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16 The Brave New World of Anti-Aging Drugs and Diet

Drugs and Diets

Cosmetic surgery is all about looking and feeling better, and often about looking and feeling younger. While the surgeons have been working on their new techniques, the medical doctors haven't been asleep. Here's the story about the new life-enhancement and prolongation medicines that may quickly become a routine part of your medical and surgical care. It sounds like science fiction, but a lot of this may soon transform people even more than surgery.

The most exciting news is Human Growth Hormone (HGH). This medication was formerly used to stimulate growth in children who grew too slowly. Until recently, it was not approved by our conservative FDA for other conditions. It was well known to professional bodybuilders, however, for muscle enhancement, but unlike steroids, it's "natural" and currently can't be detected through blood testing.

After a person is about 40 years old, the amount of HGH in the body declines dramatically, and many of the effects of aging may be related to this decline in HGH. Some doctors have been using this drug in "replacement" therapy for their older patients, trying to restore HGH levels to measurements found in younger people. A few cosmetic surgeons are also using it during the few weeks following surgery to speed healing.

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