were associated with the derailment and resulting pileup of equipment.

Approximately 20 miles west of the derailment site in Salem, Ohio, a security camera captured a shower of sparks from one car’s underside. Preliminary information indicates this event resulted from a failed roller bearing on one axle of one car in the train. The offending car remained on the track and thus did not exert excess force on the train. Because this car was a distance from the head of the train, the NS engineer, conductor, and conductor trainee situated at the front did not receive any indication of a mechanical failure for the 20 miles leading up to East Palestine.

Moments before the derailment, a video from a residence showed what appeared to be the wheel bearing of the problem car in the final stage of failure. That car triggered a wayside equipment detector (WED) to signal to the crew. Shortly after the WED alert, a train-initiated emergency brake application occurred. Under normal circumstances, when a train crew receives a WED indication, they usually place the automatic (train line) brake in “full-service reduction.” That will bring the train to a safe and controlled stop. This time, as the train started to pile up, that action caused the brake line to separate, which allowed the train brake pipe to exhaust its compressed air. It triggered the air brake valve on each car to send all of the compressed air from its associated air reservoir directly to the brake cylinders. In dire circumstances, an engineer can initiate an emergency brake application by manipulating the train line bake handle.

Due to the dynamic forces of the last third of the train, the middle one-third of the 32N’s cars derailed and bunched together in accordion fashion along a short track segment. After the front third of the train stopped, the crew uncoupled the engines from the train and moved east to safety. Eleven of the 50 derailed cars contained high-hazard materials, including vinyl chloride (5 cars), benzene residue (2 cars), butyl acrylate (1 car), isobutylene (1 car), ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (1 car), and ethylhexl acrylate (1 car). Additional cars carried low-level hazard combustible liquids. A fire burned for several days after the derailment. An EPA-maintained list of what the derailed rail cars were moving is available online.

Despite the pile-up and site burning for over two days, the tanks of the five cars containing vinyl chloride remained intact. However, emergency responders determined that the relief valve of one car had malfunctioned. To avoid a catastrophic explosion, officials decided to perform a controlled release and burned the contents. So after evacuating the danger zone, on February 6, hazmat crews pierced the cars with special devices that allowed the vinyl chloride to flow into a ditch for burning. The burn caused black clouds to form above the area, releasing phosgene and hydrogen chloride.

For details about the operations and decisions involved with controlled release, please see the following press conference by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

As detailed below, even if it were possible to release the product without a burn, mere contact with water alone would be dangerous.

Vinyl chloride properties

Vinyl chloride is a highly reactive and flammable gas that produces polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a common plastic material. Mixing vinyl chloride and water can be dangerous because vinyl chloride is highly soluble in water and can form an explosive mixture with air. This mixture can ignite or explode with a small spark or heat source. In addition to the risk of explosion, vinyl chloride is toxic and can cause a range of health problems, including damage to the liver, nervous system, and respiratory system. Exposure to vinyl chloride can also increase the risk of cancer, particularly liver cancer and angiosarcoma of the liver.

Water can react with the gas to form various byproducts depending on the conditions when it meets vinyl chloride. One of the most common byproducts is polyvinyl alcohol, a water-soluble polymer used in multiple applications, including adhesives, coatings, and textiles.

The reaction between vinyl chloride and water can produce other less desirable and potentially hazardous byproducts, including hydrochloric acid, a highly corrosive and toxic compound. This can cause severe skin and eye irritation and is harmful if inhaled or ingested. Phosgene, a poisonous gas used as a chemical weapon during World War I, is another potential byproduct of vinyl chloride and water reaction. This can cause severe respiratory problems, and small amounts can be lethal.

Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) train brakes 

These advanced systems combine electronic and pneumatic technologies that precisely and efficiently control train braking. In typical fashion, the legacy press took the most inflammatory approach—a universal blame game. They even bashed the Trump administration for failing to promulgate an ECP mandate.

In an ECP system, each train car has an electronic control unit (ECU) that communicates with other ECUs via a wireless data link. When the train operator initiates a braking command, the lead ECU sends a signal to all the other ECUs on the train, activating the brakes on the other cars.

The ECP system uses compressed air to apply and release the brakes on each car. The lead ECU regulates the air pressure in the brake system to provide smooth and precise braking control. The ECP system can provide faster and more precise braking by using electronic commands to regulate air pressure than traditional pneumatic brake systems. Every car applies the brake at the same time, and that leads to much easier and more efficient train handling.

One of the critical benefits of ECP train brakes is that they can help reduce the risk of derailment from high dynamic train forces and other accidents by providing more precise and consistent control of the train’s braking. ECP systems are also more energy-efficient than traditional brake systems since they can release the air pressure in the brake system more quickly and with less waste.

In 2017, the government decided not to mandate ECP train brakes. Several factors drove that decision, including the cost of implementation, the compatibility with existing infrastructure, and the perceived benefits of the system compared to traditional brake systems.

Implementing the system would have incurred high new equipment costs and extensive training for train operators and maintenance personnel. It would have significantly burdened many railroads, particularly smaller operators.

ECP brakes would not have prevented this accident, for the failed journal bearing was likely the cause. However, ECP might have somewhat mitigated the pileup because such a system more effectively dissipates the dynamic push from all the train cars when in braking mode.

If these brakes had been mandated, NS train No. 23N would not have been required to use the system. “High-hazard flammable trains,” according to the 2014 Rail Safety Improvement Act, are defined as a single train transporting 20 or more tank cars loaded with a Class 3 flammable liquid. NS 23N had only three such train cars. Thus, it was not a high-hazard flammable train and would not have been affected by these rules.

Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR)

PSR is a business model and operating strategy for freight railroads developed by rail executive E. Hunter Harrison (1944-2017) in the 1990s. PSR aims to increase the efficiency and profitability of railroads by streamlining operations, reducing costs, and improving service reliability. However, there are problems with PCR, and the East Palestine derailment spurred interest in the possibility of this operational model being a factor.

