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7 Eyelid Reconstruction

Eyelid surgery — or "blepharoplasty" — is a relatively simple surgery with a very high satisfaction rate. Older people tend to seek help for this more often than younger people, as the fat and skin around their eyes begins to sag. But if droopy eyelids or fat bags under the eyes are characteristic in your family, blepharoplasty may be helpful regardless of your age. Patients as young as 30 have told me that they were prompted to seek surgery after years of hearing friends say, "You look so tired. Are you OK?"

Blepharoplasty is popular with men as well as women, particularly male executives who have to compete in a job market constantly being infiltrated by younger men. They want to erase the signs of stress that have accumulated on their faces over the years by softening the look of their skin, erasing some of their wrinkles, and eliminating a good portion of the "bags" of fat that have accumulated under the eyes. The goal is a younger overall look, and most patients are very satisfied with their results.

Although blepharoplasty has traditionally been performed with a knife, scalpel incisions more frequently cause bleeding, often leaving patients with black and blue eyes for weeks. When laser technology became popular in the mid 1990s, the procedure became easier and safer. Because the laser ordinarily seals off blood vessels, there is usually no bruising, since bruising is a result of bleeding. The laser may also be used to resurface the skin of the eyelids and "crow's feet," removing wrinkles and improving texture.

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