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When I fell into supporting commercial chlorine dioxide products, I was not expecting a windfall. My policy is, “I am not a nonprofit; I am a no-profit. I give what I make here to Freedom Movement charities and send all net Amazon funds to my Amazon Ads contractor.” But I started receiving emails like this several times a day:

My Frontier dashboard from yesterday:

Why is CD important? 

Chlorine dioxide is Kryptonite against Rockefeller “healthcare.” It cures Lyme, Covid, and even potentially vaccine-injury autism. It helps “long Covid,” which is primarily due to vaccines. It destroys glyphosate and may even help detoxify graphene oxide.

Commercial CD products are “gateway drugs” to general CD use. FrontierPharm’s mouthwash, nail fungus solution, and Snoot! Nasal spray make chlorine dioxide easy to use and removes the guesswork. They are safe, powerful, and effective. HERE is the Rumble link to my interview with company founders Valerie Alliger-Bograd and Michelle Herman. If doctors used CD, they could more effectively treat infections and myriad other inflammatory and neurological diseases. If ordinary people used it, they would need doctors rarely. If I had known about it while practicing, I would have been a better physician. I hope I would have considered quitting cosmetic surgery to spread the word.

Here is the deal for these MLMs 

When you click either affiliate link (#1 or #2 below) and buy mouthwash, toothpaste, Snoot! Spray or other products, you get a five percent discount, and I get a commission. You have my promise that I will give whatever I get to people and charities that promote chlorine dioxide use. 

If you click #3 and #4 below and join the MLMs, you will get commissions from those you refer. It costs nothing for you or them.

  1. My affiliate link HERE takes you to the Frontier website to buy the products.

  2. THIS ONE is for the Snoot! Spray products.

  3. If you want to help spread the word and make money, join the Frontier MLM program HERE.

  4. Snoot!’s MLM is HERE.

After you fill out the application forms to become an affiliate, in less than a day you will be sent a link to your dashboard. There, you will find special website access links to send to your friends or use on your written announcements. These will give you credit for their orders, and they will get the introductory discount. You can also make a personal code that does the same thing to use when you podcast or do other speaking. Mine, for example, are at the bottom of the second image above.

How to make your profits grow

The essential first step is to put all your contacts on a database so you can email them. Without this, you are helpless. Although there are other platforms, I like Substack. I wrote a post with step-by-step instructions about how to start yours HERE. I have another essay about improving your writing HERE

You likely have thousands of contacts. Copy them from your phone, put them in a CSV file, then upload them into your Substack database. This is perfectly legal, and there are instructions on the Substack website. 

To tell your readers the story, I recommend you first repost my chlorine dioxide essay (HERE) that explains the whole thing. Simply copy and paste this as a new episode. Since the story is complex and requires study to believe it, consider leaving it intact, but you have my permission to cut it up any way you want.

When I repost, I always put a few comments in italics at the start. Crediting the author and linking him* is good etiquette. You might write something like this:

Hello, Sally Smith here. You are on my phone’s contact list, so I am sending you the first issue of my newsletter. I hope you enjoy it, but if you decide to unsubscribe, go to the very bottom and click the button. I respect your privacy and will never discover you were too busy to read my writing. 

I occasionally supplement my writing by reposting other authors’ work. The following is a critical story by Dr. Robert Yoho from THIS LINK. It might save your life. 

Then, paste the essay, work on your title, and click send.

That should get your readers’ attention. Write another post in a week or so telling them about these MLMs and how they can make money. Alternatively, copy and paste my follow-up posts from HERE or HERE. You might grow faster if you also promise to give your proceeds to chlorine dioxide charities. 

*Using that he/she nonsense perverts the wonderful differences between the sexes.

Rescue Yourself

This is the Epilogue to Judas Dentistry. You may copy and send your fans this or any of my other posts or book chapters.

No one is coming to save any of us. We must research as if our lives depend on it, for they do. We will only survive if we use all our wits, cunning, and thinking flexibility. See you around the study hall. Warning: I have a bad habit of wasting other students’ time during my breaks.

Using chlorine dioxide to treat disease is heavily suppressed

The prohibitions against making claims are akin to the rules chiropractors face. In many states, they are forbidden to say that they treat or cure and can only state that they support good health. To comply with laws like these, Snoot! Spray is marketed as a “nose cleanser,” and the Frontier products are for external use only. 

Legal note for you: If you join the Frontier or the Snoot! Spray group, never say their products treat or cure disease. Val, Michelle, and their companies make no therapeutic claims.

CD is an old, well-known compound that cannot be patented and is inexpensive to make. It offers no hope of substantial corporate profits, so there is no incentive to study it in the ways Rockefeller Medicine claims is required. But thousands of success stories are evidence that it works. As you learn about CD, remember what Pierre Kory said, “A thousand anecdotes become data.” I call them proof.

