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Hair implant results

It's important that you do not expect your hair to return to 100 percent of its original glory. But the improvements after a hair transplant can be very impressive, and it almost always grows. Realistic expectations are vital to your satisfaction. Yes, we do replace thousands of hairs, and you will have real, natural hair growing in an area that may once have had little or none. But keep in mind that hair transplantation is also somewhat of a visual trick, designed to look like you have more hair than you really do. Don't expect the same density that you have in the back of your head.

In many cases, a patient may wish to return for additional transplants several months after the first surgery (some doctors graft again in six weeks, but we believe that this may kill hair). When large quantities of hair need to be implanted, repeat sessions can be scheduled every four to six months. Some patients who are persistent with their process sometimes have as many as ten sessions, but this is most often unnecessary with the large number of grafts transplanted using modern methods. More commonly, men are very satisfied with at most, 2,000 to 3,000 grafts for an area of baldness that extends over much of the top of the scalp. If you have more hair to begin with, you will probably need fewer grafts.

Patient Stories

Bob, age 54

I was 52 when I had my hair transplant done. All my life I had a beautiful full crop of hair, and it was very important to me. When I started losing it in front, in typical male pattern baldness, a friend of mine at the gym told me about his doctor. I met with him, and I felt very comfortable — there was a real personal connection there. I feel fantastic about the hair implant results. I ask my friends to tell me honestly how it looks, and they say that they can't even tell that I've had anything done. They're used to seeing bad transplants on other people, the kind that look like little squares of hair on people's heads. Mine doesn't look like that at all. It looks grea

Bart, age 35

I'm the youngest of four brothers, and all of us have lost our hair. One of my older brothers had a hair transplant years ago, and it was just a horror story. It looked terrible. You could see the plugs of hair sticking out all over his head. I decided to wait a few years before looking into doing my own, hoping that doctors would develop better ways of doing it. When micro grafting finally came around, I was interested, but I couldn't afford it. I still shopped around though, but I found most of the doctors I talked to had bad attitudes, and their offices were like assembly lines, very impersonal. I finally found someone I trusted and who I thought would do a good job. I had two sessions, the last about three months ago, and I can see that about 50 percent of the hairs are already growing. I'm really happy with my hair implant results.

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