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Patient Stories

Judy, age 45

I planned to have a facial laser peel to address some skin issues I had. My doctor suggested also having eyelid reconstruction, to add to the improvement from the laser treatment. He explained how he would remove the little pockets of fat on my upper eyelids, making them droop less. For days before the surgery, I'd look in the mirror, pulling my eyelids up and trying to imagine what it would look like. The real thing was much better than I'd imagined. My eyes look more open and aware. Overall, I look less tired. I've always liked my eyes, but now, I think they're just incredible!

Jim, age 48

Everyone in my family has droopy looking eyes. You can tell we're from the same family because our eyes are so similar. When I was in my 20s, people commented about how tired or sad I looked even though I wasn't tired or sad. I just had droopy eyes. I finally had a blepharoplasty about five years ago. It was the best money I ever spent! It lifted my eyes up and made me look more awake. Nobody since then has said anything about how tired I look. When I look at my mother and my brother now, I can see my former eyes on their faces and realize how fatigued and aged they look. I wish they would consider having their eyelids improved too.

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