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Browlifts must be explained with eyelid lifts because the two are so intimately related. Sometimes a good browlift will "fix" the upper eyelid in such a way that only a minimal eyelid lift, or none at all, is necessary. Just lift your brows with your fingers and look at your upper eyelids. Do you like the effects?

Many people find a "hooded" upper eyelid look that they have hated will disappear. And a low lying eyebrow that might look masculine and strong on a man, might be overly severe for a woman. Raising and arching the eyebrow might be just the thing for certain faces. But you, and only you, have to decide.

But there are other effects of browlifts. The best candidates have relatively low hairlines, because the modern browlift often raises the hairline. The "endoscopic" browlift, for example, uses several incisions above the hairline, and separates the brow, forehead and hairline from the underlying bone. Then, the whole forehead-brow unit is stitched in place in the higher location, using screws or other methods such as tiny holes drilled in the bone to attach the skin to the bone. If you have a high hairline already, think twice about this procedure. And although other types of browlifts may not raise the hairline (for these, skin of the top of the forehead may be cut out and the scar placed at the hairline, rather than above it), the scar can be bad enough that you'll never again be able to put your hair up. In any case, within two weeks, the healing process "pastes" the new forehead into place and the foreheads will usually stay up nicely. We're not talking about inches here; 1/4 of an inch or less of permanent brow elevation may help the area's appearance a great deal. We encourage every blepharoplasty candidate to consider the whole forehead complex in her decision, because once a blepharoplasty is performed without a browlift, it's usually too late to do a forehead lift later. The reason: to do a good looking blepharoplasty without also lifting the brow, more skin must be removed, and a later browlift might pull the eyes open permanently. And we want function before beauty, always!

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