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The risks in vein injection

The risks in vein injection (sclerotherapy) and vein surgery (vein removal) include, but are not limited to, development of more veins, itching, pain, swelling to the lower legs, hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin), bruising, localized skin death, allergic reaction to the medication, phlebitis, blood clots, infection, nerve damage (causing numbness or funny sensations to the lower legs), or even death due to reaction with medicine or blood clots. In order to make a well-informed decision regarding treatment, you should ask your surgeon for more details about these potential complications.


In simple terms, the usual results are better looking legs than what you had to begin with. A 70 percent improvement is a good result, and the vast majority of our patients are very happy. However, we do tell our patients that injection therapy is like going to the dentist; they may have to come back every several years for a touch-up. The vein hooking procedures are usually more permanent.

Patient Stories

Marsha, age 61

I decided to have the procedure because my legs were tired all the time. I had a hard time standing, and I wore support stockings. Some of my veins were so bad that it looked like they were going to pop out of my legs. My doctor said I was a good candidate for injections and the removal of the large veins. So I did it. The recovery was easy, not bad at all. I didn't have to stay off my feet or anything. I just wore support stockings for about a week. My legs look 100 percent better. I'm so happy because my legs are no longer tired and I can do more of the activities I enjoy.

Jen, age 34

I had tiny little spider veins, and a few bigger ones here and there. I'd had liposuction about a year earlier, and my thighs were shaped beautifully. But the veins were still there, and it didn't make sense to have gone to all that trouble to get rid of the fat and not get rid of the veins too. So about a year after the liposuction, I had sclerotherapy — where they inject the little veins with saline solution and they simply dissolve. It really worked. The veins pretty much disappeared.

Marguerite, age 60

I had very large varicose veins, and as I got older, my legs began to ache terribly. I wasn't so concerned about the way they looked, though they looked awful, but I'd heard that having them treated might make my legs feel better. Looking better was an added plus. It's been two years, I can walk more comfortably, and I'm not ashamed of how my thighs look when I wear shorts.

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