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Yoho comment: The past is a spent resource, a sunk cost that cannot be recovered. You must continually decide whether to retain your hard-won views or change your mind. If you blind yourself to reality, you waste time, money, and effort—and miss hazards. These days, it can cost you your life.

My most painful experiences have been changing my mind about “facts” and throwing off old ideas. Dave (Substack address HERE) does it better than me.

Even if you think all this is old news, scan for the disagreement in the middle of this post and tell me what you think.

All Wars Are Bankers Wars

Check out this excellent 43-minute documentary from Michael Rivero below. Yes, it is from 2010, but Dr. Mercola just published a piece on it last week. With minimal effort, here is a great opportunity to gain a good high-level understanding of how the world’s most powerful bankers have been responsible for every major war in modern history; how their private central banks captured and rigged the global financial system; how this rigged system has produced unfathomable wealth and power for them, while enslaving We the People and our nations in a hopeless system of spiralling debt and regularly recurring wars; and how, if allowed to continue unchallenged, this will ultimately ensure the destruction of our economies, our currencies, our treasuries, and of nation-state sovereignty altogether. Essentially, life as we know it:

Of course, this is what the powerful families behind the central banks – the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, and the Morgans etc, and their wealthy industrialist cohorts intended all along. This is because they have always seen the current system and social compact, including free market capitalism, individual rights, nation-states, democracy, and especially the United States Constitution as constraints on their power. They have also believed for well over a hundred years that that system must be comprehensively destroyed in order to bring about a one world government, i.e., a New World Order or Great Reset, which is completely controlled by them.

Here is Dr. Mercola’s article, which provides a summary and a trimmed down transcript of the documentary:

All Wars Are Bankers Wars PDF:


I have seldom seen this information laid out so well, outside the confines of a 300 to 500-page book, of which there are many. Whether with Rivero’s video or Mercola’s article, which only takes about 15 minutes to read, the above provide an excellent overview of the true history of these private central banks and their impacts on US military and foreign policy among other things.

They also offer a gander at how easy it is for the world’s most powerful private bankers to run all governments from the shadows, which they do, with their rigged financial system, and how, ultimately, they are the proximate visible force behind almost all the major ills plaguing our world. Most importantly, clear solutions are well laid out. While they are not easy, they are simple and achievable, if enough people wake up to the problem before it is too late.

David Web, The Great Taking

David Web is a former hedge fund manager who has just authored a new book called The Great Taking. I had the pleasure of meeting David and seeing him give a lecture on his book at a wonderful freedom movement event that was recently held by the fantastic Doctor’s Appeal organization in Sweden.

As Sasha Laytpova describes in her post below, this lecture began at 11 pm and went until 1 am, and so extraordinary was it that the room was still packed at the end. So enthralled were many of us, that several stragglers, including me, waited around to pester David afterwards with more questions until close to two in the morning.

Sasha continues: “…the lecture was by David Webb. His topic – The Great Taking, by which he means the mechanism of immediate confiscation of your financial assets by the owners of the central banks. This mechanism is already in place (it is not dependent on the digital IDs and CBDC). If you thought you owned the financial securities in your retirement account, think again – turns out they are not really yours.”

Due Diligence and Art
David Webb, The Great Taking
Have you ever attended a lecture on finance that started at 11pm, went till 1am and the room was still packed? This was a first time for me, and I attended a lot of conferences in my life. The lecture was by David Webb. His topic – The Great Taking, by which he means the mechanism of immediate confiscation of your financial assets by the owners of the…
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As I was listening to this brilliant lecture, I really felt I was seeing Part II of The Creature From Jekyll Island. The Great Taking essentially picks up where G. Edward Griffin’s famous masterpiece ends. It shows us where the original sin (okay, early modern sin) of the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1913 has brought us to in the present day, where it is still inexorably leading, and what our central banks have really been up to behind our backs the last 40 or 50 years in furthering this agenda.

Together with our governments and legislatures, both of which these private central bankers control, they have gradually installed in stealth all the necessary legislative framework and other preparation needed globally to usher in a World Economic Forum vision of reality where we all “own nothing and (will NOT) be happy” can be legally brought into existence when the current debt markets collapse, as they inevitably will (be made to do).

In essence, The Great Taking reveals the methods at work to make the so-called Great Reset happen – proving beyond any reasonable doubt that said ‘Great Reset’ is not simply a silly crazed vision of fascist psychopaths and their useful-fool sycophants who gather every year in Davos, but a long and carefully planned agenda that is approaching its final stages in line with the UN’s 2030 Agenda timeline.

Sasha explains the rest masterfully, so please check out her post above. There you will also see a short interview Ivor Cummins did with David Web the following day. David wants to keep a low profile, so I would not be surprised if we do not see him in many other interviews. I was standing next to Ivor for a good 15 minutes at one in the morning as he was trying to cajole David into agreeing to that interview. I am glad he succeeded, but you are probably going to have to read the book for more.

