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4 Liposuction: The Truth about Fat

Liposuction is chosen by all ages and all types of people: men, women, models and actors, teenagers, and athletes. Some men even use it to produce "washboard abs," the sculptured abdominal muscles favored by body builders. The liposuction procedure has changed dramatically since it was first introduced in 1979. What began as a high-risk surgery requiring routine blood transfusions and often a lengthy hospital stay has evolved into a simpler procedure usually performed in an outpatient surgery center. In the early days, patients were hospitalized for up to seven days. General anesthesia was used (which itself presented risk), bleeding was often heavy, post-operative pain was excruciating, and bruising lasted for many weeks. Patients often stayed in bed for several weeks. With all that in mind, added to the negative media reports, popular opinion held that liposuction was a bizarre, complicated and expensive procedure.

Modern liposuction, by comparison, is completely different. It is usually virtually painless. Bleeding, infection and other complications are rare. Unfortunately, many of the old myths still live on, and realistic information is hard to come by. Let's look at the differences between today's procedures and yesterday's:

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