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I am privileged to share my tutoring from some of the finest minds in natural medicine. When I get discouraged by the evil forces against us, I think of the untold numbers of wonderful people like Steve, the pseudonym of a friend with vast chlorine dioxide experience. 

CD has profound and universal effects on health. When used chronically, it can cure many diseases, prevent others, and threaten every part of Rockefeller medicine. Study this post as if your life depends on it, for it does. The prerequisites are to read my introduction HERE and watch THESE TWO videos at double speed.

A news report from 2020 lends instant credibility to chlorine dioxide:

Amazon has removed more than a dozen books that unscientifically claim that homemade bleach, chlorine dioxide, can cure conditions ranging from malaria to childhood autism. The books include directions for making and ingesting the concoction, which doctors and federal regulators have warned is dangerous.

Book censorship is still rare and, of course, unconstitutional. Amazon’s exception for chlorine dioxide is a bloody red flag that proves we are bombing the target. But what can you say to an 800-pound gorilla? Absolutely nothing.

Steve’s wife Sally initially agreed to this interview if his name was omitted. Later, after a conniption fit, she told Steve that he would be doing without if anything that tied him to the story was published.

I doubt if Sally is one of my subscribers, and Steve says she DFR, so maybe she would never have found out about this post. But I cannot risk having my friend deprived because of my evil influence, so I reluctantly stripped out his impressive backstory and am left with what follows. It is still so valuable that I studied it carefully. I hate to cooperate with wives p***y whipping husbands, but that is how it has always been.

This post would have been heavily referenced were it not for these circumstances, so to test its credibility, you must do your homework from the sources at the end. I will not strain our relationship by suggesting you trust me, for that is terrible advice these days.

After considering Sally’s position, I believe her privacy concerns are valid. However, because other women have subjected me to her methods, I have lost my sense of humor about it.

The rest is Steve’s interview, with my comments in italics

I was researching cancer treatments in PubMed. I learned that patients primarily die not from the diseases but from the treatments. They often become immune-compromised, end up in the ICU with sepsis, and die from a combination of fungal and bacterial infections. During my research, I repeatedly encountered FDA statements saying CD was poison.

In early 2017, a friend told me about a missionary who was curing many diseases and gave me his number. I was soon speaking to Jim Humble, and it was the first time I heard the truth about chlorine dioxide. He called it “MMS1.”

I then stumbled on the first chlorine dioxide documentary, Quantum Leap. The film explained the FDA’s lies, and I suddenly realized CD was credible. My research was easier back then because many platforms that are banned today were still open and active.

The biggest contributors to our chlorine dioxide knowledge were Howard Alliger, Jim Humble, and recently, Andreas Kalcker. Alliger discovered and patented some medicinal benefits and started the Alcide company. Humble was on a South American gold mining expedition when his crew fell desperately ill. He gave each of them a few drops of his sodium chlorite water purifier, and they recovered within a few hours. It was a watershed moment—his serendipitous discovery was the first time CD was used orally.

Kalcker popularized chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) and a simple way to make it at home. Some older people get stomach upset using Humble’s version, where the two components are mixed at the time of consumption, so this was an advance. However, a few years of experience with CDS proved that it was less effective than MMS1 because, unfortunately, CDS is rapidly inactivated in the stomach.

I was then introduced to a man who rapidly cured his family of Covid using the Aquamira water purifier drops that are still sold at REI and online sources. When he called the company, the owner said they knew about the health effects but that their product was designed for backpacking. They refused to explore medical usage.

He connected me with the 84-year-old chemist who developed Aquamira. He said he worked for “intelligence” agencies from the 1960s through 1980 and that chlorine dioxide was developed early in his time there. He also told me that the Jet Propulsion Laboratories found ways to use CD to purify milk for long-term shelf life without refrigeration.

He said that people in the higher echelons of the scientific community knew about chlorine dioxide’s therapeutic benefits. They also understood information suppression, which is similar to the situation for ivermectin and other drugs. This has happened repeatedly since Rockefeller medicine hatched out of some evil swamp a hundred years ago. 

He also described an African corporation that used CD water purification to prevent employee cholera, malaria, and other diseases. The local people took water from the river next to the facility, and they noticed that even the tiny amount of chlorine dioxide in the runoff cured their diseases.

