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9 Chin Implants, Cheek & Jaw Implants, & Nose Surgery

Chin implants are one of the easiest, most gratifying procedures in cosmetic surgery. Balancing a weak chin with the rest of the face can potentially make the biggest overall improvement for the right patient. The modern implant material is inert: it does not react with the body. We have about a half-century of experience with this substance. The newest "anatomical" designs, if placed properly, can look just great with an easy, relatively inexpensive procedure using tiny incisions. With these new implants, the older procedures involving sawing and changing the bones of the chin are largely obsolete (though they might be considered in some cases if your teeth don't match).

The incision can be inside the mouth or through the skin under the chin, either way hiding the scar. Instruments are used to create a pocket under the covering of the bone, or "periosteum." The implant is placed into the pocket and is usually stitched in place. The chin is then taped to help fix the implant in position and minimize post-operative swelling. After a few days to weeks, the implant will stay and can't be moved except with a significant amount of force.

Chin reduction is usually done by a "sliding osteotomy" technique where the lower bone layer is sawed off and moved back, then re-attached. In some cases just shaving off the front part of the chin bone is done, but this is for more minor chin reductions.

Other Facial Implants: Cheek and Angle of the Jaw (Mandible)

The new, sophisticated cheek implant procedures are an impressive addition to cosmetic surgery. Performed properly, they produce very dramatic and natural results: a careful lift of a mature, sagging mid-face. The borders of these new implants are tapered to blend with the contours of the cheek-bone. They are inserted through small (less than half inch) incisions above the upper gums and teeth and are placed under the "skin" or surface covering of the bone. After a few weeks or less they fix in place and aren't moveable except with a lot of force. With the use of cheek and chin implants, a simple facelift procedure can become a wonderful improvement for the right candidate. Dr. Yoho has had cheek implants himself, and his before/after photos are on

Other implants are designed for the angle of the jaw (mandible), the back part of the lower jaw. Addition of these implants can make a weak jaw look much better, and a good jaw sometimes made to look like an actor's.

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