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Complications are very rare. For lower lid blepharoplasty, blindness occurs in one of about 10,000 to 40,000 cases when a scalpel is used because of bleeding behind the eye. Upper blepharoplasty seems to have very little risk of this. The laser creates less bleeding, which likely reduces the occurrence of blindness. Of course, because eye shields are used, there is little chance of the laser hitting the eye itself and causing problems. Other possible complications include eyelid asymmetry, small cysts occurring along the eyelid suture line, dry eyes, and uneven patches of fat remaining in the treated areas. Other unlikely problems include drooping of one or both upper lids, ectropion (pulling down of the lower lids), eyelids opening too wide, restriction of movement of one or both eyes, eyelash loss, red eyes, inability to close eyelids, blockage of tear ducts, discolored eyelids, double vision, excessive tearing, numbness of eyelids, decreased blinking, or residual skin excess. If you have dry eyes already, blepharoplasty will likely make them worse. When complications occur, they can often be corrected with surgery that in some instances doesn't even require sedation or relaxation medicines.

Complications of brow lift include unsightly scarring, and (much more rarely) inability to lift the brow, or lack of function of forehead muscle. Some people have numbness of parts of the forehead. Again, dry eyes may be made worse by a brow lift.


Eyelid stitches will be removed anywhere from three to 12 days after surgery. If the incision was made with a scalpel, less healing time is needed. The upper incision line is customarily formed in the crease of the lid, so when your eyes are open, it is usually invisible. On the lower lids, if the incisions were made inside the lid, there should be no visible trace at all. Skin incisions on the outside of the bottom lid usually fade significantly within a few months.

Patients usually feel and look healthier and younger. Often, after excess fat has been removed, they can actually open their eyes more comfortably than before. This is especially true for older patients. Blepharoplasty may reduce eye fatigue for people who find it difficult to keep their eyes open at night when they're tired. It also allows women to use makeup more efficiently because the upper eyelid becomes a better platform for it. The overall effect is generally impressive, creating a more youthful, relaxed look.

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