At its core, PSR focuses on two fundamental principles: reducing operating costs and improving asset utilization. The idea is to run fewer, longer trains with more consistent schedules, reducing idle time and optimizing train speed and routing. PSR seeks to eliminate waste and improve efficiency in every aspect of the railroad’s operations, from train movements to maintenance to workforce management. The goal is to create a more reliable, predictable, cost-effective rail service that meets customers’ needs while improving the railroad’s bottom line.

One critical feature of PSR is the operation of “very long trains” that avoid stopping, adding, or removing cars. Under PSR, railroads aim to operate more efficiently and reduce the time and expense of assembling and disassembling trains. PSR represents a significant shift in railroad operations, focusing on efficiency, reliability, and customer service. While the model has been controversial and has faced criticism from some quarters, many railroads have adopted PSR in recent years. It has improved their performance and competitiveness in this rapidly changing industry.

While PSR can bring benefits such as improved service and reduced congestion, it has raised safety concerns, including:

  1. Reduced staffing levels. PSR often involves reducing staffing levels to cut costs, which can lead to a shortage of experienced workers, increasing the risk of accidents.

  2. Increased employee workload. PSR can increase workloads as workers do more with fewer resources. That can lead to fatigue, stress, and reduced concentration, increasing the risk of accidents.

  3. Reduced maintenance. PSR may prioritize the movement of trains over the maintenance of infrastructure and equipment. That can result in a reduced focus on safety-critical maintenance activities, such as track inspections and repairs, which could increase the risk of derailments or other accidents.

  4. Increased train speeds. PSR can lead to increased speed to move more freight quicker. While faster speeds can reduce transit times, they also increase the risk of accidents, particularly at rail crossings or in areas with curves or steep grades.

  5. Reduced safety redundancies. PSR can lead to eliminating safety redundancies, such as using manned helper locomotives or requiring two crew members in the cab. This can increase the risk of accidents, particularly in medical emergencies or other issues requiring immediate attention.

Very long trains can impact the intersections between roads and railway tracks (highway-rail grade crossings). Road users experience increased risk and longer delays. Here are some very long train issues:

  1. Highway rail grade crossings. Trains take longer to pass through grade crossings. Road users and emergency responders must wait. This can increase the risk of collisions, especially if impatient drivers attempt to cross the tracks while a train is still passing.  

  2. Train handling. Trains require longer stopping distances, which may be an emergency issue. This can increase the risk of collisions or other accidents.

  3. Longer delays. Trains may require several minutes to pass through grade crossings, which results in longer waits for road users, particularly during peak traffic. That can impact the productivity and efficiency of businesses located near grade crossings, as well as the quality of life of nearby residents.

  4. Traffic congestion. Long delays at grade crossings can result in traffic congestion, especially if multiple grade crossings are nearby. That can impact the movement of goods and people and increase costs for businesses and individuals.

The official investigation is ongoing, so it is inappropriate to speculate if PSR was a factor in the East Palestine derailment. NS 23N had 150 cars, so it was mid-range and not one of the longest trains. Railroads operate much longer ones that are 200 cars or more and up to two miles long.

Here are a few derailments with functional similarities to this accident

  1. Decatur, Illinois – June 29, 1974. A train carrying hazardous materials derailed and released toxic gas, causing the evacuation of more than 5,000 residents and hospitalizing more than 200 people.

  2. Waverly, Tennessee – February 24, 1978. A train with propane cars derailed and exploded, killing 16 people and injuring dozens more.

  3. Minot, North Dakota – January 18, 2002. A train carrying hazardous materials derailed and released toxic chemicals, causing the evacuation of nearby residents. The accident killed one person, caused serious injuries to 11 more (including both of the train’s crew members), and caused minor injuries to 322 others.

  4. New Brighton, Pennsylvania – February 6, 2006. A train transporting various hazardous materials, including chlorine and molten sulfur, derailed. The release of toxic gas prompted the evacuation of more than 1,000 nearby residents.

  5. Paulsboro, New Jersey – November 30, 2012. A freight train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed. Four cars carrying vinyl chloride ruptured and leaked into the air. The accident resulted in the evacuation of over 800 nearby residents. Over 70 people were treated at local hospitals for respiratory problems, eye irritation, and other symptoms.

  6. Casselton, North Dakota – December 30, 2013. A train carrying crude oil derailed and caught fire, causing the evacuation of nearby residents.

  7. Lynchburg, Virginia – April 30, 2014. A train carrying crude oil derailed and caught fire, causing the evacuation of nearby residents.

  8. Mount Carbon, West Virginia – February 16, 2015. A train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded, causing a massive fire that burned for several days.

  9. Mosier, Oregon – June 3, 2016. A train carrying crude oil derailed and caught fire, causing the evacuation of nearby residents.

  10. Graettinger, Iowa – March 10, 2017. A train carrying ethanol derailed and caught fire, causing the evacuation of nearby residents.

  11. Hyndman, Pennsylvania – August 2, 2017. A train carrying hazardous materials derailed and caught fire, causing the evacuation of nearby residents.

Rail safety has improved

After the East Palestine derailment, many in the legacy media, social media, and influencers claimed “12 thousand derailments per year.” That colossal figure (33 daily) stems from uninformed glances at the Federal Railroad Administration Safety Data Site

The “12 thousand figure” is the total of all reportable accidents and incidents, such as grade crossing collisions, trespasser fatalities, train collisions, employee fatalities, hazardous materials releases, and other accidents. In 2022, there were 1,049 derailments that average to under three a day. Based on most current data, the following graphs clarify US train accidents related to the East Palestine wreck.

Journalists were always irresponsible, but they are worse now

In our modern age, their stories are designed to confuse, frighten, and intimidate us. The ridiculous theories include the following:

  • A tie-in to the plot of the little-known 2022 motion picture White Noise includes a cataclysmic train accident that casts a cloud of chemical waste. The fictional Ohio town faces an “Airborne Toxic Event” that forces a massive evacuation.