The Great Taking is free to download here. It can also be purchased, if you prefer to read from an actual book, as I do. The Great Taking is next on my list of books to read, but based on the strength of the lecture, I can guarantee it is a ‘must read’. The lecture was so riveting, that I took close to 15 pages of notes thinking I was going to dedicate an entire post to it. But thanks to Sasha, I no longer have to do that.

Disagreement: The Full-scale Nanotechnology Attack On Us All

Note by Yoho: Dave is a friend of mine and one of our brilliant commentators, but he was fooled by the following psy-op. Read what he says below, look at my refutation following, and make your judgment. Then roast whomever you think is wrong in the comments; we can take it. Here is Dave:

As many of us who follow them know, Drs. Ana Maria Mihalcea and David Nixon are two of the world’s leading independent researchers using microscopy to study the Covid-19 injections and their effects on human blood and public health. Their research indicates that it is no longer just the blood of those who received the injections, but that of us all, which has been adversely impacted by the covid bioweapons, with potentially dire implications for humanity.

In short, their microscopy, which anyone can freely see and read about via their links above, lays bare the globalist transhumanism and depopulation agendas for all to see.

For anyone who might not know what transhumanism is, you probably heard of ‘crazy’ conspiracy theories about globalist plans to physically connect and control us all from a central global computer. Or, maybe you simply heard technocrat billionaire Elon Musk say many times that he is actively working to help bring about a similar vision for us in his own special way. In any event, that is my overly brief framing of transhumanism for the purposes of this article. As an aside: in my opinion, Musk is a controlled CIA Op, much like Twitter always was and so remains as ‘X’, so when he says much of anything, my advice is to assume it is the CIA that is speaking or ‘doublespeaking’, as the case may be.

Yoho commentary: I explain how to avoid being fooled HERE in my post, “A Few Less Things to Worry About.” As a case in point, I dissected Milhalcea (or is it MilhalCIA?) thoroughly.

Latypova is the best of us, and Dave thinks so too. I quote her extensively in my article—have a look. Without naming names, she laid out how she knows Mihalcea is a fraud.

Additionally, one of our respected Freedom Movement leaders has studied microscopy professionally. He says MilhalCIA’s findings are “bull***t.” I do not have permission to reveal the source, so it is hearsay evidence resting on my knowledge of the quote’s chain of custody.

Next is more from my article, but read the rest of my analysis and particularly the Latypova sections if you want to be sure. Your peace of mind depends on it. Here is what I wrote:

I loosely followed Ana for several months but could never focus on her because my gut told me something was wrong. She claimed to be seeing patients yet churned out an incredible Substack volume. I know how consuming medical practices are, so her output was improbable without a ghost writer. I speculate based on her content that she hired a 20 year old kid who is still enjoying his science fiction decade, just like I did between 11 and 21 years old. The essays are riddled with basic usage errors that an MD/PhD like Ana would (hopefully) not make.

Mihalcea mixes religion, apocalyptic imagery, and scientific-sounding info that I do not understand. Her central claim is that graphene oxide “micro-bots” are taking over the bloodstream of the entire populace. She shows horrifying darkfield microscope video images of little metal machines rushing through our circulation. She also says that they are transmitted or “shed” from the vaxed to the unvaxed.

She claims in panicky tones that this will transform us into cyborg warriors. Or something like that—my eyes glaze over when I read her. She mixes religion, mythology, and science fiction. She also supplies us with tasty images:

By golly, this is Gandalf and the Balrog from Lord of the Rings. From HERE.

She drops gems like this:

The Annunaki* (sic; this is spelled Anunnaki) and other advanced races have contributed to the DNA of the human embodiment. The biblical references would be to the Watchers, yet the Sumerian tablets give a much more detailed and accurate account of the many extraterrestrial Genesis projects. The Annunaki have created human bodies to serve them by mixing their DNA with the humanoids on earth and evolving them as their slaves to mine the Earth for Gold, which is the manna of the Gods. Even science has found an irrefutable extraterrestrial signal in human DNA.

*Anunnaki, Nephilim, Atlantis & Archons. An advanced race [Nephilim] that came to earth to mine for gold. In the process, they ‘tinkered’ with the beings on earth and created an upgraded version of humans. They have been trapped here for at least 50,000 years. They communicated with “Off-World” beings known as Archons to figure out how to escape their prison planet. (I hope this clarifies things for you.)

If you can look at all this with a straight face, you also believe in the tooth fairy. I needed no more data to ignore Michalcia, but a panicky friend prodded me to look closer.

So I read Ana’s last few Substacks and found that a fellow traveler, James Grundvig, was recently on a podcast with her. I interviewed and had lunch with him once. Not long ago, Grundvig’s whole act was the QAnon thing—claiming that various species of public servants would ride in on white horses and save our lives from the Cabal.

During my brief enthusiasm for Grundvig, I encouraged Peter Breggin to do a podcast with him. Peter told G that his opinions were ridiculous and came close to cutting off his microphone. My bad, Dr. Breggin, sorry!