I am in a multi-decade battle to the death with the nail fungus I caught from my climbing shoes. Once a week, I use a Dremel tool to grind it down and apply the ointment du jour. Nothing has worked. I have been unwilling to take oral antifungals for fear they would damage my brain and liver. Fluconazole is fluoridated, for God’s sake. 

Until recently, I assumed my infestation would outlive me. But Frontier Pharma’s product is turning the tide, and I am hoping to watch my fellow traveler die before my eyes. I am enjoying poisoning it. 

I have friends with mouth problems, and they say that Frontier’s mouthwash is helping them. Val gets grateful phone calls about this every week.

Valerie and Michelle are far from rich and nearly abandoned their business in frustration two years ago. Their company faces the same growth problems as any startup—how does it bootstrap and grow? Frontier and Snoot recently started affiliate sales with multilevel marketing (MLM) capacity. This incentivizes the small but vocal group who understands CD to sell it. Growth rather than short-term profit is the goal.

Most MLMs require an upfront “investment” and then sell humdrum or nearly useless household products. Frontier Pharm and Snoot! have no purchase requirement, minimum order, or “starter package.”

I joined and made $1800 in the first three weeks, and this is growing. I give away every penny to groups that support and educate people about chlorine dioxide. CD is unique—it is virtually unknown and works phenomenally well. The big corporations stand against it, for it threatens their revenues. Val and Michelle have had to listen to their lies about chlorine dioxide being bleach for years.


Michelle Herman,; Owner and President.

Valerie Alliger-Bograd, Owner and President of Frontier Pharmaceutical, Inc.,, O: 631-367-3400

Learn how to make chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) in your kitchen

The following videos show a method of dissolving pure CD in water popularized by Andreas Kalcker:

✪ HERE ( by Christian Elliot from



✪ HERE is how to make a quart at a time conveniently.

The process happens inside a sealed jar or bottle surrounded by water. The CD gas that is produced saturates the water. The solution will last many months in a sealed, refrigerated brown bottle.

Jim Humble invented a way to make a closely related but stronger preparation, dilute sodium chlorite (NaClO2) solution. Sodium chlorite 22.5 percent is mixed with an “acid activator.*” A minute later, it is ready to dilute and consume. Although this is effective and most people tolerate it well, it has an unpleasant taste and can occasionally cause stomach upset, diarrhea, and, rarely, vomiting. However, it is more effective than CDS against autism and likely other severe conditions such as Lyme. People over 50 should avoid problems by sticking with CDS.

Humble created confusion by inventing multiple names for his creation. He called the above “Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)” and Kalcker’s pure CDS “activated MMS.”

*Four percent hydrochloric acid is best, but alternatively, lemon juice, lime juice, or vinegar (5% acetic acid) may be used. Citric acid 50% works but causes more side effects unless you are making CD solution as above. THIS LINK may be more than you need to know about Humble’s invention.

See my Substack article HERE for more.

To obtain ingredients:

✪ Buy pre-made CDS solution for “water purification” HERE

✪ For $200 or less, you can get half gallons of sodium chlorite 22.5% and hydrochloric acid 4% from chemical companies selling on Ebay and elsewhere. You can make enough CDS or CD for your entire neighborhood for years.

✪ A simple manufacturing method using a tablet added to a base solution is HERE.

✪ Amazon sells small amounts of these ingredients in dropper bottles, but many links seem to have been censored. HERE is one that still works.

To finish reading or to copy the whole chapter, download Judas Dentistry HERE.

Since I retired, I give no specific medical advice. This information is for general education only. If you have health problems, find an experienced, licensed provider to treat you. By now, I have concluded that you need both an MD and someone who knows alternative medicine. But never check your critical thinking abilities at the door—do your research and participate in your care.

Chlorine dioxide is the most important story that I have covered. Read my original post about it again if you do not understand this yet. And if you have any friends left after you explain the MLM, send them over to this Substack. No upfront “investment” is required!

Parting shot #1

Polymath Paul approves of my conversion to “moon denier.” I reported this HERE in my Dave Payette interview.

Paul says, “Lower the friction on your readers by giving them the best references. Be sure their source is not the straw man appearing when they Google it.” He recommends:

  • Wagging the Moon Doggie by McGowan

  • American Moon by Mazzucvo is the best video documentary. It is long, but nobody debunks the ideas as thoroughly:

Parting shot #2

Michelle told me she wanted to give her international customers some love. Overseas orders have shipping costs of about $35. She told me she would put together a discount for you if you buy a special package of products from the Frontier website. This includes her Snoot! Spray. Give her a week, and email her at the address above if the bundled products proposal does not appear.

Errata: Kerri Rivera says that the dose of methylene blue for Parkinson’s is 25 drops (not milligrams) of the liquid orally twice daily, dissolved in water. This is a dropper and a quarter—1.25 milliliters for most dropper bottles. No food should be taken for an hour before or after. 

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