  • A lawyer representing plaintiffs who filed a lawsuit after the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, alleged that some town residents might “already be undergoing DNA mutations.”

  • Claims that the burn-off may have caused the “largest dioxin plume in world history.”

  • A local broadcast station claimed that saboteurs likely perpetuated this accident. 

The list goes on. Hopefully, this essay decreases speculation. I do not intend nor have the expertise to debate other issues, particularly the potential environmental and health issues for nearby residents. It is up to the NTSB and other trusted professionals to reconstruct this accident forensically, determine ecological and health impacts, and implement corrective measures. The Doomberg essay cited below is an excellent primer about the chemical hazards associated with this wreck.

Yoho comment: Just as air travel is phenomenally safer than driving, accidents during rail transport are a fraction of trucking’s. The substances involved in this crash are too dangerous to place in trucks and on our roads, so rail transport is used. Hazardous materials are a staple of modern commerce, and we need them to maintain our standard of living. This accident is a statistical outlier but not unexpected with our massive economy that transports everything imaginable over millions of miles. Trains are safe, and there is no benefit without risk.


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  • Avatar AnnR says:

    With all due respect, this is supposed to make the residents of East Palestine feel better? Make everyone east of the Mississippi feel better? Feel healthier? Feel safer? Because what EVERYONE saw with their eyes and feel with their irritated skin and their hacking coughs and witnessed the dead marine wildlife, was all just a media psyop? Am I missing something here?

    • Avatar Celayne Jones says:

      I think it’s two separate but related issues: rail safety, which this article addresses; and the toxicity that everyone in the area will deal with for a very long time. The third issue is is absurd and insulting response, or lack thereof, by all levels of government. No real relief or assistance, insulting admonishments that water is safe to drink, while those few officials who visit decline the chance for a sip of the “safe” drinking water.

      I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere, but I can’t believe the buildings in East Palestine are habitable. A house where meth has been made needs to be remediated for it to be considered safe. These chemicals have to be equal or worse than those used in illegal drug manufacture.

      The residents of an American city deserve at least the aid that is given to Ukraine or those crossing our southern border illegally. This administration is worse than I ever dreamed possible.

      • Avatar Quatervois says:

        “This administration is worse than I ever dreamed possible”

        That’s because this administration is working for the World Economic Forum”, and not for the American people.

        The Biden / Harris campaign slogan was “Build Back Better”, the slogan of the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”

        The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”, is, in my opinion, prelude to United Nations “Agenda 21 / 30”

        • Avatar Andi Hofman says:

          So I perceive building back as tearing in, which absolutely fits to the perceived behaviour.

          • Avatar Quatervois says:

            I believe “building back” to mean once they tear down and destroy the current system, the World Economic Forum puts their system in place. And I believe a good majority of their “system” is United Nations Agenda 21 / 30.

          • Avatar Et's Cinema PsychoMasonica says:

            It is the Kabbalist basic guiding belief called “creative destruction” you are perceiving here. It’s totem is the Burning Phoenix Bird. The American Eagle imagery from 2 centuries ago was merely a clever adaptation of earlier occult imagery of the Phoenix. If you search online you can see this imagery placed side by side.

          • Avatar ABIGAIL REPORTS says:

            We were watching Abandoned Buildings last night, the auto plants that made Detroit’s cars famous sit Abandoned since the 50’s Miles of them. past time to tear things down.

      • Avatar Dog says:

        Please – biden toured the area and had photo ops before handing over a big check.

        Wait, this discussion is about ukraine right?

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      We made no comment on that.

  • Avatar Stegiel says:

    My understanding is it was possible to safely handle the non-leaking chemicals. Zero need to burn them to create Dioxin plume and acid rain. Like injecting “Vaccines” this is a DOD approved solution.

    • Avatar Metanoia Moment says:

      Precisely!!! Hope the author replies… would be good to actually have dialogue at some point with someone who obviously holds a differing view.

      • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

        Toxicity was not addressed nor the need for federal rescue of some kind.

        • Avatar Et's Cinema PsychoMasonica says:

          Robert, actually the subject of Dioxin was addressed and equated with “conspiracy theories ” basically. So how was the article not addressing toxicity in this instance exactly? Chemists who have looked at this release beg to differ with the author about it not being an extremely large release of Dioxin.

      • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

        Address author from link on the byline

    • Avatar Blaise says:

      To quote the vile Bill Clinton, “It’s the DIOXINE, stupid.” Which he dismisses with one intellectually dishonest wave of the hand.

      I thought this guy was legit. Not now. It is all a grandiose study in minutae while missing the main point. Very sad.

  • Avatar aj says:

    It was a good write up, but failed to mention the train was much longer than typically seen at 151 cars. 80-90 is avg now. The longer train undoubtedly contributed. There is insufficient monitoring either onboard or stationary external gear, for this to progress to failure of multiple systems.

  • Avatar Dachsie says:

    The legal rights probably signed away and forfeited by signatures of possible victims on this paper probably include right to file a lawsuit against Norfolk Southern railroad.

    The company hired by Norfolk Southern has already persuaded 340 residents to sign agreements that reportedly waive their legal rights in the aftermath of Ohio’s train crash.

    The Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health (CTEH), a private contractor hired by Norfolk Southern to test water, soil, and air quality in East Palestine, Ohio, has a history of minimizing the effects of environmental disasters to satisfy its corporate employers, according to critics.
    While the Arkansas-based firm provides consulting services to various industries, it is known for performing toxicology monitoring for the oil and gas industry following health and safety incidents.
    After a million gallons of oil spilled on a Louisiana town in 2005, after a flood of toxic coal ash smothered central Tennessee in 2008, and after defective Chinese drywall began plaguing Florida homeowners, CTEH was on the scene — saying everything was fine.
    In each of these cases, the toxicology firm was alleged to be supplying the data its employers wanted while falsely assuring the public that they were safe from harm.