A political boss flew to the plant in a helicopter. He asked to speak to whoever was putting the CD in the water and told them to stop. He said that the country needed to let people die to keep the population at “sustainable” levels. 

Yoho: “Sustainable.” This jargon is not new.

Therapeutic effects seem to occur in tiny amounts. Might the concentrations we are using for treatments be excessive?

To purify water against the most common viruses and bacteria, you only need 0.5 parts per million (ppm). The CDS stock solution is 3000 ppm. For oral use, it should be diluted to about 50 ppm (60 to 1, or 16 cc per liter). When you drink it, your body decreases the concentration further. How much you are getting is unknown, but it is a tiny, safe amount.

Chlorine dioxide knowledge is now open and available from many sources. For example, Pablo Campra, a chemist from Mexico, proved that toxicity is not a problem unless huge doses of three milligrams per kilogram per day are used.

Can you discuss Jim Humble’s MMS versus Kackler’s CDS?

Humble created several confusing names. He initially used sodium chlorite (NaClO2) by itself, which he called MMS (“miracle mineral solution.”) When this is mixed with a weak acid, it activates to MMS1. Only a small proportion of it becomes chlorine dioxide, and reaction byproducts are also produced. When Humble gave sodium chlorite (MMS) to his gold miners in South America, it was activated when it reacted with the hydrochloric acid in their stomachs.

Chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) is pure chlorine dioxide dissolved in water. It can be made using a simple process of combining the two ingredients in the presence of water within a sealed glass container. (See “How to make chlorine dioxide in your kitchen” in THIS post and watch the videos.)

One standard drop of sodium chlorite (this terminology refers to using another drop of acid activator as well) is roughly equivalent to two milliliters of CDS 3000 ppm solution.

What works best?     

Kerri Rivera has enormous experience using both preparations. She says that MMS1 (acid-activated sodium chlorite) works better than CDS for autism, and this is likely true for other conditions as well.

Kalcker’s theory is that if you have cancer, infection, or exposure to toxins, pesticides, or herbicides, your body has some abnormally acidic areas. When you consume sodium chlorite, it is drawn deep into your tissues to these places. The activation reaction happens when it is exposed to localized acidity. Sodium chlorite is rapidly “oxidized” there and produces chlorine dioxide, which kills fungi, viruses, and bacteria. This also renders these abnormally acidic tissues more basic in areas such as cancer. Normal gut bacteria, such as the gut microbiome, are unaffected because they are not acidic.

MMS1 is stronger than chlorine dioxide solution. However, I cannot make a blanket statement that MMS1 is superior because there are cases where CDS is more appropriate. Providers should know how to use both. 

For example, some people over 50 tolerate MMS or MMS1 poorly. Also, CDS works well for topical open-wound management. I use relatively high concentrations of it inside the mouth, such as one-half or one-quarter-strength CDS from the 3000 ppm stock bottle. On the other hand, sodium chlorite or acidified sodium chlorite can be painful when used in the mouth.

Combining strong concentrations of CDS with a little 99.995 percent pure DMSO intraorally allows the pure chlorine dioxide to penetrate. It potentially even sterilizes tooth abscesses. Hold it in your mouth for a minute, then spit it out three times a day. Macular degeneration responds to intraocular use.

I always encourage people to start low and increase their concentration if they tolerate it. This applies to all chlorine dioxide products.

I once put several drops of CDS 3000 ppm under my tongue. It burned, so I always advise diluting it to 1/2 or 1/4 strength and using a mouth spray to dispense small quantities.

Val and Michelle of Frontier Pharm and Snoot! Spray told me about a young woman who mistakenly drank a liter of the concentrate over a day and didn’t notice anything wrong. Her sinusitis vanished immediately, of course. Do not try this at home.

I have seen some remarkable recoveries from many diseases using chlorine dioxide—from Covid to AIDS to Lyme to chronic malaria, and even cancer. The testimonials are stunning.

One woman who was bedridden for years with Lyme completely recovered. Other cases slowly improved over several months. Most of them used it for a year for fear it would recur.

I also have a friend in his late 20s who was bedridden with Lyme. His dad had to pick him up and carry him to the bathroom. Chlorine dioxide cured him in a few months, and now he’s back to normal. When he starts feeling fatigued, he takes CDS daily for another month.

I told him he might instead sip from a liter every 15 or 20 minutes over four hours, three days a week. The benefits would likely be the same as a more aggressive and time-consuming protocol. Using the CD would also likely prevent many other diseases.

