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This is the draft preface of my new book. I am looking for critiques rather than praise. Scorch me in the comments if you find anything that is unsubstantiated or needs revision. Remember that I have a thick skin and that this is an improvement process rather than a popularity contest. Anything is fair game, even the fonts on the cover. Everything you say helps me understand reader perceptions better. Thanks!

The links at the start of each chapter go to the original Substack posts. These were edited to produce this manuscript.

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It is of no consequence to you what other people think of you. What matters is what you think of them. —Gore Vidal

I always thought dentists were somewhat stupid colleagues who still deserved respect. But when I began studying them in May 2023, I realized their treachery surpassed even that of psychiatrists and pediatricians. Make no mistake, I am furious with these other specialties, for what they do is a monstrous net harm. 

But the dentists… Self-reflection, objective analysis, and “patient first” ethics seem outside their considerations: 

✪ They are co-conspirators in the fluoride debacle. 

✪ They use mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive metal, in possibly half of US fillings. 

✪ They never met a wisdom tooth they did not want to pull. 

✪ Most of them place toxic titanium implants any time they can. 

✪ Their worst atrocity is root canals, which are universally infected and seed bacteria throughout the body.

Thoughtless for-profit and paid-off dentistry is related to about 40 percent of human diseases in developed countries. I will prove this is not hyperbole. 

As for the medical specialties, I am unsure which kills and maims the most. Gutless pediatricians have danced for decades in an industry-sponsored conga line ratifying vaccines. No study has compared these with placebo—ever. The result is that our kiddie specialty mindlessly traffics poisons. Over the past 40 years, this raised the autism rate from 1/10,000 to 1/30. Unless we discover a cure soon (but see Bonus B chapter), it will tear our society apart.

Psychiatrists are drug pushers proffering elixirs they claim cure a thousand ills. Sorry, I exaggerated. Only 450 “diagnoses” are found in their “billing bible,” the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. To concoct these, American Psychiatric Association members cast votes. Most are paid handsomely by Pharma one way or the other. Doctors cover up this bribery by calling it a “financial conflict of interests.”

These “diseases” are purpose-built to be “treated” using pricey medications that are already FDA-approved. Pharma pays half of the FDA’s budget just as they pay the doctors, so it is a rubber stamp. Finally, corporate “disease-mongering” fear campaigns convince us we must take the drugs. 

This “mental health” industry has convinced over a quarter of Americans (and 80 percent of Danes) to use psych drugs. Monthly shots are forced on others. None of these medications has been proven effective. They numb us, addict us, and cause violence, suicide, and social dysfunction.  

We know this because—as with (all) vaccines—the criminals running big Pharma never do trials of these pricey nostrums against placebo controls. The absence of this vital testing renders their study results meaningless. Without the other evidence, this alone convicts the authors of managing a scam and everyone else of fraud. The FDA has been paid off, so they never raise a finger. 

Dentists and physicians swear the Hippocratic oath, “Put your patients’ welfare above your own.” Most dentists and many doctors abandon this promise. They are healthcare apostates. 

I knew nothing about dentists until recently

I was forced to study them when I discovered they had crippled my health. 

Physicians built a Chinese wall between the mouth and the rest of the body, leaving dentists responsible for it. We abandoned our responsibility and left this vital structure to these careless, untrained, incompetent fools.

I met my first “tooth doctor” when I was nine. It was the “drill, fill, and bill” era. In those days, they were jamming mercury amalgams into every natural tooth pit and crevice they could find. Although I had no pain, our dentist always managed to convince my obsessive mother that my mouth was packed with cavities. By adulthood, I had 17 “silver fillings.”

In mid-2023, after a decade of a left-handed tremor that seemed almost cosmetic, a neurologist diagnosed me with Parkinson’s disease. Mercury is the most common cause, and lab testing showed mercury and glyphosate. Neurologists are good at naming, diagnosing, and treating symptoms, but few seem to have a clue that toxins such as these, paraquat, Agent Orange, and aluminum cause brain damage. Related syndromes that are also caused by these poisons include autism, Alzheimer’s, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. 

I studied aggressively to learn what to do. First, in mid-2023, I had my amalgams removed by a specialist dentist. More recently, I have been getting intravenous phosphatidylcholine followed by glutathione, then colonics* to remove the mercury and other toxic reservoirs from my body. I hasten the process by sweating during workouts and in saunas. I also take supplements such as selenium. To rid myself of aluminum, I drink silica water. I swallow a teaspoon of glycine twice daily to speed urinary glyphosate excretion. I am starting chlorine dioxide and using a red light from Sauna Space. I am not better yet, but it has been only a few months. 

