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Patient Stories

Leslie, age 21

I needed an implant because my left breast was about half the size of my right one, and it had been that way since puberty. They didn't develop at the same rate, and it's been a terrible problem for me. I always had to wear an extra pad in my bra, and sew pads into bathing suits. I spoke with many people before deciding on surgery, and that really helped to build up my confidence. I had the implant done about five weeks ago, and now the bruising has gone and the breast has shrunk down a bit, as they said it would. My breast doesn't have that "fake" look, that round line on top like so many that I've seen on movie stars and models. It looks real. When I wear a bathing suit, nobody can tell. I think I look great!

Karen, age 38

I'm a body builder, and when my breast muscles began to tighten up, I ended up basically flat-chested. Bench pressing causes the breast to turn into muscle, and it doesn't look feminine. I had the surgery about five months ago. The recovery was difficult for me, because unlike most patients, my muscle tissue is really tough and tight, so cutting it and moving it around caused a lot of discomfort. Also, because I'm African American, they told me that scarring might be a problem (I had the incision around the nipple). But everything came out perfect and any discomfort was more than worth it. I couldn't be happier.

Terri, age 20

My breasts were smaller than those of most women, and I didn't feel confident about myself. I thought about having my breasts enlarged for a long time. But because I'm so young, I figured I probably wouldn't do it until later. The more I thought about it though, the less I wanted to wait. So I decided to go through with it. I went from an A cup to a C, and had so much fun shopping for new bras. Even though there was bruising and some pain afterwards, I'm totally happy that I did it, and I'd recommend it to anyone.

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