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Tummy Tuck Problems

Dr. Yoho does not think abdominoplasty or "tummy tuck" in Los Angeles is right for the vast majority of patients. Look carefully at the photos below. Are these the results you want? Most of these patients had tummy tucks first then came to us for corrective liposuction.

We recommend instead the Yoho Method "No Scalpel Tummy Tuck", performed using liposuction, which in most cases gives you a much better result with skin shrinkage and almost no scarring. If you are indeed a tummy tuck candidate, we will tell you.



These are four abdominoplasties or "tummy tucks" on four different patients. Will you be satisfied with these results? If you are considering this surgery, ask to look at at least 20 of your surgeon's photo results and speak to at least 4 happy patients. Have your surgeon draw with a marker on your belly the extent of your tummy tuck scar for you to study at home before the surgery to be sure that you want it.




This patient had an old-style "tummy tuck" (surgical reduction procedure) performed by an unknown physician. Notice the distortion of her hips in the "before" photo. This problem is called a "dog ear". The "after" photo was after liposuction improvement of the "dog ears."

Click here to view more tummy tuck photos. Keep in mind, Dr. Yoho recommends tummy tucks for only a few patients but can often improve his patients more with the "no scalpel tummy tuck," which is a special liposuction technique.

Now that we have told you more about tummy tucks, we invite you to request a free consultation with Dr. Yoho today. If you are considering tumm tuck in the communities around Visalia, Fresno, Simi Valley or Los Angeles, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Yoho would like to meet face to face with you and answer all your body contouring questions.

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