    Don’t even get Dachsie started on the NTSB ! I remember how they “investigated TWA Flight 800 crash in New York. 700 witnesses swore they saw a missile strike the plane but that was ignored and another reason for the crash was given!

    • Avatar taxpayer says:

      I wonder whether signatures of residents under duress would constitute valid agreement

      • Avatar Dachsie says:

        4 min ago

        It would be interesting to read that paper to see if it states exactly what rights are being signed away.

        With PLANdemic / COVID scam we witnessed the end of fully informed consent.

        • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

          I’m going to post one more then leave it. This accident is statistically unlikely but with all the rail traffic in the USA, these are inevitable. Rail is the safest way to transport hazardous materials. We are all traumatized by the conspiracy of genocide we are all finally seeing. Getting excited about this one is counter productive. Let’s focus on issues we can counter and that are clearly planned. Heavy evidence tells us this was accidental.

          • Avatar Dachsie says:

            More of this “sign the form” scam. Such evil and hideous deception!

            This was no accident.

            Expose this evil and protect yourself from this evil in every way you can. We do not have a legitimate government nor the rule of law.


            East Palestine resident refuses to sign ‘hold harmless’ form


            701K subscribers

            3:24 video runtime

            383,629 views Feb 16, 2023 #derailment #EastPalestine #train

            Just weeks after a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, some residents are being asked to sign contracts they fear could prevent them from suing later on. Catlyn Schwarzwaelder says Norfolk Southern came by to test for toxins in her home but before doing so, she was asked to sign a document. It states that the landowner agrees to “hold harmless” for “any and all legal claims, personal injury or property damage.”

          • Avatar Et's Cinema PsychoMasonica says:

            Would love to hear these people address the fact that about a week before this occurred a federal pilot program was rolled out in East Palestine involving volunteering for digital health tracking and an actual digital ID. I mean does anybody really think that’s a coincidence?

          • Avatar Dachsie says:

            4 minutes , 17 seconds video by Greg Reese


            An Act of Terror Against the American People
            The Ohio train derailment appears to be a catastrophic attack against millions of American civilians

            Greg Reese
            8 hr ago
            Subscribe to The Reese Report
            By Greg Reese • Hundreds of paid subscribers
            A commentary on the current course of human destiny.


  • Avatar Quatervois says:

    “Eleven of the 50 derailed cars contained high-hazard materials, including vinyl chloride (5 cars), benzene residue (2 cars), butyl acrylate (1 car), isobutylene (1 car), ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (1 car), and ethylhexl acrylate (1 car). Additional cars carried low-level hazard combustible liquids”

    This train derailed 23 miles from it’s final destination in Conway, PA.

    I have three questions.

    1) Is it normal for a train to be carrying such a high quantity of such highly dangerous, toxic materials?

    2) Who were these materials being delivered to in Conway, PA?

    3) Has Norfolk Southern provided a manifest that documents who actually ordered these materials?

    Surely there must be a manifest documenting who ordered these materials, and to what company or companies they were being delivered to.

      • Avatar Quatervois says:

        I saw that. I meant the actual paperwork showowing where and to whom the chemicals were being delivered to.

        • Avatar Quatervois says:

          If Norfolk Southern can’t or won’t provide the paperwork it will just further confirm that this was intentional.

        • Avatar Quatervois says:

          And if the company in Conway, PA (or whoever the chemicals were sold to) is owned by Blackrock, that would just further confirm that this was intentional.

          “Vanguard and BlackRock, giant asset management firms known for their commitment to investing in liberal Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) causes, aren’t just the top two shareholders of Norfolk Southern, whose train derailment created an environmental disaster, they’re also among the top shareholders of the parent companies of the broadcast networks that have abandoned coverage of the ongoing toxic threat”

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      I’m just the editor but the train engineer who was the primary author said this train’s cargo was less than many carry. He’s no shill; he’s my friend and has deep expertise.

  • Avatar Andi Hofman says:

    I just would like to see “KISS” apllied.
    Keep it super simple.
    (Contradicting ESP “wireless” as perhaps hackable even; IF it must be fail-safe, non-hackable by design, fall-back equipped and evolved, ie needs time…:)

    KISS: Worked in air force when they had real success to report.

    One question: could some hazadous container carry it’s own emergency blow-off burner? Or make sure it’s nearby available to fly-in?
    I think a burning ditch is not high tech. Use a burner. Put some chalk aside, neutralise the acid. Would have hoped for a high-temperature (no toxic by-products) cycloid or even plasma burner. This thought train leads to demand for fly-in specialised waste burning micro-sites as ready available / arrangeable micro chemical plants / hazadous waste burning sites. One could use routes to have coverage of handling capabilities in case of emergency.
    Ask Technisches Hilfswerk or better Red Adaire. Perhaps they had.

    And as often with the things happening by chance: we need the full view of impact, radius of contamination, and a quick analysis of the compounds from mass spectroscopy or similar analysis.

    Lockhead & Martin has finished CargoLifters technology for lighter-than-air ships, take one, floats 2 weeks without refuelling;
    they could easily mount a LIDAR analysing the chemistry of the atmosphere in 50-100km RADIUS in 3D depending on hovering point !
    They also realised the stratospheric ballons by CargoLifter, even better and wider view.

    For LIDAR, ask
    eg. or one of your research facilities doing atmospheric research. Perhaps there is one on a satellite even. Search for NDACC eg.

    Fish and chicken should be used as serious indicators when to evacuate.

  • Avatar taxpayer says:

    Thanks for this informative report.

  • Avatar Metanoia Moment says:

    How and why would you call this a ridiculous theory?

    Please reply as I would like to learn as you seem to be very confident and well informed.

    -Claims that the burn-off may have caused the “largest dioxin plume in world history.”

  • Avatar Dachsie says:

    It would be interesting to read that paper to see if it states exactly what rights are being signed away.

    With PLANdemic / COVID scam we witnessed the end of fully informed consent.

  • Avatar MA says:

    Never trust, always verify and be ready for anything.