*Yes, I was also skeptical. Many decades of experience detoxing patients with and without colonics prove these help the process. So, I spent two weeks in Germany getting intravenous medications daily and colon therapy three times a week. Each time, they ran a liter of water in and out of my colon every minute for an hour. This eliminated toxins that the IVs mobilized. 

My readers are kind to me.

A chain of their referrals introduced me to Becky Dutton, whom I called the Metals Goddess. Her concern about mercury began with personal and family exposures. After a specialist in London helped her eliminate her mercury, Becky set up a support group.

Ms. Dutton eventually connected with a man who studied scoliotic fish living in mercury-contaminated water. Clues like this led her to bring together and study 66 people with mercury toxicity and severe scoliosis. Many of them were damaged further by back operations. Here is an example of the type of patient she has devoted her life to helping: Download

Mercury is a neurological toxin. Hat makers’ use of mercury in past centuries stamped them as “mad as a hatter.” I am bright and functional professionally but have always been a bit quirky, slightly hyper, and prone to anxiety. A psychiatrist friend once informally skewered me with a diagnosis and, as is their custom, recommended medication. I ignored him. 

Fortunately, my wife—most of the time—accepts me as I am. 

In Europe, mercury fillings are slowly being phased out. However, many US dentists still use them promiscuously for children and patients on public insurance programs. Amalgams are cheap, easy to place, and profitable.

See Chapters 7 and 8 and Becky’s comprehensive mercury websites: and 

Further felonies

Many dentists sell wisdom teeth extraction to everyone. Their pitch is that “it prevents the possibility of needing removal later if they become impacted.” Their websites make the improbable claim that this happens to over two-thirds of people with mouths. Some say that premolars, the teeth in front of the molars, should also be pulled out “to make more room in your mouth.” See the end of Chapter 1 for more.

This is the same retarded reasoning that gynecologists use to push ovarian removal during hysterectomies “to prevent ovarian cancer.” These tumors are rare, and cutting ovaries out leaves women vulnerable to osteoporosis and other diseases of aging, so the procedure is a net loss. But like pulling normal teeth, it is easy surgery and easy money. Butchered by “Healthcare” tells the story (word search the PDF for “hysterectomy.”)

Dental “professional” groups also advocate polluting tap water with fluoride. Most of it is sourced from China and contaminated with lead. To dispose of their waste product conveniently, the producers pay the American Dental Association millions each year to promote its supposed benefits.

Fluoride is a neurotoxin that, among other hazards, decreases children’s IQs. Ninety percent of US, Canadian, and Australian water supplies are “fluoridated,” but the rest of the world has mostly banned it. See Chapter 6.

The worst dental crime by far is that almost all of them perform root canals. This consists of killing teeth, mummifying them, and leaving them in place to rot and spread disease. This profoundly health-damaging procedure was disowned by its inventors. However, both general dentists and endodontists, their ethically challenged subspecialty, continue this profitable practice. Sixty percent of Europeans and somewhat fewer people residing elsewhere have at least one root canal

This video is the most accessible complete reference. Also, see Chapter 4. 

I interviewed two senior dentists, Dr. Gammal from Australia (Chapter 4) and another from Europe, who requested anonymity. They separately confirmed their opinion that dentists cause forty percent of human diseases in the developed world. In Africa and other underdeveloped areas, dentistry is less “advanced,” so it is less hazardous.

My anonymous expert told me hair-raising tooth tales 

He said dentists do not bother checking blood pressure or using monitoring devices during procedures requiring sedation. This is dangerous because those getting intravenous drugs can stop breathing. Monitors beep loudly if this happens, and the doctor can breathe for the patient until he recovers. But if there is no monitor, the patient can die. 

He also reported that dentists do not bother to ask their patients about their medical histories. For “real” doctors, the standard of care is to have a specialist, or at least a physician who knows the patient, examine those with medical problems before surgery. This can prevent operating room disasters. 

He added, “Dentists do not use sterile technique, so their patients sometimes get massive infections. When dentists attend operating room training, their carelessness is an embarrassment. The nurses frequently ask them to re-glove when they touch the chair or table.”

He concluded, “After I understood the health hazards of mercury to the patients and me, I quit. Many of my DDS friends from the old days were poisoned by it and are dead.”

For physicians, dereliction of basic standards like these could result in license revocation. I was a trained surgical center inspector in my past life, so I know. 

