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Patient Stories

John, age 37

I had a very fat neck and a chin that wasn't very big, both of which made me very self-conscious. I elected to have liposuction to thin my neck, combined with a chin implant to give my face better proportion. After having these two procedures and an easy recovery, I had a whole new face without any other surgery. I look a lot stronger and feel more confident.

Ellen, age 26

I had a classic ethnic nose, and it became a real problem when I decided in my teens that I wanted to be a model. I thought every photograph of me looked just terrible! I dreamed about getting my nose done for years, and when I finally got old enough, I had it done. Now I look great! I don't have this big thing in the middle of my face, and I think I look just beautiful. I've also started getting some modeling work. And though there's no way to know for sure if the new nose has anything to do with it, I bet that it does.

Mark, age 35

I've had allergies and sinus problems since I was a kid. I could never breathe properly. A few years ago I had rhinoplasty to correct the medical condition that caused this, and life has been completely different ever since. While the doctor was working on my nose, he also shaved off a bit of extra bone here and there to reshape the whole thing. I love the new look, and I love being able to breathe comfortably for the first time in my life.

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