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By February 23, 2023June 10th, 202445 Comments

The ground has shifted under our feet–we are realizing that we live in a dystopia. This is agonizing for all of us.

More about the derailed train, by Frederick R Smith from Frederick R. Smith Speaks

Commentary by Robert Yoho: 

In this age of censorship, trust in information sources has vanished, and our skepticism meters are all flashing red. Here is further background to help you understand our position about the train wreck. 

About Fred: I met him over a year ago in the comment section of Matt Briggs’ blog. We have been communicating weekly ever since, are fast friends, and I trust him. He is also in his 60s and is another committed truth warrior. He would never shill for anyone. Fred is a more sophisticated student of today’s reality than I am because he has been studying the corporate-government cabal far longer. We each have specialized expertise; his is railroad management, and mine is medical corruption. 

As the train debates began, we spotted a chance to improve general understanding. Fred has been a railway geek since his pre-teen years. During his professional career working for railroads, he participated on-the-scene in 12 (twelve) other railway disaster evaluations, a third of which involved toxic cleanups. He was also the technical editor for dozens of other reports of train derailments, collisions, and fatalities.

He followed this one closely and had informed opinions immediately. As you recall, Fred also consulted with a colleague whose specialty is supervising hazardous materials rail transportation. Since none of us has expertise in human toxic exposures, we confined our commentary to the events.

My initial ideas about the situation were primarily from Doomberg. It is one of the most reliable sources on Substack. 

We scrambled to create a coherent message, and it was not a casual effort. Including this reply, Fred has worked for 20 hours, and I spent nine hours editing and sharpening his focus. 

The rest is Fred’s: 

This post addresses some criticisms of my essay “The East Palestine Ohio Train Wreck: a Study in Hysteria,” which was reposted on the Surviving Healthcare Substack.

I aimed to analyze the information about Norfolk Southern’s derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, on February 3, 2023, and dispel some of the more doubtful claims. Readers’ responses ranged from thanks to aggressive criticism. We are thankful for all the involvement, but when you comment, remember that authors cannot reply to everyone individually or necessarily accept reading assignments. 

Our focus was within my expertise and that of my collaborating specialist. I hope the following will improve your understanding. 

·       Dioxin. This appears only in the section dealing with conspiracy theories and only once. Several readers attempted to morph my essay’s focus into a debate. They were mistaken if they thought my words were an editorial about dioxin. Maybe I misspoke, but sensitivities run so high now that I doubt it. 

This area is specialized. Though it may seem implausible in our era of mistrust, I defer to experts here. Although many leaders are psychopaths, few of those working on the ground-level are. 

·       I was struck by the statement about “the biggest cloud in history.” Other claims, such as “laying waste to the east coast,” were also hyperbole. These do not advance rational debate. 

·       Silence about the “other chemicals.” I discussed the eleven high-hazard materials cars and referenced other petroleum hazards using a link to the official list of cars. All the spilled products at the site are obviously environmental and health concerns. 

·       Only one car with a malfunctioning relief valve. Why was it necessary to control-burn all five vinyl chloride cars with only one malfunctioning valve? I do not want to speculate about this because my knowledge is incomplete. The position of the cars, the risks involved, and other factors are still unknown. Highly skilled hazardous material professionals are on the scene, and I assume they are trying to make the best decisions. Many more details will appear in the NTSB’s final report, and I may comment about that later.

·       Why did they not transload the vinyl chloride? See above. Also, vinyl chloride is a compressed gas, and transferring from rail to truck out in the open, away from a loading or unloading facility, is tricky. From what I have been told, this is rarely practical.

·       The essay sounds like Norfolk Southern propaganda. Yes—these days, any support for the government or corporate messaging does seem like propaganda. But we should never automatically flip the conspiracy switch. I am independent; I don’t own any Norfolk Southern stock, nor have I ever worked for that company.