  • Avatar Bridget says:

    With all the Billions of our Tax Dollars spent on the intentional bodily derailment of Humans via the ClotShot, I’m hard pressed to understand the selective media outrage.

    Seeing most of those Verbal Prostitutes took the mRNA Vaccine, don’t they know they’re likely to go up in a black plume of vapor just like it? That is unless they quickly can remediate from the toxic shots, as many are desperately trying around the world, both jabbed and non-jabbed. Even Pfizer’s own corrupted studies admit transmission is real.

    Newsflash dear “Journalists”: IT TOLLS FOR THEE.

  • Avatar NoHoHoBo says:

    Fantastic essay. Thanks for setting the record straight.

  • Avatar Dog says:

    Norfolk Southern thanks you for this. It smacks of their propaganda. There’s definitely some calm logic to be gleaned here, but beyond the mechanical aspect and industry practices aspect, the author has no expertise to assess health impacts. The health impacts are the concerning part.

    Sure the media is garbage. They are owned by the exact same investors as Norfolk Southern. But if the pendulum has swung all the way to one side (the media side), this article swings all the way to the other. Truth and reality are somewhere between and none of us know where that is now and potentially not for a long time to come. There is no minimizing the burn off.

    • Avatar Et's Cinema PsychoMasonica says:

      Yes, it couldn’t be better if they were being paid by the people who did this (and probably did it intentionally). Yes, those frankenjabbies are still certainly safe and effective no doubt as well. I’m just sure no harm was intended in either case.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      Read comments above

      • Avatar Et's Cinema PsychoMasonica says:

        Robert, looks like your being “ratio-ed” by many with a bone to pick here. My main problem, of course, as you might suspect, is that the article’s author is extremely over-reliant on official government and industry sources. I think those sources have about as much credibility as 90 year old Joan Collins claiming she’s never had work. I believe nothing those people say EVER. I pretty much assume the truth is always the opposite of what THEY say. This is a cancer destroying all existing faith and trust in institutions but it is one of THEIR intentional making. All of this reflects the basic Kabbalist principal of “creative destruction”. This is the secret paradigm we have been living under for a long time. Writings by Kabbalist authors past and present outline this principal very clearly. THEY believe you must destroy what exists in the present to create the future. This principal is very deftly symbolized by one of their favorite images, the Burning Phoenix. The Masons settling Arizona paid tribute to this all encompassing belief by naming a scorching hot city after it.

  • Avatar Stegiel says:

    In any first world country you transfer all hazardous materials to tanker trucks since by their own admission none of the rail cars containing such material were leaking or compromised from the accident. Then you clean up the mess. I don’t understand how the Governor came to consult with the military on how to proceed. In Canada the National Transportation Safety Board would’ve been in charge. That’s at a Federal level because they are responsible for railway safety not individual Provinces. In any event the manifest showed what was onboard. Vinyl Chloride is one of the most toxic chemicals there is. If you didn’t know that you could Google it but it’s your job to know. The decision to light it on fire was criminally insane.

    The DOD told them that was the best option.

    The liquid would just turn to a giant highly flammable gas cloud that would linger close to the ground….until something ignited it.
    Image how big of a mess that would have been.

    The real question to ask is why was so much of this stuff being shipped at once. 2.5 million gallons.

    Who set that deal up?

    Who’s idea was it?
    Who’s ultimate decision?
    What was the chain of command?

    This thing (the train) was on fire. It was a large remediation zone and too dangerous to send in a crew to put it out.. perhaps. Maybe at the end of the day 4 or 5 guys would have said it would be worth it to risk going in personally.

    Why the failure?
    Why the ongoing failure?
    Is blame even the issue?
    What is accountability?
    What are the risks of these chemicals in general?
    Is it worth it?

    Could it have been averted?

    It’s not a good situation. Huge remediation zone, massive understatement and response from “officials”. More of what you’d expect from a chemical attack from another country

  • Avatar Blaise says:

    Sadly, and I don’t understand why, this article is a study in obfuscation.

    THE WHOLE ISSUE IS SOLELY ONE OF ***DIOXIN***. One 5 grain tablet of dioxin would give a lifetime max dose to 32,000 people. Yet you say nothing. Why? You only note “Claims that the burn-off may have caused the “largest dioxin plume in world history… ” and then, fantastically, SAY NOTHING ABOUT IT, when you obviously know that open air burning in atmosphere (oxygen, moisture) creates dioxin.

    Shame on you for this, or at minimum, NOT doing your homework

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      Screaming and ad hominem attacks do not make your points relevant. The article made no attempt to address these issues, in fact we made explicit disclaimers to that effect. You flunk the reading comprehension part of the test.

      • Avatar Blaise says:

        It was not ad hominem, I was stating a fact. You stated you were explicating the derailment issue, and did not such thing about the central point on everyone’s mind, the dioxin. Everything else is just fluff. . Further, it is insulting to your readers to let the gaslighting noted go on (viz., talk about dioxin but not really.) But as you note, no need to quibble. Doesn’t server anyone. I will just unsubscribe.

      • Avatar erin says:

        I don’t see an ad hominem? Where is it?

        • Avatar HardeeHo says:

          “you obviously know that open air burning in atmosphere (oxygen, moisture) creates dioxin” – Facts not in evidence. Has dioxin been detected? It may very well have.

          I sense this article was explaining train ops, some of the gov’t reponse and that of media. Perhaps another article about the hazards created might be appropriate as those hazards are revealed. I am in no position to question the burn.

          I do see the company promising to remedy what it can.

          • Avatar erin says:

            Attributing knowledge to a person that this person may not know, while not fair, is not an ad hominem.

          • Avatar HardeeHo says:

            It’s the “you” part that troubles me, that made it personal. I have no idea what the writer knows.

          • Avatar erin says:

            “You” is not an insult. Ad hominem means attacking the person (with an insult or disparagement).

