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Patient Stories

Chanelle, age 45 — Full face laser

I'm one of those women who spent my entire youth frying my skin in the sun. In my 20s, I'd spend five or six hours a day at the beach several times a week, lying on the sand with my face to the sun, working on that perfect tan. As I got older and heard about the damage this could do, I simply ignored all that and went on with my life as a sun worshipper. But when I turned 40, the damage was too obvious to ignore, and I looked much older than I was. After talking with a cosmetic surgeon, I had a facial laser peel and couldn't believe the difference in my skin. The little wrinkles pretty much disappeared, especially around my eyes, and my whole face looked smoother, like brand-new skin had grown there. Now, I look my age (and many say younger), not my mom's age!

Sarah, age 71 — Full face laser

I haven't been happy with the look of my skin for many years. I had liver spots, wrinkles, and everything else that comes with age. Two years ago I lost a son, and all that pain and sorrow did something to my face, increasing the appearance of age and emotional stress. I didn't want to look sad anymore. I decided after research that the laser peel was my best option, and had my procedure five weeks ago. Today, as I'm healing, my face looks like it has a bad sunburn, but I can really see a difference. My face isn't really changed, but I look calmer, softer. It's subtle, and very pleasing.

Angela, age 74 — Full face laser

My daughter, 47, had a full-face laser treatment done last year. When my husband saw her results, he encouraged me to look into it as a solution for the bags under my eyes. About six months ago, I had a laser peel done. I'm so happy that I did it, because I love the way I look. My husband raves about it to anyone who'll listen. When I was young, people didn't talk about these things. Nowadays, we admire people for doing something like this.

Stephanie, age 45 — Light TCA peel

I had a lot of muddy brown pigment on my face, although my skin is fair. My doctor recommended a 25 percent TCA peel for me. I was put to sleep with some light sedation, so I don't remember a thing about the procedure. Over the next five days, my skin turned brown and peeled off like a snake shedding its skin. Once the redness went away and my face became less sensitive, I began using Retin A every other day, which seems to be gradually helping my skin look and feel more baby-like. I also continue to be careful and avoid the sun. It's been more than seven months since my peel and I have much more even and lighter facial coloration. I'm very pleased!

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