·       Very long trains. One commenter indicated that NS’s trains traveling through East Palestine are typically less than 100 cars long. Please see my discussion about Precision Scheduled Railroading and Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brakes. Other information about the makeup of the train is not available yet but might bear on this issue. Disclaimer – I’m not fond of excessively long trains for several reasons. 

This is a free speech zone, so I appreciate all comments. The wreck and the aftermath are obviously a terrible situation for the residents of East Palestine and possibly the entire nation. Acrimony is understandable. We must exchange ideas to make the nation’s transportation network as safe as possible.

If you respect Fred as much as I do, click the byline above to check out his Substack.

Your boss only reads hardcover, so go to and buy him a copy of Cassandra’s Memo. Sign him up for my posts after he gets through part of it and gives you permission.


  • Avatar Ernie Rockwell says:

    Thanks for addressing this. I haven’t read the original post yet. Does he confirm or deny the Pete Buttigeig (sp) claim

    • Avatar Ernie Rockwell says:

      …that there are over 1000 train derailments a year, about 3 per day?

      • Avatar Dan says:

        I read somewhere (I can’t find the reference though) that the classification of “derailment” is pretty broad… meaning it’s not what a layman might think (piles of rail cars strewn around the sides). So that 1000 very likely includes stuff where the train _technically_ derailed, but not “strewn about the countryside” as it were. So I think Buttigeig’s claim is probably _technically_ correct. :shrug:

        • Avatar Frederick R Smith says:

          Correct. Accidents need to meet a reporting threshold to be sent to the FRA for databasing. So if just one wheel “hits the ground” and no injures that is a non reportable.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      sorry I do not look at mainstream. too busy here. best

    • Avatar ABIGAIL REPORTS says:

      Pete didn’t show up till today. The entire reaction was one of complete I DON’T CARE ABOUT AMERICA. I CARE ABOUT UKRAINE. Well, he is Not the President of Ukraine. He had time to order this atrocity. What to Know About the Lethal Removal of New Mexico’s Feral Cows note it is MSM news. That area is another disaster area. As is the Dust Bowl that took out Texas’ cotton crop. It looks more and more like FDR’s Great Depression.

  • Avatar Bridget says:

    In a time of insanity, your reasonable, evidence based writing is refreshing. If we can’t at least stay calm and logical, we have no hope of finding solutions or even believing they exist at all.

  • Avatar Dan Johnson says:

    Generally good responses to people’s concerns. However, I think if you are going to title something ‘A Study in Hysteria’ it was a predictable outcome that there would be significant push back if there was anything of merit to be concerned about in the situation. And there clearly is merit for concern which is acknowledged in the article and these statements. So why the assumption that “Highly skilled hazardous material professionals are on the scene, and I assume they are trying to make the best decisions.” I have zero latitude for those with ‘good intentions’ anymore. Zero. Do your job with excellence or find a less critical field.
    I love a reasoned approach, as well as one that challenges my assumptions about a situation. So thanks for being brave enough to voice something this controversial. It would still be my opinion though that the writeup granted far too much latitude to the legitimacy of the EPA efforts in spite of their clear track record of being a captured agency- like every other U.S. regulatory agency I know of.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      thanks everyone needs a little clickbait and you admit that hysteria is our times on every side
      hold tight and give me a few days
      getting to JFK and 9/11 after a less controversial post to calm everyone down

  • Avatar Jane says:

    Best thing is… it’s bringing me closer and closer to God. I need that.

  • Avatar aj says:

    A week before the derailment, everyone in Palestine was provided with an ID for emergency personnel to track them. In Jan, the CDC changed the allowable exposure for vinyl chloride on a draft for public comment, final version in May.

  • Avatar William Voelz says:


  • Avatar Art says:

    Can anyone recognize we are in the process of ideological subversion presented by Yuri Bezmenov, ex KGB?