  • Avatar Blaise says:

    “…The reaction between vinyl chloride and water can produce other less desirable and potentially hazardous byproducts, including hydrochloric acid, a highly corrosive and toxic compound. ”

    Yeah, and when it settles on the ground an alters PH???? What about the microbiome? Do you even KNOW the half life of dioxin? The minumum allowable amount per the EPA before cancer risk goes way up? What about the cows, milk, etc that pass this into the food chain?

    All we got with this article was a long winded discussion of details that, frankly, will mean diddly squat in a month. But if in fact dioxin is as bad as we know it is, you’d have zero clue from this article. Rather, it reads like some long-winded exculpatory tome to bore people to death, all the while skipping the VERY MAIN POINT – the dead body in the room, i.e, that dioxin.

    Oh yeah. And thanks for the visit EPA, Buttegieg, etc. If this had been other than a rural white, Republican county, Buttegieg would have been there in a hearbeat. the “if it bleeds it leads” would not have taken 10 day to even note it happened, and Biden would have given 0.0001% of the money he gave to fascist Zelensky to these folks.

    As noted, this article was a study in obfuscation. VERY disappointing, and insult the the readers, and I am shocked that this was put out.

  • Avatar Mathew Crawford says:

    Excellent breakdown.

  • Avatar James Roguski says:

    Robert, thanks for publishing this. Everyone wants a sound bite. I appreciate the depth of this report.

    • Avatar Et's Cinema PsychoMasonica says:

      James, Your cheerleading over this article certainly damages your credibility big time for me. Are the Frankenjabbies now actually “safe and effective” as well? They are lying their heads off about the Dioxin and many other things. I have seen these kind of environmental cover ups first hand in my home state of Texas. Flavors of controlled opposition are just coming out of the woodwork everywhere now. Like spending the week at Baskin & Robbins.

      • Avatar James Roguski says:

        I appreciate depth of analysis and open discussion. Please do not jump to any conclusions regarding my opinions regarding the actual matter. I grew up east of Youngstown, Ohio, just north of East Palestine. I have family in the area. I am not on the ground there, so I am not jumping to any conclusions, nor am I conflating it with other issues.

        Actually, what I was really doing was giving Robert Yoho an elbow in the ribs for imitating my writing style rather than following his penchant for keeping it as short as possible. Sarcasm is often misunderstood.

  • Avatar bvd9701 says:

    This article skipped the CENTRAL ISSUE! It’s the toxic chemical CONFLAGRATION that has killed chickens, fish, frogs, and every type of animal that needs to drink water from a creek or stream.

    It’s the toxic chemicals inflicted upon human beings in their homes resulting in coughing up blood, projectile vomiting, rashes, headaches and will most certainly result in CANCER.

    These chemicals are safe for human contact in very few parts per billion. The much-abused and neglected residents of East Palestine, Ohio – utterly abandoned by the illegitimate, criminal Biden regime – have been exposed to these chemicals in the parts per million, at a minimum. Their exposure is likely much higher and this chemical contamination has rendered all their possessions and their property irrecoverably toxic and worthless.

    It’s the DIOXINS that have no doubt worked their way down into the water table and have flowed down into the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. This will affect agriculture for many years. It’s the black toxic cloud that has floated over much of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and much of Canada which rained down dioxins and hydrochloric acid over millions of people and millions of acres of prime farmland.

    This article is smugly dismissive of any notion that this “accident” was a planned and deliberate act of domestic terrorism against the American People. The snide reference to the recently released movie “White Noise” on Netflix is not an isolated incident. It’s the (transparently obvious) Predictive Programming film that depicts a toxic chemical spill and fire in East Palestine…

    PLUS the CDC massively increasing the lethal exposure level of vinyl chloride that had remained unchanged for 17 years JUST BEFORE the train derailment in Ohio…

    PLUS East Palestine residents were, without consultation, enrolled in the MyID medical information surveillance system. Bracelets to track their health were distributed THE DAY BEFORE the toxic derailment.

    In the words of one wisely skeptical resident, “The fact that the program exists indicates that somebody somewhere knows something and wants to get data.” Precisely. This “accident” was intentional.

    Why was East Palestine and by extension, all the farmers of Ohio and Pennsylvania attacked by chemical weapons set alight to disperse toxins far and wide? Why are rapacious opportunists looking to poison the fertile soil, bankrupt Ohio and Pennsylvania farmers and steal all their water resources?

    Because Intel is planning on investing $20 billion in the State of Ohio to build 2 of the largest computer chip manufacturing plants in the world outside of Columbus, Ohio. The one resource they must obtain cheaply and in great abundance is WATER! The “accident” in Ohio is the first salvo of the Water Wars in the United States.

    Intel’s new water-guzzling chip factories are scheduled to come online in 2025. Intel promises 3,000 jobs and 7,000 construction jobs to Licking County, Ohio. The site being developed can accommodate up to 8 chip factories with a total investment in Ohio of $100 billion. Imagine how much cheap water will be required to accomodate the requirements of the “largest on the planet” chip factory site. Intel decided that farming in Ohio and Pennsylvania MUST GO!

    That kind of money can BUY ANY POLITICIAN. That kind of money can buy AN ACT OF DELIBERATE GENOCIDE…And apparently it has.

    The complicit collaborators and depraved co-conspirators offering flaccid platitudes, lame justifications and clownish distractions think the American People are stupid.

    We notice everything. We may be slow to anger and exercise saint-like forbearance, but it would be a fatal mistake to regard this as stupidity. There will be no forgetting. Forgiveness is absolutely out of the question. In the final analysis, there will be no mercy, no excuses, no exceptions of any kind…Justice is coming.

