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Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgery Options

Once thought of as the province of the rich, cosmetic surgery has now become phenomenally popular. Media coverage from shows like Extreme Makeover have hyped, informed and sometimes misinformed. You are not alone in your fascination with the field, and you shouldn't feel guilty. It's no longer taboo to have procedures such as liposuction or breast enlargement in Los Angeles and Fresno. The glut of information available in magazines, Web sites, and TV all help our patients gather information in the privacy of their homes about what might be best for them. And everyone's willing to discuss the subject now.

Cosmetic improvement can be as simple as a BOTOX® Cosmetic injection to remove wrinkles. Or it can be a complex Los Angeles cosmetic surgery procedure. There's a treatment that fits the needs and budgets of just about everyone. You now have choices. The most frequently performed surgical procedures in Fresno and Los Angeles are liposuction, breast implantation, hair transplantation and eyelid surgery.

Safety and results improve every year. Welcome to our Web site. There are over 1,000 pages of text and photos here for you to enjoy. The following is information about our services.

To fully understand your procedure, we recommend you download our book and other resources. Do your research! Discuss your ideas with your surgeon during the consultation. It's your job to know as much as possible so you can decide what's reasonable, what's not, and most importantly, how to choose your surgeon. Remember: not every procedure is appropriate for every individual.

Once you are familiar with the Fresno and Los Angeles cosmetic procedures we invite you to request a free consultation with Dr. Yoho. If you consider yourself a candidate for cosmetic surgery, Dr. Yoho would like to meet face to face with you and answer all your procedural questions.

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