    1.Demoralization. For this step in the process, 15 – 20 years are needed. That is the amount of time required to educate a generation. Helping along the way are media and teachers who have become sympathetic (consciously or unconsciously) to the theoretical causes of the subverting nation. Bezmenov claims that the USSR was surprised at how easy this phase was in the US.

    2. Destabilization. Following the earlier phase, this is a two to five year period to change the target country’s foreign relations, defense, and economy.

    3. Crisis. Perhaps six weeks of chaos as a climatic turning point.

    4. Normalization. This stage changes the appreciation of what the status quo looks like. Bezmenov’s description of this phase also includes military take over.

    Watch his G. Edward Griffin interview sometime, it is a historic warning.

  • Avatar ABIGAIL REPORTS says:

    Biden like always was very slow to react, a disaster of this level needs Fema on the scene as soon as possible. Then he ignores the seriousness to go to Ukraine to give away more of our tax $$ to Ukraine. That small plane that went down in AR carried the crew sent to check it out. the Ohio Disaster. That was learned later. Tennessee lost 2 National Guards in that flight. People see on TV he doesn’t care about the disasters in America. It is his job. If he couldn’t go Harris who just had a HUD speaking engagement could have gone. I can see not wanting to get in the way, but 12 days had passed. Then he does a fake photo op and falls UP the stairs of AF1. People are hurting badly over his Economic policies. His ignoring disasters just adds to it. He’s either in Delaware or elsewhere, with very few days in the WH to sign EO’S WE LOATHE. Dr. Jill was on her way to Africa. Not one of them seemed to care.

    In 2010 we had days of heavy rain, and the levy broke, it flooded much of the town of Millington, TN, and most of the South side of the US NAVAL BASE, BUPERS. The town stunk of sewage, homes were damaged, and ONE LONE FEMA BUS was sent. The Navy called in the big buses of Serve Pro for clean up, as well as what the Service men did. It damaged the Housing, Commissary, Exchange, and Pharmacy. The base was off-limits for months. The President in the year 2010 was Barack Obama. It seems to be a pattern of Democrat presidents ignoring disasters in their own country. Lots of photos.

    Thankfully the Fire at Oak Ridge National Laboratory was contained quickly, and not a threat to the public. But that was due to extensive training the personnel do.

  • Avatar taxpayer says:

    “Many more details will appear in the NTSB’s final report…” But when might we see that final report? No final report issued yet regarding the Sept 2021 Amtrak derailment at Joplin, MT.

  • Avatar Non Nomen says:

    I am an MD with a Masters degree in chemistry. My graduate research paper was on 2,3,7,8 Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin (2,3,7,8 TCDD). I have several comments specifically on the dioxin matter in this event.
    1) The specific reactions that create dioxins are different for every type of dioxin, so it is hyperbolic to assert that everyone in the vast exposure zone will be intoxicated by dioxin.
    2) On the opposite side of this, the “controlled burn” was only controlled in the size of the fire, and an open burn of vinly chloride CANNOT control the type of created contaminants, virtually all of which will have varying degrees of toxicity.
    3) Different dioxins have different levels of toxicity, with the 2,3,7,8 TCDD the most toxic. This is the version that most people refer to when they say “dioxin”, but it is not the most prevalent product in open burn of vinyl chloride, to the best of my knowledge.
    4) Even if only minute levels of dioxins are released in a burn, the toxicity of the agent is so high that horrible consequences can result.
    5) The size of the burn was enormous (as seen from space) and the black cloud produced was a Pandora’s Box of dioxins and nearly as toxic non-dioxin chemistry that you will, hopefully, ever see.
    6) No-one, to my knowledge, has even begun to approach the actual analysis of the scope and severity of the catastrophe. This is typical in the current la-la-land bureaucracy that passes for a government. Just have the press write more articles to make it go away, magic!, it’s not a problem any more.
    7) They don’t want to have to mount a response because they no longer have the capacity to. The frank incompetence is what they ignore on one hand, and deny on the other. The widespread denial that our system is collapsing is just a manifestation of the drug addled populace which cannot cope with the hostile realities that we are facing. Voting the bums out will no longer solve anything. There is nobody coming to the rescue.