    • Avatar Et's Cinema PsychoMasonica says:

      R/bvd9701, This entire thing was a occult ritual celebrating the Goddess Columbia. This Goddess is Americas version of Ishtar, Isis, Semiramus, Dianna, Brittania. There are dozens of versions of her from the ancient world. She was always depicted as a moon Goddess so thus this occurred when the moon was waxing full. It also occurred in COLUMBIANA county during the Pagan New Year holiday IMBOLC. This holiday is all about fertility in the new year and of course Columbia in all her incarnations is THE fertility goddess in the ancient world. It appears not only was DC and the Columbia River named after this pagan goddess but this county in Ohio as well. She is thought by many resesarchers to represent the feminine side or mother of the Anti-Christ. The clencher is that the phrase TRAIN CRASH is 666 in Sumerian gematria. This is not the first ritual train crash I have looked at and exposed. Only the most egregious and deadly.

      • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

        This is the equal of some other comments.

        • Avatar Et's Cinema PsychoMasonica says:

          What exactly do you mean by that? I don’t think this comment equals anything else here in any way. Care to elaborate? You might want to ask yourself why exactly it was that the so-called “Christian” founding fathers felt it necessary for the US to have it’s own version of this “Queen of the Universe” goddess. Why was that? They also made sure that the capital dome was entirely free of Christian imagery as well. Only Pagan Gods need apply. Kabbalistic Paganism was at the foundation of this country which is why we have a genocide going on here now. This is true all over the West. You apparently agree that a “genocide” is going on but refuse to acknowledge what is at the foundation of it. You can make fun of me all you want but it changes nothing about this. You are willfully ignorant and are part and parcel of what the Bible called “Great Delusion” about this time period. So the Psychopaths responsible for a “genocide” couldn’t possibly have staged something like this? Who is unreasonable?

          • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

            will respond to all comments in another post within 48 hours thanks for your time. we are all traumatized and I don’t mean to make fun of anyone or attack you Best

    • Avatar ASK says:

      Wow. So on target to motives. Bravo.

  • Avatar Dan Johnson says:

    Very interesting article. However, I couldn’t disagree more with the premise of this article or its conclusions.

    No matter how long this guy has been in the railroad industry- he’s completely out of his area of expertise when it comes to chemical spills, exposure, and immediate knowledge of these events.

    Look up the interviews with the people that were there to see if they ‘evacuated before the controlled burn’. TheHighwire’s most recent episode would be one easy source.

  • Avatar reality speaks says:

    I appreciate the facts and not the hysteria from this article. Accident falls into the category of shit happens. If it’s made out of steel and it rotates it will fail.

  • Avatar T and J says:

    Good article except the author totally dismisses as ridiculous the claims by Eric Coppolino and many other researchers that there was an immense release of Dioxin on burning – which happened Robert ; it’s chemistry. And no mention of other dioxin related health catastrophes from other incidents.
    And worse the article offers no explanation why this is a ridiculous claim .
    No evidence or sources offered .
    I would have expected more than a gloss over from this author on such a potentially very serious matter.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      Post this to the authors substack from the byline link

      • Avatar T and J says:

        I and most others did read the Doomberg reference frpm el gato’s substack on Valentines day.
        Eric Coppolino has been following this for 40 years ; and yes his work has been trashed by the all the usual suspects – meaning he is likely over the target
        the reaction to the el gato stack ( aanother great author ) was similar to the reaction to your article , dismay at one of us who ridicules the concern about the serious potential damage of these toxins created by burning .

  • Avatar Turfseer says:

    For an alternative point of view listen to Jon Rappoport’s podcast:

    Here’s his intro:

    In this podcast, I attack, from a number of different angles, the sparse cover story we’re being fed—so I can give you as much information as possible about:

    The chemicals.

    The spreading danger.

    The refusal of the Biden administration, and the governor of Ohio, to declare a disaster and go all in on supplying aid to the people of East Palestine—until Donald Trump announced he’s planning to visit.

    The politics in play.

    The lax safety regulations governing the trains.

    The giant criminal stupidity involved in transporting the dangerous chemicals.

    The choice to burn the vinyl chloride and create a toxic cloud.

    The short and long term health effects.

    The major media approach to the disaster.

    The culpability of the Norfolk Southern Railway.

    The railroad car that caught on fire.

    The most likely account of how the derailment happened.

    Was the accident actually intentional?

    The lack of transparency in what we’re being told.

    I’m going to give all this to you straight…without distorting evidence to satisfy a prior bias. You’ll know when a vital question still needs an answer, and when I’ve nailed down something big.

    Join me in this important podcast.

    The Ohio disaster is not the last time something like this happens. The stage is set for more horrific events.

    As always, thank you for your support.

    — Jon Rappoport

  • Avatar Ellen says:

    I know sometimes the alternative/ independent media rushes to judgement on things, trying to do the best they can to figure stuff out (“Watch the Water” / the “Died Suddenly” movie, etc).

    But this part of what you can can’t be true – “So after evacuating the danger zone, on February 6 ..” Do you mean evacuating a potential blast zone in danger of being physically hit with equipment if something went wrong?

    Because if this means the danger zone from being at serious risk from the burn, that was not evacuated. That’s at least many miles. OK, the Evacuate All East of Mississippi! is unnecessary. Perhaps, I don’t know, but perhaps its not necessary to worry at all about the air and rain several hundred miles east. But for at least several dozen miles (probably a lot more), the danger from the burn is serious.

    If the danger zone was evacuated, why are residents feeling sick, so soon, and animals dying? That’s happening.

    And people farther away, in the direction of the wind and rain, are reasonable to worry if there will be long term effects, added toll on already burdened with pollution bodies.

    Appreciate a less-fearful perspective. But there are other parts about residents having to sign indemnity waivers to get water testing, the companies used to test having records of making their results whatever the industry wants.

    If you consider the danger zone whatever area that was evacuated on Feb 6, which could not have been a nearly enough wide radius, I wonder if the truth is somewhere in between this and the more dire warnings …

  • Avatar LucyNeo says:

    Please check out this post.:

    I don’t consider the decimation of a significant portion of our land (for multiple generations) water, food supply, nature, and the citizenry (especially children) who depend upon it and deserve to live without worrying how when and from where dioxin is going to destroy what is left of their immune systems, kill their pets, render their belongings nuked requiring abandonment and leaving them with only immediate and permanent evacuation as an option, as HYSTERICAL. I consider it Satanic, reprehensible, and pure evil.
    The derailment is the distraction. Igniting the wreckage is the issue. Don’t look away and GET EDUCATED on Dioxin.