I have a friend who was diagnosed with a fatal disease, and I wondered what had ruined her health. Since I was studying dentistry, I thought about her mouth. I learned that her “tooth doctor” had carved down four of her normal teeth, installed root canals—some with mercury—and placed bridges containing other metals. However, her local DDS told her that her x-ray was normal. 

So, she consulted a specialist. He said the x-ray was horrendous and that general dentists are too incompetent to read their films. When he removed the bridges and root canals, he found osteoporosis, infected “cavitations,” and large “anaerobic” abscesses smelling like excrement. It took him six hours to clean it out. He told her later that the infections would have killed her. My friend’s chronic illness gradually disappeared over several months. 

Dentists shamelessly advertise their worst crimes, but some repent 

The following is from one of their websites:

Are Root Canals Safe? We’re here to reassure you that modern root canals are not what you may imagine them to be. In fact, 97% of root canals are successful procedures, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). Plus, 85% of teeth fixed by a root canal last a lifetime.

Dentists who understand what their specialty is doing seldom speak up for fear of retaliation. It can cost them their licenses in the UK and parts of the USA. But a few confess what they have done. Becky Dutton received this letter from one:

I am reading your website with great interest and, if I am completely honest, a feeling of deep guilt and unease having inflicted patients, friends, and family with dental amalgams over a period of 30 years.

As dentists, we really were brainwashed into believing that mercury, in the form of amalgam fillings, was completely safe.

My own chronic ill health led me to early retirement in 2015 and to the start of my research into the microbiome, my previously undiagnosed parasitic infection, bad bugs and, of course, heavy metals.

Five years ago I had a course of FMT [fecal transfer to repopulate gut bacteria] and I just completed another course. Two years ago I had all my amalgam fillings removed by a holistic dentist who followed the correct guidelines.

I was very interested to read your journey and would be most grateful for further information regarding safe mercury detox.

Many thanks for creating your website. It has been a mine of eye-opening information.

Robert Gammal is a dentist who gave up traditional practice and wrote about the corruption in The Garbage Collector (2023). His website is HERE. See Chapter 4.

A few MDs also step into the light.

Paul Thomas and Ken Stoller are pediatricians who disavowed vaccines. Paul interviewed Ken in THIS fantastic podcast. 

I have never seen psychiatrists admit to insights about their specialty. Their drugs are highly addictive, universally destructive, and divorced from even the ruined science of the rest of healthcare. Flipping their minds to rationality is nearly impossible. 

Scott Schroeder is a podiatrist who learned that the metals he had been casually implanting his whole career were toxic. He has spent the last decade spreading the word about the damage they cause. See Chapter 2. 

Plastic and cosmetic surgeons who confess that breast implants are a net harm are practically unheard of. I know only three: Dr. KhanDr. Feng, and me. The first two specialize in the complicated surgery of removing implants and the surrounding scar intact. This en bloc excision offers the best chance of curing breast implant illness, a syndrome of symptomatic silicone toxicity and various accompanying infections. These surgeons have Facebook pages that allow you to communicate with their patients and hear their stories.

Parting shot 1 by the anonymous whistleblower

A DDS colleague I will call Charles called to tell me that his patient had just died in the chair. I asked him, “What was his medical history?” He replied that he did not know. I learned later that the patient had heart disease.

I asked Charles what the heart monitor showed. He replied he did not use cardiac monitors. These cost $1000, but this guy charges more than that for each crappy titanium implant he places.

I also asked how many shots of anesthetic with adrenaline he gave the man. He told me that he “lost track.” Those of us who remember our most basic training know that excess adrenaline can be fatal, especially for heart patients. We also know that too much local anesthetic is poisonous. 

I told the dentist he was lost and that he should pray. But the family never filed a lawsuit, so no one ever found out that Charles had carelessly killed his patient.

Parting shot 2

Thirty years ago, I spent three continuous days underground in Lechuguilla Cave. I saw most of the spots in this video and swam across the underground lake.

The friend who invited me on the expedition died last year of a vaccine-induced stroke. He DFL to my advice and paid the price.

To my surviving friends: please let me know by text that you looked at this video. If you do not, you DFR.

I saw this inside Lechuguilla. (Credit: video above.)

Everyone in America and Europe is damaged or has relatives who are damaged by dentists. Show this post to anyone you love. If you have the resources, and want to flatter me, sign up for a paid subscription. ❤️❤️

“Legal” disclaimer: This information is not medical advice—use it at your own risk and under provider supervision. And, I claim no copyright. As the Lebowski said, you can take any rug in the house, with or without attribution.

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