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3 The New Noninvasive Non-Surgical Cosmetic Therapies

Lasers, Radiofrequency, and Light Machines

Noninvasive laser treatments, light spectrum treatments and radiofrequency treatments have come a long way in the last five to ten years. Currently, FotoFacial® light spectrum treatment is a standard for improving color. There are now radiofrequency devices that stimulate shrinkage of the skin — the Syneron Aurora-RF™ and the Syneron Polaris-RF.™ Both of these treatments are rapid outpatient procedures generally requiring no sedation: a cooling machine and/or numbing creams will minimize any discomfort. Three to eight treatments are often needed to properly improve the patient's appearance. A new "photosensitizer" cream medication optimizes the FotoFacial® (Syneron Aurora-RF®) performance, often reducing the number of treatments to just two or three.

Additionally, hair removal may be accomplished with other laser and light treatment machines. We use the Syneron™. However, complete hair removal is exceedingly difficult: moderately thinned hair and stunted growth is the usual result, as Epilators (the old-style hair remov andal professionals) have discovered. Epilation involves inserting a needle into the hair root and applying an electric charge; it is partially successful after many treatments but quite painful. The new lasers light machines are equally effective but less painful.

All of these treatments are at three-week intervals. Often a very light (again, no down-time) glycolic peel is performed in the early stages of 

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