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She has witnessed MS and other diseases healed when metals, particular mercury amalgams, were removed from peoples’ bodies. I am hoping this will help my newly diagnosed Parkinson’s disease.

Mark Kennard wrote to me: “I’m really happy you’ve contacted Becky. She’s got to be one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people on the planet when it comes to mercury and the diagnosis and management of type 4 metal allergy. She’s the volunteer scoliosis researcher for Melisa diagnostics.” 

Ms. Dutton lives in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, and is a longtime team member of the allergies testing company She has spent 16 years working with people damaged by metals and leads support and counseling groups. She is a volunteer and makes no money from her efforts.

Becky tells her story

I worked in dentistry during the 1970’s and was occupationally exposed to mercury. My daughter was exposed to mercury in utero while I worked in dentistry and subsequently developed a neural tube defect and scoliosis.

I was diagnosed with chronic mercury toxicity in 2004 and received IV therapy to remove mercury from my intracellular pathways and DNA.

In 2007, I set up my first website:  and a support group.

In 2008, I set up a second website with Madeleine Holt, former Culture Correspondent of BBC Newsnight:  

Professor Vera Stejskal invited me to join the Melisa Diagnostics team in 2011.

In 2014, I was appointed lead activist to represent the UK in the Global Minamata Treaty, to ban mercury pollution.

One of the successful outcomes of this was the new EU regulation to ban dental amalgam use in children under 15 and pregnant and nursing women. This came into force in July, 2018, in 28 EU countries including the UK.

I am currently investigating the link between mercury exposure and scoliosis.

In 2018, I was asked to speak at “Systemic Effects of Metal Exposure in Clinical Practice: Protecting Patients and Optimising Outcomes,” a conference in London. My presentation was on ‘Scoliosis, Spinal Surgery and Metal Allergy’ and included my research study on the link between mercury and scoliosis.

She described the treatments used to remove mercury from her body:

I had IV vitamin C infusions, followed by glutathione, prior to and during removal of my amalgams. Considering my huge occupational exposure and not having a gallbladder (the gallbladder is one of the major organs of detoxification), I may have been lucky to have no adverse effects.

I started IV therapy with large doses of vitamin C in February, 2005. My doctor also prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements, a special diet, etc. I was advised to have all my amalgam fillings removed in order to complete the detoxification.

My treatment was carried out by a mercury-free dentist in the UK. It involved the removal of twelve amalgam fillings and a piece of amalgam from my jaw bone. During this ten day period, I continued further intense chelation involving intravenous vitamin C combined with glutathione.

When I passed urine, I could smell metal!

The treatment I had in 2010 removed mercury, aluminium, and organophosphates from my DNA and intracellular pathways.

Back to the Yoho story: After eight to ten years with a mild hand tremor, six weeks ago a neurologist diagnosed me with Parkinson’s disease (PD). As yet, it is only a cosmetic problem, but these things progress.

PD is the second most common neurological problem after Alzheimer’s. It is a syndrome or constellation of signs and symptoms rather than a disease with definitive lab tests. The cause(s) are not acknowledged by mainstream medicine.

Ken Stoller’s book Incurable Me (2016) and my interviews with him convinced me that PD is closely related to autism, Alzheimer’s, and ALS. I learned these are all due to or worsened by toxic exposures. A senior biological dentist told me, “In my opinion, Parkinson’s is caused by mercury or paraquat.”

Likewise, overwhelming evidence links autism with vaccines that contain mercury. So my working self-diagnosis is mercury toxicity. I am hoping to improve following removal of my 17 amalgams.

Ken’s book describes his experience treating patients with Lyme and other diseases: “As has been frequently pointed out, ‘it’ is never just one thing, but mercury is a toxic linchpin when it comes to many neurodegenerative disorders and is certainly synergistic with other toxins, such as glyphosate.”

Like 70 percent of US citizens, I have glyphosate in my urine:

As RFK says, “glyphosate is everywhere.” Until recently, it was used to suppress weeds during the growing season, but it is now sprayed directly on wheat and corn immediately prior to harvest to dry it out rapidly. This practice multiplied our exposures. See the end of the post for other reasons why you should eliminate American wheat from your diet.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt successfully treats autistic children by decreasing their toxic exposures. He refuses to see kids from families that do not first remediate their home’s EMF. To treat glyphosate exposure, he suggests taking a teaspoon of glycine powder twice a day for three to six months. This causes urinary excretion of the pesticide. Here is one of his Mercola interviews about this:

I decreased my “electrosmog” or EMF exposure by ethernet-wiring my house and getting some electrical work done. I am sleeping better, and the Wizard of EMF is returning soon for another home visit to exorcise more ghosts. (See the original post HERE if you have not heard about his magic.)

