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There is now a push by the controlled media to put Covid into a box and consider it over, but our closet observers believe there is far more to come. 

Please run the video at fast speeds to avoid being irritated by my lack of editing. Here are sections where Scott refers to written material:

  • Tom Renz calls for investigation of hospital murders during COVID-19 pandemic – Brighteon.TV. (17:35 – 17:47 in the link) He is asking this of the same Congress that voted illegally to end Covid, put in a fake ADA law, and approved then failed to repeal Obamacare.

  • David Martin – Big Pharma can continue if they assume 100% product liability This is unlikely to happen and I am not sure why he said it.

  • Pfizer was fined $2.195 billion in 2009 for illegal promotions that resulted in 50,000 deaths. The criminal part of this penalty—over half—was the largest in history. It was a negotiated settlement that ensured the company’s continued survival despite their acts. After that, they acted like they had been taken off the regulatory leash. When the Brook Jackson false claims act lawsuit recently failed, Pfizer got away with murder again.

Scott helped create Breaking the Oath, a documentary about his daughter’s killing by the Wisconsin hospital system. View it free on Rumble HERE.

From the Patriot Review on Rumble:

America 1st Productions and Jeff Wagner of The Patriot Review bring you this groundbreaking documentary to expose the truth many can’t believe or accept.

COVID was intentionally developed, released, and spread to reduce the earth’s population. What’s more, the treatment protocols and the vaccine are the tools of this satanic evil, resulting in the deaths of millions.

The UN and the World Economic Forum have openly plotted and initiated this demonic medical tyranny as part of a detailed and deliberate plan to destroy Western civilization.

Like Adolf Hitler announcing his insane intentions in his book Mein Kampf, these madmen have put their plan into writing. Yet most people ridicule those who have educated themselves and know the truth.

COVID and future pandemics are just one of many tools in the globalist cabal’s arsenal to force those of us who survive into slavery under a “New World Order.”

“Breaking the Oath” centers around Grace Schara, a vibrant, happy nineteen-year-old murdered On October 13, 2021, by COVID treatment protocols created to kill. Millions have been murdered in the name of COVID as a part of this plan.

The heartbreaking story of the Schara family and those to whom this film is dedicated provide a stark warning to all. A profound evil we haven’t seen for a century has come into the world.

History is shaking us awake, urging us to remember times when civilization was brought to the brink of collapse. The “Breaking the Oath” story parallels our past, showing the shocking similarities around us. We need only to open our eyes.

We are the generation being called upon to once again sacrifice for the future freedom of humanity. We have never faced a more severe threat.

What path will you choose?

Download the movie and get access to extended interviews and more. Purchase the Director’s Edition at

Save $10 by entering the coupon code “America1st” at checkout.

Scott continues:

Grace died at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Appleton, WI, on October 13, 2021. The medical personnel there looked us in the eye and exuded confidence. Since we didn’t adhere to their scientific dogma of Remdesivir, a ventilator, and a COVID-19 “vaccine,” they lied to us. They steered us in the direction that was best for hospital profits, not Grace. They must have thought there would be no discovery of their deeds or consequences for them.

At first, we believed what happened to Grace was an exception, but we know now that Grace’s death was one of 1.2 million hospital killings since the Covid era began. It is part of a larger euthanasia agenda legally codified by Obamacare on March 23, 2010. We are fighting for all the families who lost loved ones because our government doesn’t believe noncontributing members of society deserve to live.

What they want you to think a noncontributing member of society looks like.

What an actual noncontributing member of society looks like.


The hospital protocols including the use of Remdesivir and intubation are killers. I pressed Scott about where he found the numbers showing that these murdered over a million people in the US. He pointed out the nation’s recent death totals from coronavirus. But a complete accounting would also include the patients dying when early treatments were withheld. If we additionally count the fatalities from the vaccine, I have no doubt that over 95 percent of “Covid deaths,” and more likely 99 percent, were caused by medical “care.”

Scott has been on about 500 podcasts and works over 70 hours weekly as an advocate. I told him to take an entire day off each week if he wanted to survive. 

His platforms:

His Substack is HERE.  

Send this to your friends with autistic or other special needs kids, and ask them if you can sign them up for Surviving Healthcare.

A gift for you: Cassandra’s Memo ebook is free HEREHormone Secrets is HERE, and Butchered by “Healthcare” is HERE. Hard copies of Cassandra are on Barnes and Noble, and the other two are on Amazon. Please write reviews if you like them.

I have no copyright; you may quote any of my essays or books in part or whole without restriction or permission if you credit me. Also, because I am retired, I never give personal medical advice. Use the information here at your own risk.  

I write full-time to help my readers avoid being butchered by “healthcare,” to help them understand the world we face, and to encourage them to join the resistance.

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