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With Gratitude

This book is dedicated to my first child, Hannah Elizabeth Yoho.

I would like to thank the people who have helped us with the development of my cosmetic surgery practice, and have helped us make this book possible. Terri Mandell was the creative force that supported us throughout the original project. Greg Heard's cover artwork is absolutely first rate.

Dr. Mani Nambiar wrote and rewrote the chapters on breast reconstruction, nose surgery, and facelifts originally. Riad Roomi, M.D., a plastic surgeon from London, had some particularly incisive comments. Alan Chun, M.D., a highly skilled maxillofacial surgeon, wrote the chin improvement section.

At Image Realm, my printer James Gonzales and his staff are truly artists, with an outstanding eye for detail. The inside color pages were a labor of dedication for Adam Gonzalez, whose expertise and patience are qualities all should seek to achieve. Cyl Barbosa helped with artistic management and Internet advice.

I want to express my appreciation to some of my physician mentors. Bill Cook, M.D., is one of the great names in dermatology and generous with his time. Gary Fenno, M.D., was a mentor to many of us. Jim Fulton, M.D., is a unique mentor and medical innovator. Pat Lillis, M.D., has been extraordinarily kind to me throughout my career, his strongest influence being on my liposuction technique, and I feel he is much less recognized nationally than he deserves. Dr. Barry Miller's experience extends from nearly the beginning of liposuction, and he allowed me into his Honolulu office early on. Michael Rabkin, M.D., kindly helped me learn some of his unique laser blepharoplasty techniques. Dow Stough, M.D., gave me my start in hair transplantation. He combines an academic career with an extremely busy private practice; I don't know how he does it. Dr. Bruce Chisholm's philosophy about cosmetic surgery and surgical technique is something I think about every day. Wesley Harline, M.D., who has possibly performed more breast implants than any surgeon in the world, ever, has been a gracious friend and mentor. I'm also greatly indebted to Dan Metcalf, M.D., who currently may be the highest volume breast implant surgeon in the country. Roy Morgan, M.D., is the founder and driving force behind the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery, and a true mentor and friend who's remarkably generous with his time. Barry Friedberg, M.D., ( taught me a safe and predictable anesthetic technique. Robert Kotler's book Secrets of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon (Ernest Mitchell, ©2003), gave me many new ideas, and I greatly respect Dr. Kotler, though I may have different opinions on some issues. Harrison Lee, M.D., was kind enough to review the nose and chin chapter.

My office staff and patients gave me suggestions, moral support, and enormous enthusiasm. Thanks go to surgical assistant Dr. Kevin Chiasson, who worked with me for five years. Chic Holtkamp, Lenore Kaddish, Sheila Heckman, Betty Holst, Christine Farmer, Gary Grasso, Joyce Meadows, Miriam Dexter, Jeff Baird, Jennifer Gilman, Jeremy Romaine, PA-C, Kevin Mullen, PA-C, and my father Alan Yoho, M.D., all reviewed the text and offered useful suggestions. Becky Craig, Sue Kientz, Vivian Margolin, and Jennifer Gilman all contributed to the editing and proofreading of the text, and corrected deficiencies in my writing skills. Many other people gave suggestions as well. For their help and encouragement I am very appreciative, but of course all errors and faults of the book are mine alone.

Finally, but most importantly, I thank my wonderful wife, Judy. Without her knowledge and contribution, this book would not exist. Without her love and encouragement, my practice and success would be a fraction of what they are. I look forward to many more years together, both personally and professionally.

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