I read Kalker’s work. His approach is very academic, and his protocols seem needlessly complicated.

I have heard of many ways chlorine dioxide has been used, and Kalcker’s recipes are not the only path to success. Topical sprays work, and even baths (with 50 activated drops or more) work. If someone cannot handle the taste, it can be used as an enema. If I were to do enemas, I would use only CDS because it is less irritating.

Chlorine dioxide’s vaporizing property is a safety net that prevents harm. The more it is diluted, the safer it is. Fifty parts per million may be optimal for internal consumption of CDS.

Can you explain the oxidizing qualities of MMS and CDS?

Oxidizers and reducers are like the Chinese symbol yin and yang, representing two opposing natural forces. A substance is oxidized when it acquires oxygen molecules and donates electrons to another chemical called a reducing agent. Reduction happens when oxygen molecules are lost, and electrons are gained.

To fight infections and toxins, the body produces natural reactive oxygen species (ROS). The body’s antioxidants neutralize them shortly after they are created. When you get an infection, white blood cells produce hypochlorous acid to oxidize and neutralize acidic bacteria and toxins.

Can you use CD, a powerful oxidizer, and still take antioxidant vitamins and medicines?

Dr Kalcker says that antioxidants destroy chlorine dioxide. Coffee, DMSO, and methylene blue are all antioxidants, and he says to avoid taking them when you take CD. When exposed to CDS, coffee lightens in color, sometimes to the point of going clear. This happens because it is a strong antioxidant that is getting oxidized.

Kalcker says that tea, alcohol, citrus, nuts, seeds, milk, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are antioxidants and cause these effects, too. Also, do not take vitamins C and E and the minerals zinc, copper, or selenium. If your stomach is full, the chlorine dioxide must oxidize its contents before it can work its magic on your body, so you should eat lightly or not at all when consuming CD.

This sounds impractical, but since chlorine dioxide only lasts at most two hours in the body, you can plan around it. Do not consume coffee or the rest at the same time you are using chlorine dioxide. Kerri Rivera says you can take these at bedtime or at least two hours after your last dose. Another reasonable course would be to use CD and your vitamins on alternate days.

Based on what I have seen, taking chlorine dioxide 8 hours a day every day may not work any better than drinking it over five hours every other day. Unfortunately, most prescription medications also interfere with CD, and if you can, do not take them simultaneously with it.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are demonized because they oxidize, while saturated fat does not. Can you comment on that and how it fits into this story?

When a fatty acid or fat is oxidized, the reaction products can cause injury. If LDL is oxidized, for example, the products can be toxic. These can damage your body. 

If your mitochondria are dysfunctional, excess reactive oxygen species (ROS) are generated, which produce an oxidative environment. Without enough compensatory reduction, excess electrons build up in mitochondria. If these cannot be removed (reduced), chronic diseases may develop. These opposing forces within your body are natural, but a healthy balance must be maintained. 

Reactive oxygen species are not bad per se, but overproduction of ROS is harmful. This is analogous to exercising too much. If you generate too many ROS, your body will tell you to stop.

When reactive oxygen species are overproduced, DNA can be damaged. People are taking mega-doses of vitamin C and other antioxidants, which potentially produce a problem for chronic usage. I think we take too many vitamins and that idolizing antioxidants is wrong.

There is a balance, and you should listen to your body. Reading the literature and seeing what has been proven to work is also helpful. When there are no human studies, animal data about toxicity is often available, and we can extrapolate from that.

Many functional physicians claim that 90-plus percent of their patients have fungal colonization, yeast colonization, or overgrowth. Many prescribe fluconazole, a fluoridated drug that crosses the blood-brain barrier. They tell stories about people with brain tumors who were colonized with fungus and responded dramatically to fluconazole. Can chlorine dioxide replace fluconazole to suppress fungal and yeast infections?

If I wanted to see if that was possible, I would look for data on ozone, which is an oxidizer like chlorine dioxide. CD can do anything that ozone can, but it does not work as rapidly because the oxidation potential or charge on ozone is higher. Chlorine dioxide is safer, however. Ozone can cause damage.

Chlorine dioxide can also attach to more free electrons and reduce more things in the body than ozone. It does not rip anything apart that is part of normal biochemistry. Ozone is more likely to do this.