I asked my brilliant friends about Ana. Jim Arnold of LiarsWorld Substack told me “I’m skeptical of her because she’s so typical of the mindf**k playbook – drone on about super scary science that’s going to be the end of humanity. And Polymath Paul wrote:

Anybody carrying water for archons, demons, alien invasions, or part-man, part-machine cyborg warriors is either a moron or a paid shill. I think [Michalcia] is an op and a distraction. The appeals to authority with no corroboration. The fearmongering…

Back to Dave and the next topic:

For more on transhumanism, here are the last 35 minutes of the Big Reset Movie, which focus predominantly on that agenda. I suppose anything is possible, but I struggle to fathom how anyone who still trusts their government and still believes the official covid narratives could watch this and still manage not see it in plain sight.

The Big Reset Movie


SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

Dear Friends, The documentary below is the single best presentation I have seen on what the past 2.5 years have really been about. A huge shoutout must be given to the impressive people in Spain, France, and elsewhere across Europe who made this happen. Nearly all the riddles our most powerful ‘elites’ have conspired to wrap in mysteries, inside enigmas…

Read full story

The Fakeologist and the Fake Dr. David Martin

Okay, this is not that recent, but here is an outstanding exposé of David Martin from the Fakeologist, which I only came across recently. Frankly, it is one of the more interesting and eye-opening essays I have read for quite some time:

I understand that most people who find this page will be very familiar with David Martin, but for those who are not: Martin seemed to come from nowhere soon after the covid injections came to market. He gained instant notoriety and a large following in the freedom movement for being an ardent critic of these so-called vaccines. As the founder and CEO of a company that purportedly analyzes patents on a worldwide basis looking for trends and data insights, Martin also helped bring new information to light about the prior existence of multiple patents, which certainly appeared to indicate that Covid-19 had, indeed, been planned long in advance.

Martin has been one of the most articulate and outspoken public figures in the freedom movement. However, like at least one other very prominent figure and perhaps many lesser known individuals in the movement, Martin also appears to be a spook and a controlled-opposition fraud.

Many have suspected this for a long time. Martin has something of a cocky demeanor, which does not pass the smell test for a lot of people. I was one of them, but I certainly found many of Martin’s arguments compelling and readily verifiable, because many of them were both those things.

What really did it for me was Martin’s in-your-face use of numbers and symbols that speak to the Illuminati crowd. This was blatant and so it remains. So, I took the time to study these things a little bit. For those interested, James Musker’s ‘The New World Religion and the Beliefs of the Elite’ (2018) provides an excellent foundation for understanding the secret society symbols and numerology used by many of our elite psychopaths. Whether these elites literally believe in these things as part of their demented ideology is open for debate. Musker and others certainly convince me that at least some of them do. However, what is undeniable is that many of them take great pleasure in using their symbols and numerology as a means of clandestinely communicating with one another in plain sight of us all. Musker’s work also reveals in great detail just how long-planned, large-scale, and advanced the New World Religion efforts of the elite are, as well as the integral role this additional major mind control effort plays in the overall New World Order agenda. Until I read Musker’s work, I greatly underestimated the significance of all of the above, as I suspect most conspiracy researchers do.

Returning to Martin, and speaking of New World Religion efforts, not long after he appeared on the scene, I subscribed to his newsletter and, lo and behold, I started receiving direct mailings inviting me to join forums and participate in paid seminars or classes, many of which I would characterize as being very ‘New Age-ish’. I did not pursue these solicitations. I could not reconcile their stark difference and unrelated nature with Martin’s more public agenda, which I could identify with. In other words, they made no sense to me at the time, but they certainly do now with hindsight.

So, I had a strong sense that Martin was controlled opposition. I was also well aware of the concept of Fifth Generation Warfare or what Daniel Abbot describes as a war of “information and perception”. Ditto for the weaponization of the Hegelian Dialectic. But I had a very limited understanding of how all these things actually come together and work in practice at a sophisticated level. However, I have since read the Fakeologist’s essay above and, WOW, do I see it much more clearly now. There is nothing like a good case study to help one understand something complex, and when it comes to controlled opposition in a Fifth Generation Warfare era, David Martin makes for an excellent case study.

For those who still believe Martin is really what he purports to be, read and watch the Fakeologist skilfully deconstruct it all, piece by piece. For those who were already onto Martin and for those who do not know him, this essay is still worthwhile, because it dissects and shows with great precision how controlled opposition at its best actually works. Such knowledge is valuable in this day and age and here the Fakeologist has done an outstanding job with his research and resulting essay.

Yoho last word: sophisticated psychopaths imitate human emotions. Some even have empathy—they understand human feelings. But they do not have sympathy, which is caring about others. Keep an eye out for these jackals and never underestimate your ability to be fooled by the next one. This has happened to me. But for Martin, my spider alarms went off every time I heard him speak.

I apologize for this painful read; it was just as bad for me, and I had to narrate it. I will be back to health topics right away. If you value my work, please grab some subscribers and put their emails below. If you want to flatter me, become a paid subscriber. Best and thanks. ❤️❤️

Yoho note: I claim no copyright; you may quote any of my essays or books in part or whole without restriction or permission if you credit me. My writing is my opinion and general commentary, and because I am retired, I never give medical advice. As always, examine the sources and come to your own conclusions. Make your own decisions about your health and use the information here at your own risk. 

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