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Male Breast Reduction

A squared-off chest with well-defined muscles is something every man wants. But what do you do when instead you have a female-like breast appearance, a condition medically known as gynecomastia? Many men in Los Angeles consider male breast reduction surgery to enhance the look of their chest.

Men unfortunate enough to suffer from gynecomastia often have low self-esteem and often take great steps to hide their upper body from the sight of others. Thankfully, Dr. Robert Yoho can help you enhance the appearance of your chest through male breast reduction.

Understanding the Problem

Usually starting in puberty, some men begin to see their breasts take on a more female shape and size. A hard, sometimes painful lump of breast tissue grows under the nipple area, and weight gain generally causes the condition to worsen as fat over the chest wall muscle accentuates the size of the breasts. For other men, gynecomastia begins to develop later in life as a result of taking certain drugs such as steroids used to increase muscle mass.

When the humiliation and ridicule begins in the locker room in middle school or high school, so does the need to conceal the deformity. Teenage boys start hiding their chests from others by wearing heavier tops and avoiding situations that require exposing their bare chests to others. As they reach adulthood the resultant embarrassment and shame can impact heavily upon their relationships with the opposite sex.

The good news is that this condition and its deformity can easily be corrected by a simple, effective, and affordable surgical procedure - male breast reduction for Los Angeles and Fresno men.

The Male Breast Reduction Procedure

To treat enlarged male breasts, Dr. Yoho combines a Los Angeles liposuction procedure with excision of the breast tissue directly under the nipple to correct gynecomastia. Under local "tumescent" anesthesia, Dr. Yoho carefully and thoroughly removes the fat over the chest wall muscle with liposuction. Then, if necessary, he will make a tiny incision on the outside edge of the areola (the brown area surrounding the nipple) and remove all the dense fibrous breast tissue directly underneath with special grasping instruments. The incisions are closed with absorbable sutures and generally heal with minimal scarring. The skin contracts and the areolas and nipples are left untouched in most cases. Men like nice nipples too!

Recovery Following Male Breast Reduction in Los Angeles

Most men who choose a breast reduction procedure in Visalia from Dr. Yoho find that recovery is comfortable and quick. Most patients are up and around the day after surgery and can engage in light cardio exercise soon afterward. You'll be required to wear a tight compression garment underneath your clothes for several weeks, and should be ready to return to work in as little as 3 days. Heavy manual labor, weight training, and contact sports are delayed about 2 to 3 weeks following surgery.

Male Breast Reduction Complications

While every surgery carries some risk of complications, male breast reduction surgery is very safe, with most patients experiencing no complications and recovering comfortably. Some men may require a small touch up procedure using liposuction alone to further improve their results by either removing additional fat or tightening the skin.

The Cost of the Procedure

The fee for your breast reduction is dependent on the work required. Pricing will be discussed at the time of your consultation. Dr. Yoho and his staff work hard to provide exceptional value and reasonable fees for the cosmetic procedures he offers. Prices include a full range of needs before, during, and after surgery including lab tests, anesthesia, surgical center charges, preoperative examination, and follow-up visits. We offer a number of flexible, affordable, and convenient financing options to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Improving Your Quality of Life

Almost all of Dr. Yoho's Los Angeles and Fresno area male breast reduction patients have said the same thing: "Why did I wait so long?" It is hard to overstate the benefit of eliminating the source of low self esteem that female-like breasts can cause. Dr. Yoho is personally satisfied to see patients who suffered from gynecomastia enjoy so much improvement in the quality of their lives after surgery.

Now that you've learned more about breast reduction, we invite you to request a free consultation with Dr. Yoho today. If you are considering cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles, Visalia or Fresno, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yoho would like to meet with you and answer all your breast reduction questions.

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