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African Descent

Women of African ethnicity frequently are happy with fairly large thighs and don't want to completely lose their outer thigh fullness. Usually the goal is a thin, ethnically characteristic waist, a shapely lower back/upper buttock area and fuller, contoured buttocks. The natural curvature of the lower back gives the potential for a beautiful shape of the whole back and buttock area if the liposuction is done skillfully. A natural bulge of the abdomen muscles is often present even in thin, fit individuals, and completely flat abdomens aren't always possible. Additionally, many women may be satisfied with a fuller but shapely figure.

Although keloids, abnormally thick scars, are more common in darker-skinned people; many have no trouble with the small incisions now used with liposuction. Some of the darkest skinned individuals will not darken around a scar, as they are as dark as their skin allows already. The intermediate-toned patients often will have darkening around the scar that usually fades gradually over several months and sometimes years. Fade creams often help, and if there is a thickened scar, injections with cortisone or other products usually improve the situation.

Individuals of African descent typically have a somewhat longer recovery. Just as the surgeon finds that the procedure is sometimes difficult because the tissues are strong and dense, we have theorized that this better connective tissue takes longer to completely mature into healed, soft tissue. We have seen dark patients still improving and softening at seven to eight months after surgery. In contrast, most light-skinned individuals with blond or red hair typically are completely healed with no evidence of firmness or swelling at four months.

Asian Ancestry

Asians, like women of African descent, may take longer to recover than other ethnic groups. They may have more darkening and occasional scarring at the incision sites. Also, there is an aesthetic transition occurring. Thinner figures were considered most attractive in the home countries, while in America, a fuller figure is the norm. Some young women may be concerned with any excess fat on their arms and/or calves. Liposuction can improve this. Occasionally, incision scars are persistent. Irregularity is possible too, although this is rare if the surgeon is experienced and uses small instruments.

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