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Facial Procedure Basics

Many of our patients come to us looking to have a face free from wrinkles, fine lines, acne or other scars, with smooth healthy-colored skin. Understanding what we can do for your face involves understanding the levels of "invasiveness," which also relates to how difficult the recovery is and how much improvement can be hoped for. Print this page and use it as a reference while doing your research on Los Angeles cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical procedures. The procedures follow, in rough order of hassle-factor.

  1. Cream Treatment:

    Cream treatment such as Obagi® (which is pretty irritating but effective), Retin-A®, or glycolic creams of various types. You may have to be persistent for many months to get good results.
    • Cost: $
    • Recovery: Skin irritation, the more you get the better results you have.
  2. Non Invasive:

    "Non invasive" laser and FotoFacial® treatments, such as described in chapter 3.
    • Cost: $$$
    • Recovery: Generally a little redness for an afternoon, but this is easily covered with make-up.
  3. Glycolic Peels:

    Glycolic peel and other light peel, slightly heavier than aesthetician peel.
    • Cost: $
    • Recovery: A few days of peeling but may go right back to work.
  4. Trichloracetic Acid Peels (TCA peel):

    Trichloracetic Acid peel (TCA peel). This can be heavy or light, depending on the practitioner and the patient's desires. In 2006, usually done as intermediate or light depth. Can improve wrinkles and pigment, and lighten the skin depending on technique and the concentration of peel solution.
    • Cost: $$
    • Recovery: Four days or more. Can be two weeks if aggressively done.
  5. Laser Peel:

    Predictably produces fine wrinkle removal and freshening; also is very technique dependent. The acknowledged best treatment for peeling lower eyelids. Better to limit deeper peels to lighter skin types.
    • Cost: $$$
    • Recovery: One or more weeks depending on depth.
  6. Phenol Peel:

    Whole-face lightening is a problem, and should probably not be done for darker skin types and people who can't cope with some degree of lightening. Like all peels, can't tighten neck. Very profound results in experienced hands.
    • Cost: $$$
    • Recovery: Two or more weeks.
  7. Surgical Procedures:

    Surgical procedures, such as faceliftblepharoplasty (eyelid lift)brow lift, and facial implants. Often the whole face is operated on at once and sometimes combined with peels of various types (but rarely with phenol peels).
    • Cost: $$$$
    • Recovery: One or more weeks, typically several. Aggressive facelifts can take over a month for recovery.

A, B, and C are about the same degree of hassle-factor and effectiveness, but costs are very different. D, E, F and G are increasingly more expensive but typically get increasingly more profound results. D, E, and F (the peels) can reduce the chance of future skin cancer in some cases, an added benefit. And you may need A — cream treatments — after B, C, D, E and F.

In other words, there isn't an exact relationship between results and money spent. There are differences in the surgeon's training and experience. Some of the procedures such as FotoFacial® treatments require expensive machines. But there is some relationship between your recovery and the degree of improvement, with the more invasive procedures, such as Los Angeles liposuction or face lift, getting a bigger improvement — but requiring a longer recovery than superficial peels. Your doctor's skills are critical; the best surgeons are very efficient, making for less bruising and shorter recoveries on average. They should also be able to properly match the procedure to the patient's desires, psychology and face. All this takes experience. For more information on your procedures of choice, including risks and how to choose your cosmetic surgeon, contact us.

Now that you know your options when it comes to facial rejuvenation, we invite you to request a free consultation with Dr. Yoho today. If you are considering a facial procedure such as a peel or cosmetic surgery to smooth wrinkles, Dr. Yoho would like to meet face to face with you and answer all your questions.

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