Can you discuss the use of colloidal silver with chlorine dioxide and what colloidal silver does?

It is my understanding that they should not be taken together. If you take colloidal silver, it should be several hours after you’ve finished any chlorine dioxide protocols for the day.

I’m familiar with colloidal silver’s antibiotic properties. I bought a small colloidal silver generator and did experiments where I added a milliliter of colloidal silver that I had generated to a glass of milk. I left the mixture out on the counter for seven days and then drank it. It was not curdled and had not been refrigerated. I did not get sick, which may be evidence of silver’s antibiotic properties. I’ve heard some people say there are antiviral properties, but I have not been able to confirm this.

Is 50 parts per million CDS the concentration that is used intravenously?

Thirty to fifty. You could also start lower and go higher. 

Does it need to be buffered or heat sterilized?

It does not need to be sterilized. Saline can be used to dilute it. I have seen people give IVs to themselves, but this seems sketchy. CD is acidic, so sodium bicarb can be used to buffer it.

IV has advantages for cancer and other cases where you want to ensure that the chlorine dioxide goes systemic. When given IV, none is lost to reduction in the stomach, and the gas goes throughout the body.

I believe this because of the results I have seen. If you want to ensure that you are getting a good quantity of CDS where it’s needed to fight cancer or to help with Lyme disease, enemas can also work. Get advice from a professional for IVs because you could hurt yourself if your concentration is too strong. 

Thirty to fifty parts per million of CDS in saline is best, and it must be infused slowly. Some people use a liter for enemas, but that is a lot of fluid. If I had cancer, I would get a 50 cc syringe and attach it to a catheter that I could reuse. I would take time off work and do a 50-milliliter enema hourly so the levels would stay high.

This might be the best protocol for severe heart disease. We also have testimonials about type 2 diabetes cures with CD.

Chlorine dioxide produces “hormetic” effects, stresses that are beneficial because of adaptation responses. Some of these make the mitochondria work better. CD is analogous to moderate exercise. The pounding against gravity improves mitochondrial function and strengthens bones.

You can try different plans and test your body just as you would with exercise. If you overtrain or take too much chlorine dioxide, you can go past the hormetic optimum and create adverse effects. Everyone’s tolerance is different.

Chlorine dioxide has many mysterious healing properties. It is hard to be sure what it is doing for autism or cancer; those do not seem to be direct antibiotic effects. What do you think is happening?

You are putting oxygen where it needs to be and where it has not penetrated well. As chlorine dioxide oxidizes, it releases oxygen. This helps toxic areas and improves biological function in your heart, muscle cells, and elsewhere. Normal bodies love oxygen. 

But you can get too much. I’ve worked with intubated Covid patients who became oxygen-toxic when we put 40 liters into them. This caused worse problems than Covid.

The same is true with chlorine dioxide. When it enters your body, it oxidizes, attaches to other substances, and pulls electrons off. This happens in a size-selective and charge-selective fashion.

Areas with higher electron potential are analogous to magnets with more iron than others. The one with more will be sucked up before the one with less because of the higher iron content. Your body is similar. Chlorine dioxide is attracted to the most acidic areas, and hypoxic spots are acidic. Cancer, for example, creates localized hypoxia.

This causes mitochondrial dysfunction and leads to mutations in DNA, which promote cancer further. Reducing and releasing oxygen in those places has therapeutic effects that include decreased pain.

People with arthritis also experience hypoxia. Chlorine dioxide puts oxygen where it is needed for this and many other chronic and acute diseases.

As ClO2 (sodium chlorite) enters your body, it gets broken down and split apart. Two oxygen molecules and one chloride or Cl are released from every ClO2 molecule.

The Cl molecules immediately attach to whatever is present. The most common and easiest thing for them to bind is sodium, which turns into harmless sodium chloride or salt. This happens rapidly once chlorine dioxide is liberated and releases oxygen. It does not produce chlorine (Cl2), which is toxic.

Again, do you think that many of Kalcker’s protocols are overkill and that using chlorine dioxide more intensively, five hours a day, three days a week, would produce many of the same results?

Yes, that is my considered opinion, based on thousands of people I have been in contact with. I have also spoken to people who benefit from using it only three times a day. 

What are Jim Humble’s three golden rules?

