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A Disclaimer

Rely on your doctor, not this book, for your final decisions about your surgery and care!

I've tried to make this book as complete and accurate as possible, hoping to give enough general information to help you feel more knowledgeable about cosmetic surgery. But it's possible that between the day my words were written and the day you pulled this book from the bookstore shelf, medical advances may have changed some of these techniques. Although I have faith in the results these procedures can produce in good hands, any technique can be performed poorly. And, even with the best of care, poor results or complications can occur.

I have very strong opinions about which techniques I prefer and this book should clarify why. Many of the riskier techniques I don't use are used by well-meaning physicians, and may have the potential for good and even excellent results for some patients. My preference, however, is always in favor of those techniques and tools that best protect my patients' safety. For the most part, tummy tucks, transcutaneous blepharoplasty, and major scalp surgery for hair loss carry excess risk and/or, for many patients, produce poor results. Some other surgeries, such as the deeper facelifts, may yield excellent results, but come with a recovery period that I consider excessive for any potential improvement over simpler procedures.

I respect the opinions of other doctors. The chapters on facelifts, nose reconstruction, and breast reconstruction were originally co-written with my associate, Dr. Mani Nambiar. There are many other books in the marketplace which address cosmetic surgery, but most of them are not written by physicians, and I believe that much of the information they contain is questionable. While doctors have a vested interest (we want to help you with your problems and get paid for it), we've also spent decades on our training and are held to a high standard by our medical licenses and personal ethics. So gather your information from multiple sources, read all the books you want, but, ultimately find a qualified physician who makes you feel comfortable, and allow that person to help you finalize your cosmetic surgery decisions.

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