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He is my good dude who woke up in the 1970s. When you know the truth that early, you look eccentric.

The audio is one of my best interviews, but try double speed anyway to tune your ears. The Rumble link is HERE

Jerome is a Substack author (HERE) who is a card-carrying polymath. I have met him and frequently and speak to him. His last post HERE (actually a repost from John Carter’s Substack HERE) was profoundly optimistic. It is worth glancing at the images even if you do not do cheerful. 

My interview covers topics as diverse as cold plunges, 9/11, the Israeli hegemon, the JFK assassination, renouncing caffeine, and the keto and carnivore diets. Here are a few notes, but you will learn more if you listen. 

As we finished, I reflected that working with Substack people has been immensely satisfying. I have not communicated with a single dummy. It is the most select group I have ever joined; they are at a higher level than even my medical school or residency. I live at about an IQ of 135, but most of my new friends are far geekier than that. (That’s you, T!)

Here are a few introductions to animal eaters and keto diet advocates. Greg Dennis, DO, the host of the Fit Rx podcast, has interviewed every species of these. Going through his podcasts gives you views of these exotic creatures from every direction. HEREHERE, and HERE are links to Anthony Chaffee, the neurosurgeon we mentioned in the podcast. If you listen enough, you will gradually become brainwashed and may even join his “lion’s diet” creed. 

Admission: I am a card-carrying keto cultist gone astray—a sort of dietary Jack Mormon. This diet would help my Parkinson’s, arthritis, and elevated glycosylated hemoglobin, which is an early marker for diabetes. But just as with climbing—I am now an armchair mountaineer—my observance is theoretical. I once ate keto through two weeks of “keto flu” but quit the diet after two months, so maybe I am a wimp. I’ve promised myself that I will try again… tomorrow.

I have been unsuccessful with Jerome’s “lion diet” due to constipation. He kindly advised me how to avoid this by eating more fat.

Imagine my wife’s aggravation as she cooks my kaleidoscopic food choices. 

Mercola finked out on his support of keto and carnivore, and I asked Jerome why. He said:

I have not followed Mercola enough to know his reasoning (Yoho note: I follow him and do not understand, either). Still, I’m aware of some scientists and doctors who’ve come to think that carbohydrates can benefit metabolism for some people.

Given how I respond to them (like a recovered alcoholic taking a drink), I’m clear that carbohydrates are too slippery of a slope for me to venture out on safely. I’m thriving on the zero-carb approach and find myself getting into trouble with even the tiny amount of carbs in an occasional sip of the kefir I’ve been putting on my ground beef as a probiotic inoculation. I want to explore how my body responds to years of near-zero carbs before I risk boarding the glucose drug train.

As a side note on Mercola, Jerome speculated: 

The people (entities?) Mercola has bothered have no qualms about applying extraordinary pressure on those they want to silence. I imagine he has received serious threats.

I also asked Jerome why he eats so much salt. He said, “Not sure when exactly, but I grew increasingly skeptical of official medical/health advice after figuring out the trans fat, seed oil & carbohydrate lie campaigns, perhaps only after joining the Weston Price Foundation community around 2002.” They support saturated animal fats, functional medicine, and vaccine “awareness.” Get to know them by signing up for their email here. Their position on salt is the same as Jerome’s:

We need salt! Adults need at least one and one-half teaspoons per day just to supply their basic requirements of chloride and sodium. Many healthy traditional cultures consumed considerably more salt than we do today. Unrefined salt is best because it also contains magnesium and trace minerals.

Be sure to add salt to your food—we need salt for digestion, adrenal health, brain function, and many other processes in the body. Yes, you can! 

These ideas are also supported by David Brownstein’s book, Salt Your Way to Health, and his YouTube video below. These convinced me that salt restriction is another lie; the studies supporting it are phony, and the effect is to weaken us. A paranoid man might conclude it is another globalist conspiracy. 

I loved salting melons, apples, and other fruits as a kid. Brownstein convinced me to go back to it.

Here is the reference Jerome mentioned, Kennedy Assassination: “CIA-Did-It” Theorists Are Covering for Israel. If you can stand to look at this story more closely, the Corbett Report is definitive.

I confess I am having an affair.

Jerome left Caffeine behind. I, too, have romanced her for years but find her charms difficult to give up. She shined her affections on me many hours a day during my writing years. But she is a savage mistress who always disappears when I’m too exhausted to make excuses to her. 

I quit Caffeine untold times and sometimes managed to stay away months. But then she occupies my mind and seduces me again. Each time, I see her more and more until she drops me again and I crash. Like some women, she never tells me how I slighted her.

If you hated that metaphor, I make no apologies. You know where the unsubscribe button is. If you liked it, sign your friends up below so they can watch my show. If you really liked it, consider a paid subscription. ❤️❤️

“Legal” disclaimer: This information is not medical advice—use it at your own risk and under provider supervision. And I claim no copyright. As Lebowski said, you can take any rug in the house, with or without attribution.

Parting shots

The world according to Aurelius

Don’t fear the future, for you will face it, if that is your fate, with the same ruling reason that guides you in the present.

Remind yourself that it is not the future or the past which bears down on you but the present, always the present, which becomes an even smaller thing when isolated in this way.

My dear mentor M adds, “You cannot predict the future, so do not try.”

I treasure this related quote from an unknown source:

The track record of doomsday forecasts is poor. No one can really know the future. The smug certainty of doomers that they have all the answers is what finally shook me out of their midst.

Diet according to the Westin Price Foundation

This was their first message to me after I joined.

The most serious falsehood about healthy eating is the claim that we need to avoid animal fats.  In fact, animal fats are essential to good health, proper growth, fertility and longevity.  Traditional cultures valued animal fats above all other foods.  Animal fats are demonized because they are rich sources of saturated fat and cholesterol, but saturated fat and cholesterol are actually essential to good health!


– Butter – on bread, vegetables, meat, porridge – butter on everything!

– Lard, Bacon Fat, Duck Fat and Goose Fat – for cooking

– Tallow – for deep frying

– Olive Oil – for salad dressings

– Coconut Oil – for medium-chain fatty acids

– Cod Liver Oil – for vitamins A and D

When it comes to animal fats, grass- or pasture-fed is best.  Animal fats like butter, lard, bacon fat, duck fat and goose fat are rich sources of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K2, which Dr. Weston Price discovered were very high in the diets of healthy, primitive peoples.


– Industrially processed liquid vegetable oils (corn, soy, canola, safflower, sunflower)

– “Healthy” low-trans spreads

– Partially hydrogenated vegetables oils (margarine and shortening)

– Commercial fried foods

– Processed foods containing these industrial fats and oils

– Industrial fats and oils are the number one problem in the modern diet.  They are the main cause of chronic disease, and they replace the nutrient-dense animal fats that nourished our ancestors.

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