Before I explain, Jim always said it is wise to start chlorine dioxide at low doses and increase it gradually. That is his “low and slow” principle. This is essential because everybody reacts differently. Here are the rules:

Rule #1: If you see improvements using a low dose, keep taking that dose.

Rule #2: If you see improvements but experience side effects, reduce the dose by half.

Rule # 3: If you are not seeing benefits and you’re not experiencing any side effects, increase the dose and consider doubling it. 

These help with dosage adjustment and prevent patients from developing aversions to chlorine dioxide. For example, a few people get nauseated, and others hate the taste. I always drink it ice cold and use a bottle with a small opening so I do not have to smell it. As I drink, I hold my nose or refrain from taking a breath for a moment after swallowing.

Once again, I recommend a maximum strength of 50 parts per million (50 milligrams per liter) for oral use. If you are trying to push the dose, consider using two liters instead of one rather than increasing the concentration.

How much do you weigh?

185 pounds.

Round that up to 200. Three milligrams per kilogram per day is the no-adverse-effect level. Three times 200 is 600 milligrams. You could drink 12 liters and stay within the no-observable-adverse-effect level, but I do not suggest you try this.

Keep the parts per million in the solutions you drink low. Your body may not react as well to high concentrations. To spread it out, put it in more water, drink up to three liters of solution daily, and consider taking it only three days a week.

When you learn what makes you feel good, do it as maintenance three times a week. But if you are sick, you may need more.

If you get an acute illness like Covid, I recommend making the same 50-part per-million oral solution. For a nasal spray or a nebulizer, ten or twenty parts per million is best.

I like Snoot! Spray and take it at the first sign of a respiratory infection or if people around me are sick. The first time some people use a CDS nasal spray, it may feel like horseradish. Thirty seconds later, if you use it again, there is no sensation because it has already oxidized the pathogens in your sinus. Snoot! comes in two strengths because of this issue.

If you have allergies and are exposed to pollens, you can do the same thing, and your symptoms will go away. Some people feel a momentary burning, and when they do it again, they do not.

Is Snoot! Spray 50 ppm?

When it is first mixed, it starts out at about 20 ppm and reaches a high of 80 to 120 ppm at about 10 to 12 hours. It then dissipates to about five ppm at the 8-day mark. Snoot! contains cinnamal, which inhibits viral replication. It is a great product.

To make your own CDS spray, use 20 ppm. You can buy a set of empty nasal sprayers directly from Michelle at Snoot Spray HERE. Her price is better than Amazon’s.

Frontier uses 200 ppm for nail fungus, correct?

Sometimes more concentrated than that. Some people make up a potent concentration of MMS-1 and apply DMSO along with it. The CDS can be anywhere from 500 to 1,000 ppm. If you use these high concentrations, you need to be sure you do not get it on the skin surrounding the toenails because it might burn. CDS is safer that way, and using it with a little DMSO makes it penetrate deeply.

Do you put the DMSO on the nails first or second, or does it matter?

Use it first for most applications, but it doesn’t matter on the toenail. I have seen people do foot soaks when multiple toes are affected by foot fungus or toenail fungus. It takes months, but a hundred parts per million-foot soak will eventually eliminate toenail fungus. Use this for at least five minutes daily. 

After running Kalcker’s process twice (see video), is CDS fully saturated at 3,000 parts per million?

Yes. To get it down to 100 parts per million for a foot soak, you would use 30 ccs in a liter of water.

As always, start with lower concentrations for toenails or foot soaking and gradually increase the concentration. You can always go higher, but if you damage your skin, you must wait for the burn to heal before treating the area further.

What about chronic use for older people? Three times a week, a liter of 50 ppm?

That works. I have also seen people get results with MMS using three drops in the morning and three in the evening in a cup of water. They do it to maintain their health and stimulate their mitochondria.

Roy Richards started using chlorine dioxide twenty years ago to treat his Lyme disease, and he has never stopped. He is 91 now.

Doing 20 pushups every day of the week might help you, depending on your conditioning. Two hundred might break you down and make you sick. Chlorine dioxide is like that. If you took even one drop once daily, every day of the week, for the rest of your life, it would help you.

You’re healthy. How much chlorine dioxide do you take?

It is my workout, and I switch between CDS and MMS1. I use a bottle method called a daily bottle to make CDS. HERE is how I create 700 milliliters of 30 parts-per-million-solution. I use this two or three days a week.