Aluminum has been convincingly proven to be the cause of Alzheimer’s, and this is closely related to Parkinson’s. So I am asking my body to excrete this by consuming silica water. This is another complex story that I will address in upcoming posts.

Here is what the Goddess thought about my case:

Thank you for filling in the MELISA questionnaire; this has helped me enormously!

You’ve had quite a considerable amount of metal exposure during your life.

I will start with your mouth:

17 amalgam fillings is a huge amount. Children of the post-war years were exposed to an inordinate amount of amalgam. We were both born in 1953 (I was born on Coronation Day, 2nd June!) This was the ‘drill, fill, bill’ era, when dentists’ were paid for each tooth they filled.

Your dentist says you have a metal crown and there’s an amalgam under it? Any metal posts? This alone, could be causing many of your problems. See the case study of Karen Fielding I sent to you.

Metal crowns are usually bonded with nickel, so you have nickel against an amalgam (mercury, silver alloy, tin, possible zinc/copper) A post would also be stainless steel. The metal crown is next to amalgams, so there is a good chance of galvanic corrosion going on in your mouth.

Do you have any cavitations? [bony cavities that are covered by teeth or root canals]. (Not that I know of.)

You definitely need to strengthen/treat your gut before your dental treatment. An anti-fungal diet and prebiotics/probiotics would help.

If you have clips in your knee, they are probably stainless steel.

Could you please find out the type of mesh used for your hernia op? [there are hundreds of them, and all but one titanium type are plastic or polypropylene, not metal]

Do you have more details about the shoulder implants? [Titanium alloy and chromium, records requested.]

You’ve smoked in the past; cigarettes contain a number of metals including cadmium and mercury. [I caught this from Herb my climbing buddy. Thanks a lot, dude. Like everyone else, I claim stress.]

You’ve had the flu vaccine. Thimerosal, a mercury preservative, is still used in some single and multi-dose vials depending on the manufacturer. When you have the flu vaccine next time, please ask your doctor to check for Thimerosal. If it does, please refuse the vaccine as it’s ethyl mercury!! [I would rather jump off a bridge than have any vaccine, ever again.]

Thimerosal [another mercury source] was also in contact lens solution that you used many years ago.

Mercury is an endocrine disruptor which could have affected your levels of testosterone. [I had low levels and started testosterone replacement in my 40s.]

Removing the amalgams and other dental metals should reduce your metal exposure and any possible galvanic reaction between the different metals in your body.

When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.Samuel Johnson

When your life is on the line, the best strategy might be to throw all your hand grenades all out at once (I remember your lessons, BCC). I am studying with a new sense of urgency and am taking what actions I can. I am getting my amalgams removed soon by an International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) dentist. I will keep my dear readers in the loop.


The above is a summary of the clinical problems with mercury. This physician had mercury problems that were cured with chelation.

Rebecca Dutton’s websites are and Her email is The excellent MELISA testing website is Her summary sheet, Symptoms of Mercury Toxicity, follows.

Symptoms Of Mercury Toxicity V 2
16.9KB ∙ PDF file

A summary video of a 2018 conference about metals toxicity is HERE. You can view the whole conference for about $30. I did.

HERE is a presentation Ms. Dutton did about scoliosis and its relationship to metals. Surgery has never been proven to improve scoliosis death rates, but many are injured by the metals used by surgeons. Almost no patient is ever tested for metal sensitivity prior to spinal straightening surgeries. Dutton presents evidence from animals and humans that mercury causes scoliosis. UK scoliosis rates rose as amalgams were more commonly used.

The following paper is everything we know about metal sensitivities.

Metaanalysis Of Metal Allergies
3.31MB ∙ PDF file

My dental posts

Stay tuned for another—I am not finished banging on dentists, and they deserve it.

Appendix: Protocols for dental amalgam removal

From a DDS senior IAOMT member:

IV C is good for everything. It cancels local anaesthetic so do it after the removal or during. I recommend the SMART protocol IAOMT method to minimize exposure. 

Glutathione is depleted in almost everyone who has amalgams because the mercury releases iron inside the mitochondria which leads to oxidative stress cancers and aging. Glutathione is made inside the mitochondria to protect you from the oxidative used to make energy. That process is called the electron transport system. Mercury releases iron inside the mitochondria which short circuits the ETS and exponentially produces free radicals of oxidative stress OH- 

This quickly uses up you innate glutathione and aging fatigue ill health results. There is 1000 times more glutathione inside the mitochondria than in blood. Once in bloodstream it is rapidly excreted. 

Therefore oral glutathione is digested before absorption. IV gets to circulate and potentially clean toxins from blood but will never get through the blood brain barrier due to charge and cannot get to or into any mitochondria so until exposure to mercury stops healing cannot begin. 

