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Los Angeles Liposuction, Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield Liposuction

If you're considering liposuction (tummy tuck) in the Los Angeles, Fresno and Bakersfield areas, we invite you to contact us. With more than a decade's experience with thousands of cases and all the patient feedback, our technique has improved to the following.

  1. Nearly all of our Fresno, Bakersfield and Los Angeles liposuction patients are able to walk from the operating room to the recovery room within 20 minutes after their liposuction procedure.
  2. Twenty-four hours later, greater than 75 percent of our patients need nothing but Tylenol® for pain relief.
  3. Local anesthetic is still a large part of our technique, but we use intravenous relaxation medications so our patients have no memory of their surgery. See article on liposuction anesthesia.
  4. When most patients think of general anesthetic, they think of nausea and vomiting after surgery. Less than one percent of our patients experience this. Our technique is safer than general anesthesia and our recoveries are easier. See article on liposuction recovery.

Dr. Yoho also remains on the forefront of liposuction innovations. In addition to time-tested methods, he offers advanced surgical sculpting through the use of Smartlipo™ laser lipolysis. This new sculpting method is especially useful in removing smaller pockets of fat, and for fine-tuning the results of traditional liposuction procedures. Smartlipo uses a laser-tipped cannula, or medical wand. Dr. Yoho moves the cannula through excess deposits of fat, with the laser energy rupturing fat cells so that they are easier to remove. Laser technology allows for increased comfort and safety while reducing downtime because effects on surrounding healthy tissues are minimized. The laser's heat also tightens the skin to match a patient's slimmer shape.

We have a touchup rate of only three percent for our Visalia and Los Angeles liposuction procedures. Many surgeons have as high as a 50 percent touchup rate. How do we do it? We check our results during surgery by standing our patients up and finding any areas that need fine tuning. Just as people look different standing than lying, any areas requiring extra work are revealed when standing. The patient is then marked and put back down on the table for the conclusion of the procedure.

There's an urban myth that all great liposuction is "microliposuction" performed with a tiny cannula. While this is true for very small cases, it's not the best choice for over half of the patients. For larger volume fat removal, microliposuction greatly increases surgery and recovery time, because there is a direct relationship between the two. The experienced surgeon uses a carefully selected variety of cannulas based on the body type. Note also that ultrasonic liposuction uses big incisions and causes more damage underneath the skin than normal liposuction, rendering it worse than useless.

Many factors determine body type: ethnic origin, level of activity, age, diet, smoking, and alcohol consumption. We encourage you to read the body type description and look at our liposuction before-and-after photos by ethnic origin to identify your body type. This can give you a more accurate idea of what to expect after your procedure.

Now that we have told you about our liposuction experience and techniques, we invite you to request a free consultation with Dr. Yoho today. If you are considering liposuction in the communities around Visalia or Los Angeles, Fresno cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yoho would like to meet face to face with you and answer all your body contouring questions.

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