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Consider the Aesthetics of the Office

Cosmetic surgery is art, and the cosmetic surgeon's artistry is reflected in the visual qualities of his office.

If the decor is 20 years out of style, if furniture is positioned haphazardly, if things looks disorganized, if the color scheme is irritating, or there's no art on the walls, then this may be an indication that the doctor doesn't have much aesthetic sense. You may not want him sculpting your hips, re-designing your eyelids or deciding where to position transplanted hair on your head. On the other hand, original art on the walls, for example, may be something you don't want to be paying for.

This may also apply to the way the doctor and his staff present themselves visually. How do they dress? Are they well groomed? Do the staff's area and consultation rooms look organized, well-designed, and clean?

A Checklist to Use During Your Consultation*

* Thanks, and a tip of the hat to Robert Kotler, M.D., one of the most experienced nose surgeons on the planet. This is not wholly his list and is not meant to reflect his opinions. See his book, referenced in the credits, for somewhat different ideas about what is important.

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