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5 Dr. Yoho's Philosophy of Facial Rejuvenation

The real drama of the cosmetic surgeon's art is most evident when working on many little defects to produce the ultimately improved whole. Details as small as the removal of a mole can have a much more powerful effect when it's done in combination with other procedures.

When a patient looks in the mirror and is unhappy with the way he or she looks, the first thing that traditionally comes to mind is, "I need a facelift." Most patients aren't sophisticated enough to understand that this isn't the answer to every problem. A facelift may improve deep wrinkles and sagginess, especially under the chin and in the jowel area, but will do almost nothing for texture and pigment probltems, which may be more prominent. These can be more effectively treated with a peel or creams. Color changes, enlarged pores, and sun-damaged skin can often be improved with relatively inexpensive therapies that patients apply themselves.

I believe that a light laser or chemical peel, which evenly improves the skin's texture, combined with a proper, minimal facelift is often the best solution for many faces (heavy peels performed together with a facelift can often cause complications). The results are so much more dramatic and natural when the key cosmetic elements of skin sag and texture are properly addressed and at the same time. Our new noninvasive modalities such as the Aurora™ or the Polaris™ can also be used in combination to produce skin tightening and color change.

We want to emphasize that everyone has his or her own individual facial rejuvenation needs, depending on age, sex, ethnic origin, previous sun exposure, skin pigment and other factors. A "one size fits all" approach guarantees mediocre results. Ultimately, you'll be happier with a combination of procedures that fits you. Depending on your face, peeling, cream treatments, selective liposuction, face-lifting, and/or an "eyelid lift" can be used in some combination to make you look your best.

Small problems can also be addressed individually. We now have long lasting fillers, for example, that have the potential to make your lips and the creases around your mouth look better for several years.

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