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Bullshit! Bob, you are a dangerous, unprofessional liar!

By March 25, 2022June 10th, 2024No Comments

You are way over the threshold into the land of delusion.

I got this email after my last post, so I must have been bombing over the target. He would rather troll me than click the “unsubscribe” button found at the bottom of every post. Background: this fellow is a 68-year-old college president whom I have known and respected since our childhoods together. Although many physicians would agree with him, and I have detractors, I have not encountered name-calling like this until I got back in touch with this old friend. Apparently, this is acceptable behavior in his schoolyard.

Robert Malone says that “mass formation psychosis” explains both today’s psychology and that of the Hitler era. “When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety,” he said, “their attention gets focused by a leader or a series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis — they literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.” He goes on to say that this explains why people believe that the “vaccine” works. (from Rogan/Malone interview #1757)

Peter Rost, former Pfizer marketing vice president, wrote a few years ago that the drug industry was similar to the mob: “obscene amounts of money… killings and deaths… [and bribing] politicians and others.” Pfizer offered Paul Alexandar a million-dollar bonus and $50,000 a month if he would stop attacking them. Nothing has changed.

Dr. Alexandar is a brilliant research analyst who became an activist. Follow him on Here are samples of his writing:

When children mass die from the vaccine as they will, then the vaccine program will stop. Bourla of Pfizer will not stop, so we wait for the children to die from the vaccine and it will stop.

Yet I want to be clear to you, that IMO, there is no condition, none, in which someone should get these COVID vaccines. There is no situation under which a child is to get these COVID vaccines.

We want all who did this COVID left in underwear ONLY, strip them of all their financial wealth, and those who costed lives, if it is proven their actions resulted in death, jail them! yes, take all their wealth and jail them… all who benefitted from this COVID lie, all, we examine, we have proper legal hearings and all shown negligent and complicit, we jail them.

Related: if you want to read about the nearly BILLION-dollar golden parachute for Moderna’s CEO, see HERE.

Alex Barenson agrees that the vax is dead:

Viewed over the longer term, the picture is even worse. When Italy introduced its vaccine passport last September, it had roughly 4,000 infections a day. When it tightened restrictions in December, it had under 15,000.

Now it has 70,000 a day.

I cannot say this enough times: Covid vaccine restrictions are ending not because the mRNA vaccines have succeeded but because they have failed.

The depth of that failure is so complete that to explain it sounds almost conspiratorial. The mRNA vaccines do not just not work against Omicron, they have negative efficacy, which is why the most highly vaccinated countries in the world now have levels of infection far higher than they had last year or in 2020 – and far higher than countries that did not use the mRNA vaccines.

BlackRock is an investment company with $7 trillion in assets, the second most powerful such company on the planet. Since 2018, it has been the majority owner of Pfizer. Edward Dowd, a former managing director of BlackRock, explained why Moderna and Pfizer’s stock value has declined. In an interview with Naomi Wolf, he says that Pfizer and the FDA colluded to hide death and disease data in the vax clinical trials. In the most optimistic video of the month, RFK Jr. interviews him HERE.

We are praying that plaintiffs’ lawyers will use this to bankrupt these companies. Federal prosecutors cannot—they are impotent because they want jobs defending Pharma or working for them after they retire.

RFK Jr.’s humble and charming lecture about the current state of affairs is a must-listen:

Candice Owens interviewed Robert Malone HERE and HERE.

Here is an accurate, comprehensive overview of the plandemic, step by step.

Paul Alexander writes about the CDC HERE. It is just as corrupt as the FDA.

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Listen to Joe Rogan’s interview with Peter McCollough HERE. Equally good is Rogan’s Robert Malone podcast: HERE. Another fantastic podcast about tech censorship is HEREAlso, listen to Rogan’s interview of Maajid Nawaz. More HERE. Consider listening to these at higher speeds.

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