Kalcker’s method of putting a sealed stock bottle of 3000 ppm CDS in your refrigerator and diluting it as needed seems easier.

Yoho notes:

I have studied chlorine dioxide for over 200 hours and have used it for months. CDS is less effective than the drop method. This entails combining one to four drops, waiting a minute, mixing them in four ounces of water, and consuming it immediately. Starting out with a drop or less of each component avoids most Herx reactions. Smaller doses than this can be made by throwing out part of the mix each time. Most people have no stomach upset if they take no more than three or four drops an hour.

You can make enough CD or CDS to supply a city inexpensively. For the activator, dilute high-concentration hydrochloric acid from a laboratory or industrial source to four or five percent. For the sodium chlorite solution, buy the powder online. Weigh 28 gms of it using a Home Depot scale and mix it with 72 ccs of water. This makes the 22.4% sodium chlorite solution that is required. Perfect precision is unnecessary. (Double-check these instructions with a chemist or at least a web search.)

Kalcker’s description of chlorine dioxide is far too complex. Mixing a few drops in a glass requires no chemistry degree. Never let him, the FDA, or your doctor intimidate you.

Chlorine dioxide is a fantastic advance that will keep us from being butchered by “healthcare,” cancer, parasites, pollution, pesticides, infectious diseases, or ruined food sources.

A physician explains how CDS cured his coronary disease

I use 25% CDS and 75% water in an aerosol and place ten pushes of the aerosol under my tongue, wait 30 seconds, and swallow what is left.

I had a total blockage of a coronary artery, and when the doctors performed catheterization on me, they could not place the stent because the obstruction was total. They recommended an open heart bypass for $21,000 and $4,000 for catheterization. I had cardiocerebral ischemia; I stuttered and couldn’t move my arms. Nine cardiologists saw me, plus all the exams and seven treatments, and then I was evicted from the hospital.

I could not walk 50 meters or speak or breathe well. I started with the CDS sublingual spray technique and launched it to the world after one year of using it with amazing results.

Today, I breathe normally, can walk 5 kilometers, bike 20 kilometers, and have a blood pressure of 120/80. My resting heart rate is between 62 and 65 bpm.

I just turned 64, I take only one pill, and I apply the CDS SPRAY 7 to 8 times a day sublingually. I share it with you so that many people who are confined to their homes and cannot do anything, not even have sex, can change their lives for the better. I had everything taken from me, and I just had to wait with crossed arms for God to take me. You and those who read this testimony now have this blessing from God. Please let us evaluate all the treatments used and see which have worked and which have done harm. May God take care of us.

Steve’s response: be conservative

CDS is benign, but I would caution against using concentrated solutions like this to start. For sublingual, 100 or 50 parts per million might work fine, but 50 is more predictable. I have tried three, five, and ten sprays of the above protocol and think that three are needed at most.

References: the first three are required

  • My most important post, CHLORINE DIOXIDE SOLUTION (CDS) IS A UNIVERSAL ANTIDOTE, is HERE with many references. To make CDS in your kitchen, review that section.

  • Free guide, video documentary, training course, and online discussion group access.

  • Kacper Postawsky’s documentary discusses how chlorine dioxide is used to cure diseases worldwide.

  • CD cures cancer:

Aparicio Alonso Chlorine Dioxide Solution In Metastatic Cancer Case Series Copy
4.1MB ∙ PDF file



  • CD cures malaria but the Red Cross covered it up.

  • Dr. Andreas Kalcker’s websites have thousands of pages. He gives away information and sells courses for doctors and others.

  • Another interview with Mr. Smith is HERE.

  • Humble’s main website and chlorine dioxide forum are still active. Here is one of his books that I bought for you to help you understand MMS1. It is off copyright since he died last year.

    Mms Health Recovery Guidebook Ebook 2016b
    10.6MB ∙ PDF file




This post is not your doctor, and I am retired and do not give specific medical advice. Learning the basics of this subject took me many hours, and you have to do that unless you want to try to follow directions like a zombie. Your life is worth the effort, and the sources above will give you confidence. Do your best to find a mentor who can help; Dr. Kalcker’s group is a referral source. 

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The main point is that chlorine dioxide must be taken chronically if you want to survive all the toxins you are exposed to. Study it and make it part of your life.

Parting shot #1: How to join the CD army

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Parting shot #2: Chlorine dioxide is a great hope

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