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Dermatology Services

Dermatology services offered by Dr. Yoho (note, we do not accept insurance payments):

We commonly treat a variety of skin conditions in our office, including:

  1. Acne including mature acne (rosacea) and young persons' acne. New creams and pills make most acne very treatable. We use Accutane®, a strong acne medicine, if necessary.
  2. Warts can be treated using prescription medicines or simple surgery.
  3. Skin growths, both cancerous (malignant) and benign (not cancer) may need minor surgery or prescription creams. Some aren't harmful and can be left alone. Some are pre-cancerous, such as "actinic keratoses".
  4. Spider veins of the nose, face, and rest of the body. These can be treated by injection or light electrical burning using anesthetic if desired.
  5. Brown spots, cancerous (malignant) and not cancerous.
  6. Skin cancers often need to be treated surgically and may be cured by the first treatment. But patients need to be watched for recurrence of skin cancer, and we expect you to follow up over the long term for these problems with a board certified dermatologist or other specialist.
  7. Ingrown toenails can be treated using an Elman device. This is a minor surgical procedure that narrows the toenail and has very little post-operative pain in most cases. The vast majority of cases are cured permanently, and very little pain is involved in the recovery and treatment.
  8. Scars can be revised and improved - some scars of the face can be disguised very effectively by corrective surgery.

For any surgical procedure, we are happy to offer relaxation medicines. These are available here because we have a certified surgical center. This is not something that dermatologists routinely offer. The additional charges are modest, so don't be afraid to ask. If you have sedation for your procedure, you need someone to drive you home afterward. And if you are having a cosmetic surgery and would like to add some minor skin surgery, again, be sure to let us know. This is economical if we are performing another procedure anyway.

Now that you are familiar with the skin treatments we offer, we invite you to request a free consultation with Dr. Yoho today. If you are considering a dermatological treatment for your skin condition, Dr. Yoho would like to meet face to face with you and answer all your dermatology questions.

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