So yes to IV C and ok IV glutathione when doing removal but first and foremost minimize exposure. 

Airway protection with separate air sources for patient and doctors is vital. 

From another DDS IAOMT member:

It is amazing and frightening at the same time in which organs and parts of the body mercury is causing havoc.

Is there any part it doesn’t cause harm??? I doubt it.

We ALWAYS give VitaminC i.v.. The amount depends on the patient’s weight and underlying health issues. Normally, in 0.75gram per kg bodyweight. Once the Vit C has finished we add 600mg Glutathione i.v.

I found Vitamin C i.v. very beneficial to help the detox process. With 17 Amalgam fillings I would definitely use all gear available to support the removal and detoxing process, Vit C and Glutathione are essential.

We also suggest a pre-removal supplementation protocol which also uses VitC- liposomal, Glutathione, selenium plus multiple times daily mouth washes with activated charcoal to gather the released mercury.

Ken Stoller’s protocol:

  1. For two weeks prior to your procedure, eat a diet high in proteins and vegetables.

  2. Ensure that you have one to two bowel movements per day. Magnesium citrate suspension can be added to water, tea, or juice, one or two tablespoons per day to induce the two bowel movements. Be sure to drink lots of water, about half of your weight in ounces per day, divided over your waking hours on a daily basis, such as four ounces or a cup of drinking water each hour that you are awake. You can also add ground or powdered flaxseed to your drinks or foods like sauces or cereals or salads (one or two heaping tablespoons per day) to induce two bowel movements per day.

  3. For three days prior to the amalgams being removed, take • Chlorella, 1 gram three times a day • Vitamin C, 1 gram three times a day • Cilantro, 1 gram three times a day • Glutathione 3,000 mg (bonus to take garlic with this as well)

  4. Right before going to the dentist, take 3,000 mg (3 g) of chlorella and 3,000 mg (3 g) of vitamin C.

  5. The dentist should provide you with a source of oxygen by mask or nasal cannula so that you do not breathe in the toxic gas that comes out of your mouth as he or she drills out the amalgam filling. The dentist should also use a coarse bit that breaks up the amalgam into chunks, rather than a fine bit that pulverizes the amalgam, which can spread and penetrate more easily. She should use a high-volume suction apparatus and a rubber dam to reduce your exposure to the toxic particulates.

  6. Chlorella dissolved in the rinse water and sprayed in the mouth helps further reduce exposure during the procedure. Eye protection is also provided to the patient to avoid exposure through the conjunctiva. The dentist and her assistant should use a gas mask and eye protection to protect themselves from the toxic fumes, and the procedure should be performed in a room that does not have air circulated around in the office. The air in the room should be vented separately, with appropriate filtration to trap the mercury released from the drilling. An anionic air-purifying device in the room may also be helpful. The dentist should use a lot of water and chlorella rinse and spray to bind the mercury to reduce exposure.

  7. Only one quadrant or less should be removed at a time unless the fillings are small, based on the dentist’s preference and experience. After the procedure, do the procedures listed in number 4 for an additional three days.

  8. Once your amalgams are out, we can talk seriously about chelation and taking supplements that boost your detox kinetics.

  9. Use oral NAC and glutathione until your amalgams are out. Nothing overly aggressive in the chelation area till then.

Gifts for you

Cassandra’s Memo ebook is free HEREHormone Secrets is HERE, and Butchered by “Healthcare” is HERE. Hard copies of Cassandra are on Barnes and Noble, and the other two are on Amazon. Please write reviews if you like them.

I have no copyright; you may quote any of my essays or books in part or whole without restriction or permission if you credit me. Also, because I am retired, I never give personal medical advice. Use the information here at your own risk.  

I write full-time to help my readers avoid being butchered by “healthcare,” to help them understand the world we face, and to encourage them to join the resistance.

If anyone wants to volunteer to read drafts of my posts and critique them before they are published, please reply to this email.

Half of us have mercury amalgams, and every one of them should be removed by a biological dentist to prevent degenerative diseases. Send your friends my dental posts referenced above. And do not forget to ask them if you can sign them up for Surviving Healthcare!

Parting shots

Three reasons not to eat bread made in the US. I quit it, and you should, too.

  • Seventy percent of us—including me—now have glyphosate in our urine. In the US and some other countries, grains are dried (“desiccated”) at the end of their growth cycle by applying a lot of this poison.

  • Dr. Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain, says the majority of his patients improve if they eliminate wheat from their diets. Celiac disease is an extreme gluten sensitivity disease, but he believes minor variants of this affect over half of us. See my archives for the post, “Mercola may have discovered the Rosetta Stone of health.”

  • Since the early 1970s, iodine has been removed from our bread, making many of us deficient. Bromate, a toxic “dough conditioner” has been substituted.

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