  • Avatar Turfseer says:

    It feels like we’re in an extended episode of The Twilight Zone.

    NEW SUBSTACK RELEASE. The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street. Twilight Zone meets the Covid Tyranny.

    Twilight Zone Spoof: Nightmare at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. President Pfauci finds himself in an underground bunker beneath the White House besieged by “anti-vaxxer” forces.

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  • Avatar Frederick R Smith says:

    Here is the NTSB initial report. Lot more info.

  • Avatar Fain Zimmerman says:

    This is a very important message that we all need to hear. It is happening now and we are being distracted by terrible things including train wrecks and devastation all around us. Listen to Reinette Senum’s 15-minute podcast after her recent return from NY. It’s wake you up!

  • Avatar Kevin says:

    Oh so it was an unfortunate accident. I suppose the planeload of investigators that died in an aircraft accident in Arkansas was an unfortunate incident.
    Dioxin is a by product of an uncontrolled burn of some of the chemicals in that train.
    This was not a controlled burn. Evidence is plain as day. Black soot cloud. Black soot indicates the product you are trying to burn is in the air and not burned at all. A controlled burn is done in a furnace at a controlled temperature, controlled oxygen and controlled amount of product. This burn was at best a cowboy fuckit move. At worst a conspiracy to rid the country of Trump supporters and poison vast areas of land. One only has to look at the vaccine deaths in Republican states to see they are out to kill any conservative they can. Is this just another one of these little pieces of getting rid of the conservative bubble.
    By the way people can still smell this shit in the air.
    And the black smoke was just another way to spread poison and dioxin further into the land. The problem was not contained at all.
    Buttigieg is either an idiot or a pawn to help in the extermination.

  • Avatar Et's Cinema PsychoMasonica says:

    I was left with the distinct impression when you told me, repeatedly, you were going to respond to what I said that you would do so. You did not. Not in any way. This was after the flippant comment about what I was saying being “typical” or some such. My response to you on Lioness of Judah a few minutes ago says what I would say about this article. We are not just dealing with corrupt officials in Washington or the State level. Masonry assures the corruption reaches everywhere. They are the foot soldiers of the Kabbalists. I live in a town of about 3000 in Texas and their corruption in city government here is both epic and typical. Corrupt, peon, civil servants are a dime a dozen. Your expert may be just that but he wasn’t there to see any of this in person was he? If he was please correct me? What is on official industry reports or government reports is what he is relying on? Yes or No? Those institutions are infested with corrupt people right down to the local level. That is the magic of Masonry and the reason for it’s existence. It’s reach is universal on this planet. It exists in Iran, North Korea, everywhere. It’s reach into the medical profession , hospital administrators, etc. is how it was so easy for them to push the Covid scam on an unsuspecting public. Don’t worry, I’m out of here. I don’t trust you so this is the last you’ll here from me. Feel free though to actually respond, as you said you would, to what I said before. Please tell me how ,exactly, what I said was ” typical”. Should be good for a laugh.

    • Avatar Kevin says:

      Hey. I know nothing about Masons or Jews. But something is up. Fires everywhere. What fucking company that uses or stores doesn’t have some sort of fire suppression system? Who would provide insurance? Who inspects these buildings? WTF.

  • Avatar Andy Bunting says:

    Thank you Dr. Yoho. An excellent follow up. Fred’s a gem of truth too.

  • Avatar Frederick R Smith says:

    Here is EPA’s East Palestine, Ohio Train Derailment Emergency Response site:

  • Avatar Frederick R Smith says:

    The state of Ohio has a lot of coverage here:

  • Avatar Walter F. Conner Sr. says:

    Well done and informative

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