    • Avatar Et's Cinema PsychoMasonica says:

      Kate, Yes, Who is it again exactly that is doing the “gaslighting”? This is the same type of ACTUAL gaslighting being done with the ” safe and effective” , “science” propaganda. And it flows from the same Kabbalistic source.

  • Avatar The Beach Is My Bliss says:

    “It is up to the NTSB and other trusted professionals to reconstruct this accident forensically, determine ecological and health impacts, and implement corrective measures.”

    trusted 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Avatar JWSPOONERMD says:

    I don’t understand some of the vitriol directed at this railroad expert. Many of the commentators are obviously not very technical, have a little training in economics or operations or supply chains. The author was simply describing how railroads work in today’s world. He did fairly comment on the danger of some of the chemicals that trains transport. One way or the other they have to get from one place to another, whether by train, trucks, or air. Choose your weapon. And as predicted in the title of the talk, we find many of the commentators hysterical. They have to tell us how concerned they are for the people in East Palestine, as if this gentleman was not equally concerned as a human being.
    The author is not the person to be yelling at: it is the President of the United States and his incompetent administration, and seemingly lack of concern for the average citizen of America. Apply your vitriol at the ballot box, not at someone simply trying to explain how things work in this world.

    • Avatar LucyNeo says:

      As Dr. David Martin so eloquently stated” its like extolling the virtues of copper while the bukket is lodged in the chest”. Still believe in free and fair elections? Sheesh. Guess you also believe the Executive Office controls Intelligence agencies and WEF.

  • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

    Author says he will prepare responses that we will post as another essay rather than replying to each individual one. I’m out of my depth but he is familiar with all train issues but not toxicity, which he explicitly disclaimed as not the topic he was addressing. Sorry to miss the topic you wanted us to cover. In the future, message me before I post and I’ll try to cover what you are most interested in.

  • Avatar Dr. John says:

    Saying ” a Study in Hysteria” in the article title and ignoring the vinyl chloride elephant in the room appears very odd to me.

  • Avatar bunchiecat says:

    I recommend going to the Truth for Health Foundation website. Last night Dr. Lee Vliet gave a very good presentation on the harms of dioxin and she will continue to talk about it next Tuesday night. You have to sign up in advance to get the link. A couple pamphlets that WERE on the EPA website but were taken down immediately after this disaster are going to be put on the Truth for Health Foundation website and updated frequently. They’re working hard to give people information. She has studied the effects of dioxin for 25 years so really understands the seriousness of this.

  • Avatar Andy Bunting says:

    Thank you for posting Sir.
    In a nutshell an accident waiting to happen.
    The follow up? Nothing but lies & obfuscation. YET AGAIN.

  • Avatar Kevin says:

    It sounds so neat. Dont panic folks. That blood coming out of your mouth is COVID.
    After all of the shit that has happened, caused by industry we are expected to believe a corporation owned by BlackRock gives a rats ass about anybody?
    Also keeping everything localized is priority one. I read where mixing one of the chemicals with water creates HCL. Well you can contain that as well and pump it into an empty car.
    Burning one of the chemicals created dioxins.
    Highly dangerous. And then they spread that out over a wide area. Like a two year old cleaning up a cup of milk.
    While panicking achieves nothing, the original callousness of the railroad and government would have me pretty fucking pissed. Knowing how they handled this has me very pissed.
    Knowing now I may be treated by the medical system.

  • Avatar Don says:

    i realize the wrong person to ask.

    keeping the tank cold by pumping water on it?

    they said they pierced the tank. why couldn’t they contain the substance after they pierced it?

    however why couldn’t they remove it, or remove large portions of it?

    oil industry has some interesting ways of capturing gas that is under pressure.

    i don’t believe they were dealing with that high of pressure., it isn’t like it was 40,000 psi or something.

    they could have come close to floating it., the density isn’t much higher than water.
    oil industry floats tanks they want to move.

    can’t move the tank?
    shield the tank from the fire?

    could they move the fire so they could put in a heat shield ?

  • Avatar Rosie Cotton says:

    I was interested to hear all the author had to say. As an expert in train safety and derailment/ investigation, I was interested to hear that he thinks it is plausible this derailment is a true “accident”. I did skim parts of his report, so I may have missed something (plus parts were a bit over my head!) but I didn’t see any fact that would be considered suspicious- like if the train or tracks it travelled were out of regulation in some way. Or had missed an inspection. I would’ve expected to hear that tampering was evident with some mechanics of the train/track.

    Did the author get to inspect the physical evidence or was this based on study of reports? He may have said, and I missed it. If it was based on reports, I wonder if someone lied on the official reports about evidence.

    The derailment just seems so suspicious, with circumstances surrounding it. Yes, including the book, film, and location of filming. There are no coincidences.

    Thank you for this intriguing report!

  • Avatar Jane says:

    The feds gaging the country’s reaction to their inaction. Will the people put up with the government nuking a small republican voting town? Yes. Okay let’s do a little more damage next time. We’ll teach those blue collar, conservative, Christian whites. Stop hiding behind your privilege!

  • Avatar Crixcyon says:

    There are risks with any type of transportation method. We never know the long term hazardous materials risks when events of this magnitude occur. Fortunately for me, I no longer trust any of our government’s agencies to get to the bottom of this or other “accidents” and tell us the truth. I never subscribe to the mainstream media because they are useless for anything other than propaganda, if that’s your thing.

    There is the question of super deadly dioxins. I assume they are quite prevalent in our environment yet we will never be told the truth about them either.

  • Avatar Pumpkin Spice says:

    The railroad industry discussion is helpful. Dismissing serious health concerns from a widespread release of toxic chemicals is not.

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